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As the world continues to open up, institutions and organizations have to ask themselves – how will they build better, stronger, safer communities? Now is the time to build bridges and spearhead opportunities toward positive change. 

Stephen Dorsey, senior-level business, brand, and marketing strategist, and author of Black and White, An Intimate Multicultural Perspective on “White Advantage” and the Paths to Change, offers unfiltered access to anti-Black racism around the world, deep excavations of systemic racism, and insight on practical activism that can help the path toward change. He speaks on adversity, diversity, resilience, and perseverance – sharing his personal and professional lived experience in overcoming headwinds resulting from systemic racism and inequality.
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Resilience & Perseverance
Overcoming adversity to live a thriving life: Building on the topics explored in his best-selling book Black and White, Stephen shares learnings from his lived experience of growing up through paradox: Black and White, French and English, Poor and Upper-middle class. A feel-good story that has many lessons about how to achieve success in the face of adversity. As a compelling storyteller, Stephen takes his audience on a journey, from his formative years growing up black in a white world, through to his thriving adult life. In his engaging talk, he shares many relatable messages and lessons about how to persevere, overcome challenges and ultimately succeed.
Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion
Hope and action toward a more just and equal society: A call to action around systemic inequality. In his moving and eye-opening talk, Stephen takes us on an exploration of many of the inherent societal injustices still very present in our North American society today. He presents arguments which raise our collective understanding and awareness of the realities of “white advantage” and to systemic racism and inequality in our public and private institutions, and of the related challenges of the growing economic disparity and wealth gap in our society. In his affable approach, Stephen suggests tangible, practical actions for affecting change at the individual, corporate and institutional level, holding people gently to account and encouraging us to Be Better, Do Better and Live Better, together. A keynote for the ally in all of us.
Building & Transforming Communities through Practical Activism
Stephen brings to life innovative and transformative ideas curated from diverse sources on how to affect real change at the community level including how to build more successful, diverse and inclusive communities. Using compelling narrative, Stephen inspires his audiences to see and act to; build stronger communities to best address society’s greatest challenges. He shares how we can all play a role in creating positive change by taking big and small steps to action at a local level.
About Stephen:
Stephen Dorsey is a senior-level business, brand, and marketing strategist, with nearly three decades of international experience, and a creative writer, director and producer of visual content. He is the principal of The Fractional CMO, a strategic consultancy, and of Dorsey Studios, a content production development company.

A civically engaged community leader for nearly two decades, Stephen is a volunteer board director of the Friends of Sorauren Park, and a founding member and board member of Democracy House – a grassroots movement dedicated to preserving and strengthening democratic systems and practices in Canada and around the world.

Stephen has written and published numerous articles, most recently a 2020 opinion piece on “White Advantage” in the Globe & Mail. In his deeply personal and insightful debut book, Black and White, An Intimate Multicultural Perspective on “White Advantage” and the Paths to Change (Nimbus Publishing – February 1, 2022), he offers readers unfiltered access to his lived experience of anti-Black racism around the world, including Canada, the United States, and Europe. A powerful blend of memoir and social analysis, Black & White is an intimate excavation of systemic racism.

With an inclusive and accessible approach, Stephen’s book and presentations look to inform and build bridges of understanding, with an aim to create opportunity for action that can lead to positive change.
"He was fantastic. Personable and smart. His stories related with you even if you weren't BIPOC...you could understand and feel the energy and the emotion."

- Ravi Singh, VP Client Success

"Defining white advantage is so critically important...it's a thing and I like how Stephen has defined it in a holistic way."

- Beverly Hammond, Partner, Chief Business Officer

"Overall, a really great presentation. Having a speaker with the presence and energy that Stephen has, made it easy to connect with him right away...and when he shared stories about his personal life and experiences, it really meant a lot when he took the time to connect with everyone in the audience."

- Kayla Christenson, Director of Client Success
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