Bongo Boy Records Proudly Presents  The Upcoming Pop Single 
'Stop Pushing Love Away'
the Pete V Project

From London, The UK. 
The Pete V Projects upcoming single 'Stop Pushing Love Away' is the follow up to the positively received 'Come On Baby (Come On Over)' which featured the vocal talents of Reece Bahia, and it continues to have world-wide radio airplay. 

It's not often the music industry hides a talent like Marie Virginie Pierre who is the artist known as the "Pete V Project". 'Stop Pushing Love Away' showcases Marie's sublime vocals as well as her skills as a song-writer and producer. The song was co-produced with Paul Miles. 

As with the first release, the track blends dance beats with strong melodies 'Stop Pushing Love Away' is a drum and bass infused pop track with a haunting saxophone solo delivered by the formidable Antonio Campbell. 

At first listen the 'Stop Pushing Love Away' seems to be in response to the answer phone message voiced by Adam David Barker. However Marie explains that the answer phone message is supposed to be a manifestation of fears we all have of rejection and song is actually a love-song to yourself, to love yourself and to let love in. 

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'Stop Pushing Love Away' is being released by Bongo Boy Records on the 4th April 2017, building on the successful relationship between Bongo Boy Records and The Pete V Project.  Read More Here

Lead/backing vocals: Marie Virginie Pierre "The Pete V Project"
Voice over: Adam David Barker
Saxophone: Antonio Campbell

Other instruments: Marie Virginie Pierre and Paul Miles
Engineered, mixed, mastered by Paul Miles
at Select Recording Studios, London. 

About The Artist
Marie Virginie Pierre AKA the Pete V Project

The Pete V Project is the pseudonym of London based vocalist, song-writer and music producer Marie Virginie Pierre. Marie explains that she decided to use this moniker (Pierre translated into English is Peter) so that the 'focus remained on the music'.  The Pete V Project showcases Marie's love for dance music mixing different EDM sub-genres with catchy pop melodies.
A song-writer since child-hood, Marie explains that song-writing has always been second nature and still gets excited when the lyrics, melody and chord progression become one. Marie prefers to write alone and as such has sole song-writing credits, which is unusual in today's committee driven pop industry.   Full Bio