Sept 13, 2023

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We will now provide the EVR submission schedule for the academic year each fall. We will continue to mention the term submission deadline in this PC Weekly. Elena will not be sending individual emails anymore.


The instructions and video tutorial for those new to the process or need a refresher can be found in the Program Management section on our website. The instruction sheet explains how to complete the form, a helpful hints section, and where the file should be uploaded once you are ready to submit it.

Fall EVRs are due by October 31st.

We are here to help! Please reach out to Elena and Camila if you have questions.

If someone on your team completes/submits the EVR and they are not receiving the PC Weekly, please make sure you reach out to your Relationship Manager at TheDream.US with their contact information so we can add them to the PC Directory.


Undocumented Communities of Practice Launch

Last week, the Presidents' Alliance hosted an Undocumented Communities of Practice Launch Party, and now we want you to be part of the action!


The Presidents’ Alliance, in partnership with TheDream.US and Immigrants Rising, created the Undocumented Communities of Practice, a shared space for those who work with undocumented students. Professionals like you can connect, collaborate, and make a difference in this hub.


It’s not just a directory; it's a dynamic network where you can find solutions to challenges, share knowledge, and foster connections with like-minded individuals. Check it out here.


Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to be part of a community dedicated to empowering undocumented students. Join the Undocumented Communities of Practice directory today: Go here

Apply for the Career Development Event Fund (while funds last)

Apply for up to $2,000 to host your own Career Development Event for Scholars regardless of work authorization. Events should focus on entrepreneurship, small business ownership, and contract work. 


Check out our toolkit for helpful suggestions on event structures and key learning objectives.


Funds are first come, first serve, and available until exhausted for this year. Funds can be used for food, guest speakers, alumni/student panel honorariums, or other vendor costs.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Chris Aviles at

Scholar Programming

Sept 28th: Immigration Q&A is back!

This Fall, Immigration Q&A is back with the addition of Know Your Rights training for our Scholars.

For September, Gaby Pacheco will lead the session. For Oct and Nov, Attorney Dan Berger will answer questions regarding Immigration-related matters as usual. In the second half of each session, we will have "Know Your Rights" training led by Jocelyn Aranda-Ortiz from the Illinois Coalition of Immigrant Refugee Rights.

Here is the full schedule. Please encourage Scholars to attend.

Thurs. Sept 28th - led by Gaby Pacheco

5 pm - 5:45 pm ET

One link for all sessions (no registration)

DreamBuilders Internship Program: Opportunities Posted for Current Scholars

We're actively promoting the DreamBuilders Internship Program to our Alumni and current Scholars. Thank you for helping us promote this exciting opportunity to foster growth and success within TheDream.US community!

  • Alumni can post internships on Parker Dewey via our program website: here.
  • Current Scholars can find the details to apply in the Scholar Program Flyer. Here is the list of current open positions.
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