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The Perfection Of It All -
A New Reality
November 4, 2016 - Issue 2016 #2
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The Perfection Of It All

Most of our readers will have heard that 2016 was going to be a year of changes. In particular, the final quarter of the year would be unprecedented and tumultuous.
If only, we look at anything to do with the presidential election, we know that is a modest description.
It is about transparency.
Everything has to come out of hiding and brought into the light.
What has been in the shadows does not always look pretty...

How does this play out in your life?
Ultimately, that is the thing that really counts for YOU!
The people who are visiting Angel Valley are sharing with us profound themes and processes in their lives.
We see health crisis, relationships falling apart, decisions made that are long overdue for change, inevitable career changes, deep grief, people who feel they are losing their mind.
Most people have realigning life-changing experiences when they visit Angel Valley. These experiences seem more in-depth than ever.
Angel Valley is a place of transformation, which involves death of the old and birth of the new.

What does all this mirror to us here at Angel Valley?
We find that we are not the only ones having to find our way with quite extraordinary opportunities for growth, and with serious tests to walk our talk.
To give you a summary:
We are faced with financial issues with lenders, who are not willing to stretch their patience with us any further.
We have had to make choices:
Are we going to give up and walk away, or do we stay and surrender to the unknown?
Are we trying to sell Angel Valley and get any money we can out of it, or do we stand for what we believe in and let it unfold?
Do we have a belief that WE need to save Angel Valley, or do we trust in Divine Providence's plan?
What do we want for ourselves? And what do we want for Angel Valley?
The list of questions and choices to be made is long!!

We want to share with you where we are today,
as we keep our focus on seeing The Perfection Of It All.
We, Michael and Amayra, believe that we came together to build a bridge between a reality that is falling apart in many ways, and a reality where new paradigms are being explored and lived.
This has been in the making for a long time, and in our personal lives probably our entire life.
This new reality is occurring now, with many feeling  it and recognizing it.
Yet, nobody knows exactly how this is going to unfold.
It is so new, that there is no role model.
Since we, humans, love giving things names, we have come to label it as
5th Dimensional.
What does a 5th Dimensional world mean?
To mention a few things:
It is a world of harmony,
of living from the heart,
of loving ourselves more than anyone or anything, which automatically gives everyone around us more than they ever had before,
of following our passion and our heart's highest excitement,
while we are doing what we love doing.
A 5th Dimensional world also means a world that is debt free:
no more 'slavery' to the Money God.
Here we are with Angel Valley: we intend to make Angel Valley's land debt free. We have two pledged donations of $3,000,000 each, that are expected to become available soon.
We will create a legal structure for this sacred land, to preserve it for future generations.
We have had to let go of some of the land, including the house we lived in during the past 10 years. The property was foreclosed a year ago, and remained unsold because of legal access issues.
It is actually scheduled for auction starting this coming Monday, November 7th and ending on the 10th. This can be viewed at
Our intentions are to re-purchase any parcels that have been in foreclosure when our funds come in, and to bring the entire valley back together again.
We are choosing to allow things to unfold organically, without trying to force things or to re-invent methods that are 'of the old', such as replacing one loan with another loan.

How do we live this on a personal and practical level?
We have come to a point where we have chosen to be in 100% trust in the plan of Divine Providence (GOD's plan), both for ourselves and for Angel Valley.
There is no pre-conceived plan.
The plan reveals itself choice by choice, moment by moment.
We are living in the Now Moment.
We trust our Divine Guidance to take the next step.
We feel gratitude and appreciation for it all.
In the meantime, we do everything we can, with the awareness that nothing can be done based on fears, concerns, doubts, or any other emotion that is not coming directly from our God-Self.
The journey with the mind and the ego is a rollercoaster ride.

The other day, the following affirmation came to us:

We are committed to remain the primary stewards of Angel Valley for as long as Divine Providence supports us in doing so.
We are sharing the stewardship with others with whom we have a resonance.

To the best of our ability, we have surrendered to the Divine Plan, removing any and all attachments or expectations for any specific outcome.
The dance between non-attachment and our preference is an interesting one!

If you feel a calling and are inspired to be part of this journey of bridge-building, please, feel free to reach out and connect with us by email:
or by phone (928) 634-1320.
We have recently updated the Philosophy for Angel Valley, a version of which has been on Angel Valley's website for many years. See below.
Also, we recently composed a Personal Statement of what it is that Michael and Amayra Hamilton believe in and apply, to the best of their ability, in their every-day life. See below.
A printable version can be found by opening the links.
For those who might have missed or want to re-read our previous newsletter, with the title 'The Phoenix Rising', please, click the link.

We will keep you posted as to our next steps.

Michael and Amayra Hamilton
Prayer Circles

We have many friends who wish for an outcome
that serves each and everyone of us.
A few days ago, one of our dearest friends,
who has definitely been an active co-steward for a long time,
connected with some existing Prayer Circles she knows and
started a Prayer Circle on Facebook with the following announcement:
In the Now moment is my event.
I am calling upon you for a moment of your precious time
to use your powerful soul to offer up a prayer,
for me to have the means necessary to secure the place
that is most near and dear to my heart.
It is in jeopardy of being lost to people
who wish to use it not for spiritual purposes. 

I have witnessed thousands of people's lives
positively changed for the better  because of the work 
one at Angel Valley Retreat Center.
It has been key in helping me become the more whole
and empowered person that I am on the path of my purpose.

I am feeling called to step up and be a support,
so that hopefully we can keep this powerful place of transformation available to the public for many decades to come.

Thank you for your moment of prayer,
for your love and energetic support.
That this may come to pass if it serves the highest good of all.
Thank you

If you feel guided to join in, that would be highly appreciated.

We thank the more than 200 people
who are participating in this Prayer Circle.

Thank you, Cara Marie, for your loving initiative! 
Angel Valley's Philosophy

Michael & Amayra's
5th Dimensional Principles and Beliefs

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