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Volume 1, Issue 14  - July 25, 2011

The Democratic Governor
Who Prevented Democracy 

It's fascinating to consider the irony infused within the closing days of Governor Mark Dayton's shutdown of Minnesota. The resolution, such as it is, pleases no one. The rabid anti-capitalists on the Left didn't get their coveted tax increase. The fiscally sane did not see a reduction in spending. In fact, the resolution is the worst of both worlds - increasing spending beyond projected revenue while putting the balance on a credit card. However, the resolution is not nearly as disturbing as the means by which it was reached.

Consider, Governor Dayton set the process up for failure. He refused to sign individual budget bills or work with the legislature on points of agreement. Instead, he insisted upon reaching total agreement on every facet of the budget before signing anything. Such unreasoned intransigence assured a shutdown from the start. Governor Dayton's repeated refusal to "turn the lights on," and continued insistence that a special session not be called until a behind-closed-doors agreement was reached, shut Minnesota constituents out of the process.

Once the "framework" deal was announced, constituent groups clamored to get a seat at the table, to see bills before they were voted on, and to offer feedback. They were trying to, however audaciously, be represented. What they ran up against was a wall of indifference, laid with the brick of impossible terms and cemented by pressure to end the shutdown at any cost.

This was a situation crafted entirely by Governor Dayton. At any point in the process, from the start of the regular session through his final signature on the last budget bill, the governor could have ensured an honest process subject to public scrutiny, open debate, and constituent feedback. Instead, he insisted upon maintaining a political environment and terms of negotation whereby the only path to proceed was unofficial, unrecorded, and unaccountable - behind closed doors in a darkened capitol.

The question has to be asked. Is this what democracy looks like? Was legislation from a "cone of silence" what our Founding Fathers had in mind when they laid the framework for our republic?

Minnesota Majority is proposing three reforms which will prevent future constituent exclusion from the legislative process. Check out their report, excerpted below. 
Banned National Debt Commercial
Banned US Commercial about the national debt
Banned US Commercial about the national debt


Did Beer and Cigarettes End Dayton's Shutdown?
by Dan McGrath
Minnesota Majority July 21, 2011


After 20 days of a costly and needless state government shutdown, the standoff has ended and suspended government operations are spinning back up in Minnesota.


There is ample evidence that the shutdown was a calculated political maneuver on the part of the governor, who incredibly claimed recently that he didn't understand the latest pre-shutdown legislative budget proposal, and that the "misunderstanding" led to the shutdown.


When delivering his State of the State address, Dayton perplexed legislators by imploring the legislature to pledge not to shut government down, at a time when a government shutdown wasn't even on anyone's radar. No one's except the governor's, anyhow.


Read on at Minnesota Majority...  


Whither the Tea Party?
by Ned Ryun
The American Spectator
July/August 2011


Following the Tax Day tea party rallies this past April, people began wondering if the Tea Party movement had peaked: the number of rallies was down, and the crowd sizes were in many places a fraction of what they'd been in 2009. Of course, since April 16, 2009, the left has been predicting the demise of the Tea Party movement, more believing its own press clippings than the actual reality of what was, and is, taking place. Almost as much as the left, establishment Republicans have also been wondering when the "crazies with pitchforks" will go away and let them return to the status quo of capitulating to the latest Democrat bill in between finding very little to cut from bloated government budgets.


So I asked Tea Party leaders from various parts of the country to share their thoughts about the current state of the Tea Party movement. Jason Hoyt, of the Florida Alliance (a statewide coalition of a 100-plus tea parties), told me, "In the beginning, rallies were necessary to let everyone know we're here and announce to the rest of America that you're not alone in your frustration.

Read on at The American Spectator...


Co-founder of Home Depot: American economy is "on the edge of the abyss"
 by John LaPlante
Minnesota Free Market Institute
July 22, 2011


A government that establishes a basic legal infrastructure is an important key to prosperity. But when it goes far from that, it becomes an impediment.


Bernie Marcus, one of the two founders of retailing giant Home Depot, recently talked with Investors Business Daily. "I can tell you," he said to the publication, "that today the impediments that the government imposes are impossible to deal with. Home Depot would never have succeeded if we'd tried to start it today."


Marcus cited the "thousands of pages" of regulations enacted by the Obama Administration, as well as the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare). Perhaps even more disturbing, he says that business leaders are afraid that if they speak out, the IRS or SEC will come after them. That represents a slide towards crony capitalism, in which governments play favorites based on how well business owners support the regime.

  Read on at Minnesota Free Market Institute...  

Upcoming Events
Patriot Mark your calendar to attend the following events:

SW Metro Movie Night  

Type: Meeting

Date/Time: July 25th, 7pm

Location: Chanhassen Rec Center, 290 Lake Drive East Chanhassen, MN 55317

Website: www.swmetroteaparty.com 

Inside Job - In-depth exploration of causes of the financial crisis  


The 56 Club Weekly Mtg
Type: Meeting
Date/Time: July 26th, 6pm
Location: Perkins,
1345 Town Centre Drive, Eagan
Website: www.the56club.com  


Milton Friedman's 99th Birthday
Type: Social
Date/Time: July 29th, 5-8pm  


9960 Wayzata Blvd, St. Louis Park, MN

Website: Minnesota Free Market Institute

Cost: $15 

RSVP to the Institute by July 26th info@mnfreemarketinstitute.org Opening remarks by Kim Crockett  Special Guest State Rep. King Banaian.

North Metro Tea Party Monthly Mtg Type: Meeting
Date/Time: August 11, 2011, 6:30-8pm
Location: The Blue Fox, 3833 Lexington Ave N, Arden Hills, 55126
MN-GOP Chair Tony Sutton and his wife Bridget will meet and engage with Tea Party members. 

Building Homes for Heroes
Type: Fundraiser, Rally
Date/Time: Sept 11th, 3-6pm
Location: St. Cloud Holiday Inn
www.buildinghomesforheroes.org/  The Central Minnesota Tea Party is hosting a 'Wine & Tea' Tasting fundraiser for "Building Homes For Heroes."
Volunteers Needed
The Minnesota Voters Alliance has a booth at the upcoming Washington County Fair to get the message out about a joint effort with the Tea Party to repeal Sales Tax (Legacy) Amendment.
Volunteers are needed to cover all the days and times, the fair runs August 3 through the 7th, from 10AM to 10PM. A lot of hours to cover.
The task is simple enough, hand out info and collect signatures for the Repeal the STA petition.     
MVA can cover expenses for gas/parking and add a little for food and snacks for volunteers.

Contact Andy Cilek for more information. Click here to email him.


Bus to Ames, Vote in Iowa Straw Poll
Dennis Madden, friend of the Tea Party, has organized a bus trip to Ames, Iowa to attend the critical Presidential Straw Poll. If you are interested in going, contact Dennis.


The bus will leave on Aug 13th, the day of the poll, at 6am and return around 9pm the same day. The cost for the ride will be $30-35 depending on how well the bus is filled. 


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