The Physics of Love
Dear Spiritual Partner,

When I was thirty-five and living in San Francisco, an adventurous young physicist named Elizabeth Rauscher created a weekly Friday afternoon meeting of world class physicists at the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory.  She allowed me to attend - a non-scientist and non-mathematician (to say the very least).  There was no reason why she should have done this or could have justified it.

Her graciousness and love of physics changed my life.  It lead to my first book, The Dancing Wu Li Masters: An Overview of the New Physics, which won the American Book Award for Science.  Every Friday for the next year and a half I attended, listened, and went home to read used physics books and papers I photocopied in the UC Berkeley physics library to help me understand what I had heard.  When I asked the physicists at the meeting to help me with my book, they virtually all agreed!  They asked only one thing from me - Get It Right - and they ensured that I did.  That was important to me, too, because I wanted to share everything I was learning with non-scientists who would come after me with an interest in "Quantum Mechanics."
Last month, so many books and years later, Elizabeth, a plasma physicist, came to Ashland OR (where I live!) to consult for a project.  Linda and I met her and her colleagues for dinner.  She was as wild and joyful as ever.

Here are some pictures.  

My first book was a
gift to me from the Universe, and Elizabeth was the instrument that the Universe chose to give it to me.  This is how it works.  Elizabeth did not think of herself as an agent of the Universe.  She followed her passions , which were theoretical physics and people.  How many gifts has the Universe given to people through you without your thinking about them?  Perhaps many if you have been following your passions.  My heart led me to Elizabeth's unthinkably unorthodox "Fundamental Fysics Group," and with the mentoring of the people I met in it, to a new life of giving instead of taking.  (The Dancing Wu Li Masters was my first gift to Life).
Our lively discussion over dinner turned to The Seat of the Soul, which was published ten years after The Dancing Wu Li Masters and is the heart of all that Linda and I teach.  It is our shared passion.  We were delighted that Elizabeth (who had not read it) agreed with every concept in it that I mentioned to her - an unprecedented transformation in human consciousness that is occurring now, evolution of the soul, karma, re-incarnation, and the new authentic power (alignment of the personality with the soul) replacing the old and now toxic external power (ability to manipulate and control).
The sweetness of holding someone in my heart nearly forty years, someone I seldom thought about but whose energy was always with me, made our time together a joy.  That is the right word.  We enjoyed ourselves.
Are you following your heart, too?  It leads to joy.  That is part of the Physics of Love.
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Linda Francis
Note From Linda

Loving Elizabeth

I read The Dancing Wu Li Masters the year it was published in 1979, but I didn't meet Gary until the early 90s.  I was astounded by the grace and elegance of the book and the much deeper meaning it had for me.
I was so delighted when Gary told me that Elizabeth Rauscher was coming to Ashland Oregon (!) and that we would meet with her.  I had been hearing about Elizabeth from Gary for many years.  I was so excited about being with her in person.  I knew how important she is to Gary, but I didn't know how important Gary is to her.
It was a wonderful joyful reunion. These two dear people sat together again for the first time in nearly forty years.  Gary shared to Elizabeth and her colleagues what an important role she played in his life, and we were all transfixed by their story.  I was so glad to be with them.  I felt immediately that Elizabeth was a dear friend.  I enjoyed listening to talk about physics, but what really shone through for me was her huge heart and love of life.  I am so looking forward to our next meeting.
With Love,                                                                                                                      
"Wu Li Masters know that a description of an experience
is not the experience. It is only talk about it."
- Gary Zukav,  The Dancing Wu Li Masters: An Overview of the New Physics
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