Seattle Yoga Arts, February 2018
The Perfection Dilemma
Sadly, it is all too common in the yoga world to hear people bemoan their failings at their practice. They feel self-conscious about their yoga abilities; they compare themselves to others; they find themselves lacking; they feel the need to "improve' their performance in asana. For many, yoga has just become another way to beat ourselves up. Another way to practice failing at perfection.

This is such a tragic mis-understanding and misuse of the yoga tradition.  "To live in the truth is to be free from the fear of imperfection," said an unknown ancient Zen master.  In any moment, in asana practice, what is the truth? 

If we approach yoga practice as strictly a campaign towards physical perfection, we are bound to be always disappointed. And, in any case, we are not seeing the truth of any moment if we are blindsided into a quest towards future perfection.  There is no such thing as the perfect asana, the perfect body, the perfect moment. AND, all asana is perfect, all bodies are perfect, all moments are perfect. Perfectly flawed. Perfectly messy. Perfectly human.

In a concept from Gestalt Therapy it is proposed that "change occurs when a person abandons, at least for the moment, what she or he would like to be and attempts to be what she or he is."  In other words, be fully invested, with awareness and without judgment, in the current situation. When we become immersed in this beautiful ritual of yoga: movement, breath, form, concentration, depth. When we are doing without doing. We can escape the small mind and its endless criticisms of the physical form. We can, for a while, be blessedly and sweetly at home with our Self.

~ Denise
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