The Phoenix Statue Landmark
The Phoenix Statue is located at the center of Phoenix Plaza, the heart of the city.
The enormous, dramatic statue of a phoenix has graced the plaza since Hurricane Atlas, commemorating the city’s resilience in the wake of devastation and destruction. It is a social hub and serves as an important symbol of Titian City.
The statue is primarily intended as a social and gathering spot for player-run events, such as costume contests, and it's an inspiring spot to gather teams for missions to save the City.
The Phoenix Statue Evolution

The Phoenix Statue was one of the first artistic endeavors in building Titan City, and it took several variations before it was decided it had the right look. Below are some of the early renditions of the Phoenix:
Some of the early renditions of the Phoenix statue were not used as the final statue, but were used as sculptures to compliment other parts of the plaza:
The final Phoenix sculpture design went through several 'near final' concepts before the finished version was decided:
Here is a link to the final version video with water effects here and to see the slowly turning marble effect here .