Daily Volume III (128) | Tuesday, June 8, 2021
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While we often receive sharable quotes from our growing list of followers, on the days we don't have one we have a treasure trove of car-related Memes we come across while posting on social media.
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GwR Calendar Updated through June Has Our Weekends Filled!

The Guys With Rides Team does not have to travel very far during June to enjoy several car shows, Cars & Coffee mornings, as well as two local Porsche events. It's nice to see things opening up again and we hope all of you can attend similar events in your neck of the woods. If you plan to attend the same events shown at left, please say, "HEY!"
Our daily Craigslist "Classifinds" provide leads on rides we think you'll find interesting.
Holy Grail: 1956 Ford F100 Three Window V8 – $25,000 OBO

Ford’s second-generation F-Series pickups produced from 1952 through 1956 remain the brand’s most iconic design and for many traditional hot rodders, it remains the truck of choice for their dream build. 1956 model is the most sought-after due to its...
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Green Gladiator: 1968 Kaiser M715 Military Pickup – $18,900

Kaiser Jeep produced a light military version of its civilian Gladiator pickup truck from 1967 to 1969. The most noticeable difference between the Civilian and Military versions was the latter’s convertible top. The M715 was sometimes called the “Five quarter (ton)” because of its...
Solid Survivor: 1988 Jeep MJ Comanche 4×4 Pickup – $7,500

Whenever we see a modern “compact” pickup, we long for the days when you could really get a small pickup such as this 1988 Jeep Comanche four-wheel-drive truck. One model year after the debut of the very popular XJ Cherokee, Jeep launched the MJ truck heavily based on that SUV. Unlike the Cherokee, the Comanche used a...
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Both The Internet and Never Forget. We provide updates to cars we spot that remain unsold months later
18 Months Gone: 1973 Shorland Mk3 Armored Patrol Car – NOW $32,000

June 6, 2021 Update – We first featured this unique 1973 Shorland Armoured patrol car in the Fall of 2019. With the pandemic underway and turmoil across the country for much of 2020, we’re assuming the owner elected to keep this vehicle “Just In Case.” With the seller once again relisting their Armored...
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GuysWithRides Auctions and Bidders Continues To Grow!
At Noon today, the auction for this Flathead-powered 1950 Ford Panel delivery begins!

This mildly customized Panel Delivery carries Harley Davidson livery using the brand's purple and green colors. We love this is still Flathead powered! We will have the complete details and more pictures, including a clean Pre-Purchase inspection posted at the auction's start.
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