The People's Indictment
Dear Patriots, 

Due to the extreme censorship on social media platforms, we send you this one-click flier to circulate through your networks. We are growing weary of all the gamesmanship being played by the very people who should be waiting for their military tribunal trials, sitting in orange jumpsuits at Gitmo or a local FEMA camp .

The People have enough evidence to have the entire swamp quarantined and destroyed. 

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We the People Make Charges of HUNDREDS of Counts of Treason, Murder, Sedition, Espionage, Sabotage, Terrorism, and Theft Against the American Criminal Cabal. 

This link below is a current PDF version of over 550 pages of documents collected over 17 years, including indictable, court-ready documents attached to thousands of hyperlinks.

The PDF version above gives you a quick overview of the enormous amount of materials Americans for Innovation has compiled. We made sure that thousands of copies have been scattered all around the world  because  the corruption in America is so deep and horrendous that it effects all countries everywhere and all people should know what we have become.

If we ever want peace on earth, we must face the ugly truth of the evil we are up against and decide all together that enough is enough. We ask that citizens around the world join us in these efforts - from the horrific crimes of pedophilia to the theft and weaponization of social media.  

To refresh the Crimeline, which is populated daily, please click here. The file is so large that you will need to give your computer time to process. Use the search bar to navigate your way around the site and find the dirt on your subject. 

To access dozens of citizen intelligence reports that give you amazing clarity of the battlefield of the war, go to the American Intelligence Media

Please pass around this one-click flier called

Let's win the Revolutionary War this time...once and for all. Dismantle the globalists by taking down their spying apparatus - from Google to Facebook. We the People can use the Miller Act Notice to shut them all down. 

Please share this call to action with your friends and colleagues.