Why JetLease?
"Russell Dise, President of JetLease was instrumental in stepping in and closing a very difficult aircraft purchase that my broker had a difficult time getting closed. In addition he was pivotal in getting me a very good rate on a loan for my aircraft. I like Dise's ' Can-do attitude ' approach."
Said Richard Miller,
CEO and Founder of The Pegasus Group,
a highly successful Multi-Faceted real estate company based in New York.
PHOTO: Richard Miller, CEO & Founder of The Pegasus Group, acquired recently a jet and financing via JetLease and JetLease Capital.
R ichard Miller knows a thing or two about selling. As CEO and founder of The Pegasus Group, a highly successful real estate company based in New York, his company has developed over two million square feet in projects over the last 20 years.

When it came to acquiring an airplane, he knew just who to call: Russ Dise, president of JetLease, the world's largest private jet leasing, sales, financing and charter company.

"I met Russ eight years ago," said Miller. "He was very knowledgeable about the airplane business and very forthright as well. I gravitate to those kinds of people."

With Dise's guidance, Miller acquired a Beechcraft Premier, a light business jet. "Russ was instrumental in getting me good financing at a very good rate ," Miller said. But what really impressed Miller was how Dise handles selling.

"The thing about Russ that's very nice -- he'll tell you what he knows and he'll tell you what he doesn't know. From a sales standpoint, that's the best salesman: A person, who can say 'I don't know,' then helps you find a solution."

Miller also connected with Dise on a personal level, even though their respective alma maters have one of the fiercest rivalries in sports: Dise is The Ohio State, while Miller is Michigan. But he also gives Dise credit here, saying "He posted my Michigan motorcycle helmet on his Facebook page."

Along with his sales acumen, Miller is equally impressed by Dise's "can-do" approach. "I like the way he thinks. Russ always has a Plan A and a Plan B and tries to find a solution. Anybody can say no," added Miller. "And it's so easy to say no in life. Trying to find a way to say yes is how you get things done."
Miller's bottom line:
"My hat goes off to Russ and his JetLease Team.
I give JetLease my unqualified recommendation."
Just don't ask him to root for the Buckeyes.
"I love helping customers like Richard Miller," said Russell Dise, President and Founder of JetLease, which is currently celebrating their 35th year in business.

" Even though Richard went to Michigan , I felt it my was my responsibility to help him with the acquisition and finance of his new aircraft.  Our College rivalry is fierce, however when Richard called & told me that his Mother was stuck in her home with a projected Category V hurricane coming, we included her and her dog 'Sugar' on our evacuation flight to Atlanta. Ever since she has been adopted by us as Mama Miller!"
PHOTO: Russell W. Dise, President and Founder of JetLease, JetLease Capital & JetLease Unmanned.
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