November 2017
The Perfect Gift
The holidays are here!: Finding the perfect gift gets tougher every year. There are so many things to chose from. Do you get that new tech gadget for everyone? Do you get a gift card? If so, which one? Do you buy on-line or fight the crowds in the store? So many questions and so little time. Keep reading and I will try to help ease your mind so you will have time to enjoy some eggnog. My new favorite is O'Donnells Strawberry Cream! Forget the eggnog.

Make a List:

  • Get the App! Of corse there's an App for that! I use The Christmas Gift List Lite which means that it's free. You can add people right from your contacts, sort by groups, track gifts, plus budgeting and analytics. It works with both your iPhone or iPad. You'll find it in the App Store on your device. Here's the link: The Christmas Gift List Lite.

  • Create Groups: Grouping the people you need to buy gifts for is easy once you learn the secret. Most just group them as brother, sister, wife, mother and so on. Wrong! Group them according to age bracket and tech skills and you can't go wrong. Of course there are exceptions to the rules. Here's how...

  • Silent Generation 1925-1945: This group will be technology challenged and will not appreciate an iPad from you so save your money. If they are using tech at all it is slow going. Of course if they made it this far, everything is slow going!
  • Baby Boomers 1946 - 1964: Many of my Clients are in this bracket and still struggle with Tech, the worst of which is passwords. I try to get them to use the App 1Pasword but most don't. Some would appreciate an iPad but getting use to an iPhone first usually helps the transition. A good ol iMac usually works better for this group because they hate track pads!
  • Generation X 1965 - 1979: This group is mostly good with Tech. They are addicted to their iPhones and feel they don't really need anything else.
  • Generation Y 1980 - 2000: iPhone, iPhone, iPhone, iPhone need I say more?
  • Generation Z 2000 - Present: iPhone, iPhone, iPhone. These people may be young but it is all about their phone or the desire for one.

  • Gift Suggestions per Group:

  • Silent Generation 1925-1945: If you want to get them some useful Tech, get a Pulse Oximeter. It is easy and only has one button.I have two and use it everyday. You'll find them on Amazon or in the Pharmacy section of your drug store. Here's the link for one via Amazon for $14. Pulse Oximeter.
  • Baby Boomers 1946 - 1965: The best thing you can get them is a Password Book. I know it's not the safest, but all they end up doing is locking themselves out of everything! The Personal Internet Address & Password Log Book is exactly what you need. You'll find it on Amazon for $7. The Personal Internet Address & Password Log Book.
  • Generation X 1965 - 1979: This group has young families and could really use some help. A Roomba by iRobot to help them clean their house would be awesome. Of corse they will want the one they can control with their iPhone.The iRobot Roomba 890 with Wi-Fi would be perfect. You'll find it on Amazon for $500. Roomba 890. If that's a little too steep, get them a Wireless Instant Post. It can do so many things in a short time and talks to their iPhone all for $160. Instant Pot
  • Generation Y 1980 - 2000: These are young people and everything is about their iPhone. The best accessory for the iPhone is EarPods. These are wireless in ear head phones that are awesome for $160. AirPods
  • Generation Z 2000 - Present: They may be young but they want an iPhone! They don't want an iPad or iPod Touch. They want an iPhone. A $700 gift is a little too generous so the best thing you can do is to buy yourself the new iPhone, then wrap up your old one and give it to them for Christmas. The phone does not have to have cell service or be activated.As long as it can connect to Wi-Fi then all is good. If they already have an iPhone, an iTunes gift card will make them happy as they always need a new game or App.

  • Buy On-Line or Brick and Mortar: If you are near a mall, then going to the store puts you in the mood for Christmas, unless you're in a big line for the last of something, then it can be horrible. You will probably find better deals on-line but you must factor in shipping costs unless they provide free shipping. Here are a few tips....
  • Buying On-Line: The advantage of buying on-line is that you don't have to go anywhere and you can get anything from anywhere in the world! The disadvantage would be paying for shipping. If you have an Amazon Prime account you get free 2 day shipping and free returns. This is your safest bet. You can also get scammed so be careful. Only go to trusted sites. Always remember that nothing is free and you usually get what you pay for.
  • Buying Brick and Mortar: Before you go to any store to Christmas shop, know what you want and know how much it normally costs. This is where your list will come in handy. Sometimes you can find good deals. I usually buy on-line first then go to my local stores to purchase stocking stuffers.
  • Combination: This is my favorite way to shop. I have all my favorite stores App on my iPhone. Example: The Walmart App shows the Roomba with Wi-Fi for $599. If I wanted it, I would select it then select ship to store that way I avoid shipping costs and lines at the same time! Awesome!

I hope this information will help you to have a wonderful Christmas or whatever you celebrate. See you next year for more Tech fun.

SWMMUG Meeting
This Tuesday is our Christmas Party and you don't want to miss it! The next SW Michigan Mac/Apple Users Group meeting will be Tuesday, March 6th at 6:00pm at the South Haven Library. January and February suck in South Haven and we won't make you go out in it. See you in March.
  • Annual Christmas Party!
The SWMMUG Annual Christmas Party is this Tuesday at 5:00. Bring a dish to pass and a white elephant gift to exchange. It has always been great fun. I hope you can join us this year.
Health Update
I work on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Tuesday and Thursday are my days to work out at the gym to try and keep my lungs healthy. I also reserve those days for doctor visits. When the weather gets bad, I don't go out but I'll still try to help you if I can over the phone or I can remote control your Mac. Just give me a call.
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