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A new decade is upon us and we at The Pasadena Economic Development Corporation (PEDC) are excited to share with you our vision as we move forward in 2020.

Last year, our organization made great strides on projects that will aid toward the betterment of Pasadena, but it's just the beginning. Stay tuned to our social media and emails for our 2019-2020 Annual Report, where you will learn more about completed and future projects, infrastructure updates, and new initiatives.

There are numerous projects in the pipeline and we can't wait to showcase the many ways Pasadena is powering possibilities!
Key initiatives for Pasadena EDC in 2020
Business Enhancement Program

In 2019 our organization launched the Business Enhancement Program; a matching grant program to support local small business development and city revitalization.

The Business Enhancement Program is an initiative available to eligible businesses to apply for funds to complete enhancement and improvement projects that improve the appearance and functionality of their exterior. In 2020 revitalization of these specific corridors continues to be a priority for Pasadena EDC.

City-wide Strategic Plan

The City of Pasadena's Planning Department is initiating a year long process to complete the first city-wide, community-led strategic plan. Pasadena EDC will be assisting with the fiscal analysis portion of the plan, which is a key component to deliver and guide the plan that will spur future growth and renewal in the City.

Livable Centers Study

The Houston-Galveston Area Council awarded the City of Pasadena a grant to complete a Livable Centers Study. The Study will focus on the area roughly bounded by Richey Avenue , Shaw Avenue, Red Bluff Rd and Southmore Avenue. Ultimately, the study will yield strategies to improve pedestrian and bike infrastructure, green space amenities, and spur housing and economic development to revitalize the City Center as the premier place to live, work and play. Pasadena EDC will be assisting with some of the components of this study.

Community Branding

Many exciting things are happening in our city. The new "Pasadena; Powering Possibilities" brand will be a tool used by our organization in collaboration with the City of Pasadena to help tell a vibrant, consistent and cohesive message for our city.

Our plan for this brand in 2020 is to refine the messaging to position and highlight our city's assets in a way that will generate community pride and spark economic development.

Gateway Signs

In 2019 a new gateway sign was installed at Fairmont Pkwy and Beltway 8. This new gateway initiated the discussion for additional markers that would aid in showcasing significant and high traffic areas in our city.

This year Pasadena EDC will work on upgrading the existing gateway sign at HWY 225 and Richey Road, as well as identify the potential for additional markers throughout our city.
Next Wave Energy recently announced it will be building an alkylate production facility in Pasadena. When operational in mid-2022, the facility will have the capability to consume 1.2 billion pounds per year of ethylene feedstock producing an estimated 28,000 barrels per day of alkylate. This project represents a $600,000.00 capital investment.

Brazil-based Oxiteno is targeting operating improvements and a tripling of production at its alkoxylates plant in Pasadena, Texas, US by 2022.

Nissan Chemical America Corporation (NCA) has partnered with industrial gas supplier, Messer Americas, to improve oil and gas production.
Texas Chiropractic College has been preparing students for careers since 1908; thanks to some recent good news, the school will continue to provide the best in education. The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) reaffirmed accreditation for Texas Chiropractic College (TCC) for the next ten years.


Richey Road - Phase 1
Investment: $15-million
Coverage: 1.5 miles (Hwy 225 - Southmore)
Update: Close to completion

Richey Road - Phase 2
Investment: TBD
Coverage: ~ 0.5 mile (Southmore - South Houston Road)
Update: Pasadena EDC is talking with local businesses and property owners to get their feedback on improvements they would like to see.

Shaw Street
Investment: TBD
Coverage: Carl Street to McMasters Avenue
Update: Pasadena EDC is conducting outreach efforts to determine project's scope, timeline and total budget.

Pasadena Blvd
Investment: TBD
Coverage: Hwy 225 - Southmore
Update: On January 23, 2020 the Pasadena EDC Board of Directors approved and adopted a master plan for Pasadena Blvd. This plan outlines the vision our organization has for this project.
Prior to 2019, The Pasadena Economic Development Corporation [PEDC] was known as Pasadena Second Century Corporation?

Our organization was created in 1998 as a nonprofit, type B corporation under the Texas Development Corporation Act. It is financed by a half-cent sales tax collected in the City of Pasadena. State law allows the city to collect this sales tax to pursue specifically authorized economic development activities in the city.

The seven members of PEDC's Board of Directors are appointed and serve at the discretion of City of Pasadena Mayor and City Council. The Corporation's annual budget is also approved by City Council.
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