Going Home
Megan Gonterman - Director of Operations

We love the holidays. It brings out the best in us.   With that, we're filled with hope that the twelve animals we're featuring in our Home for the Holidays campaign will finally find their homes this month. 
Our "Featured 12" is comprised of the 6 dogs and 6 cats who have waited the longest for a home.  Thanks to   Paws & Play Dog Training Resort  &   Barkefellers Northeast,
each animal comes with an incredible gift package valued between $500-$1000! 

Even if you can't adopt one of these deserving animals, you have the power to help them find the only thing they've ever wanted...a loving home. 

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--Pick one of the 12 and become his or her advocate by sharing their story with family, friends, co-workers and via social media.

If we work together, our holiday wish and theirs will happen. Each will wake up Christmas morning inside walls of a loving home...not a cage. 

Happy Holidays,
Megan Gonterman
Director of Operations

Honorary Gifts & Memorials that Embrace the True Meaning of Christmas 
When you purchase a silver or gold ornament in honor or memory of someone special this holiday season, you'll be sponsoring the care of a shelter pet.  Ornaments will hang from the cages and kennels of our shelter residents throughout the month of December.


Tails From Home
Fred - The Joys of Senior Cats
"The latest addition to our family is a cat named Fred.  Last Fall, I went to the shelter to foster a senior with no intention of adopting. I asked who could use a break and the staff told me about Fred.  Fred wasn't thriving and was very scared.  He was so frightened when we put him the carrier that he had an accident.   
The first couple of days at my house, he spent virtually all of his time hiding behind my toilet. I  let him be, only coming into the guest bathroom to  provide room service. When Fred eventually decided to explore, he walked once around the house and then spent another day hiding under my bed. The next evening while I was reading a book in bed, Fred jumped up next to me, cautiously snuggled up in my lap and has pretty much been there ever since. 
Who knew that this cat who was scared and defensive in the shelter would be become such a loyal companion? I also discovered that even at the age of 13, Fred loved to play with toys. We have almost daily play sessions where I lob toys to him from across the room while he chases, catches, and bats them about. It's actually quite entertaining. After a month of fostering Fred and seeing how well he had adapted to our home, I decided to make it official and adopted Fred on November 1, 2016.
The next time you go to the shelter to adopt, I would encourage you to ask to meet at least one senior cat during your visit. Or better yet, ask to foster a senior cat. I have not adopted every cat that I have fostered, but by fostering I was able to see which cats seemed happiest with us and us with them. Like me, you might be pleasantly surprised at how the cat blossoms in your care even if they got off to a rocky start at the shelter. I hope that Fred would agree!"

- Mary Lynne & Fred

Thank you, Mary Lynne, for being one of our many dedicated fosters...we mean, "foster failure!"  
Do you have a happy ending about your pet and HSHC?
Hip 'n Happening Events
Kahlo Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram is teaming up with  Hank FM  to host a special Santa Paws event at the Kahlo dealership in Noblesville. Bring your pets to have their photo taken with Santa and help support the  Humane Society of Hamilton County.
The photos are free but your generous donations will help the animals in our care.  Plus, each person who donates will be entered to win a $500 PetSmart gift card.  

All the Details

December 16, 2017 

 Kahlo Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram
Paws of the Month


Her story begins as a puppy where she was found by animal control cowering in a dirty crate. Abandoned by her owner, it's estimated she had been there for 4 days without food or water.  It was clear she had just given birth, but her puppies were nowhere to be found. Animal control brought Rumor to the Humane Society for Hamilton County that day...and so begins the next 6 years she would be in our lives.

Charolette - 10-years-old
Queen of the Realm
Enjoys sitting on the Iron Throne
Charolette has been an HSHC resident since February - She's been here way too long! You can always find her nesting in her cat condo, where she's most comfortable.
Charolette is a very anxious in the shelter, and is in desperate need of a home. She is currently residing in our offices, and she has come out of her shell! Charolette needs a life outside of a cage.

Trends for Tails
our Trends for Tails Resale Boutique, every dollar counts.

You'll get upscale women's & men's clothing, accessories, shoes and home decor at the BEST prices...with your dollars helping the animals who are counting on us.

Start your holiday shopping now with 4 0% OFF jackets & outerwear. Sale runs Dec. 5-9 with other amazing deals TBA through December.

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Special Recognition
Volunteer of the Month
Traci Rush
Traci Rush is our Lead Volunteer who oversees volunteer training for both Cat Handling and Cattery Support. 

Traci is also our Lead Volunteer for registration at major events throughout the year. She has logged over 632 lifetime hours of volunteer service at HSHC and is always willing to help in any way she can!

Thank you, Traci, for all of your hard work! We could not do this without you!

Interested in Volunteering? Sign up now!
C orporate Sponsor of the Month
We'd like to thank Barkefellers Indy Northeast for supporting our mission and the Home for the Holidays Campaign.  We couldn't do what we do without people like you.
Employee of the Month
Jennifer VanVleet, Human Resources Manager
Our HR Manager, Jennifer, takes great care to ensure our HSHC team is supported. Jennifer is a selfless leader always willing to put the needs of others ahead of her own. 

Her upbeat and positive nature is infectious. Please join us in celebrating Jennifer as our December 2017 Employee of the Month!

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 stories of the year!