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Ear Candy: This summer, at the Global Grand Challenges Summit  hosted a podcast contest. Bethany Gordon, a civil engineering Ph.D. student from the University of Virginia, voiced the winning podcast on crowdsourcing engineering solutions. Listen here .

Zoom Zoom: This summer, University of Pennsylvania engineering students took first place in the Formula SAE competition. Their car went from zero to 60 in a whiplash-inducing 2.6 seconds!  Learn more here .

Brain Scan: A team of seven University of Maryland engineering undergrads won gold in the NIH Design by Biomedical Undergraduate Teams (DEBUT) challenge by developing low-cost tools that diagnose Alzheimer's disease before patients show symptoms. Read the story here.

Academic & Professional Development Resources
Tips on navigating politics, from classroom to office.

Hands Off?:  Grad school is overwhelming. You have to answer to your advisers while still following the passion that got you there. But what if your they don't even, well,  advise  you? 
Captain Awkward  talks about defending your research and taking care of yourself. Read it here.

Dealing with Jerks:   Whether at school or work, there is always someone who gets under your skin. The  Washington Post  has compiled a list of the different types of workplace jerks. Learn how to spot them in the wild and deal with them in a productive and professional way. Click here.

Count to Five: The first five minutes of class always seem like a waste--students are settling in and transitioning from the outside world to your lecture hall. How do you get them to focus faster? The Chronicle of Higher Education has some advice. Click here.

Funding & Internships
Opportunity abounds!

This month's highlights:

ASEE's NREIP Paid Summer Fellowship for undergrads and graduate students. Deadline: October 31, 2017.

The Hertz Graduate Fellowship Award. Funding of up to $32,000, multiple cross-disciplinary recipients. Deadline: October 27, 2017.

Call for Nominations:  Prism magazine seeks nominations of outstanding young researchers and professors in engineering, engineering technology, and engineering education for a special cover feature story.

Find these opportunities here.

Courtesy of Adult Swim
Courtesy of Adult Swim
Videos & Entertainment
Because sometimes you just need a break!

The Physics of Rick and Morty:  " Rick and Morty 's unique spin on the multiverse isn't meant to reflect real physics. Yet physicists appreciate the fact that it is bringing an esoteric scientific debate, whether there is such a thing as the multiverse, into the public spotlight." So says  Slate.com , which eyeballs the unusual underpinnings of the science (such as it is) behind  Rick and Morty . Read more here

Video: Robots are Terrible at Soccer. Following the U.S.'s defeat in the World Cup Qualifiers, soothe yourself with a hilarious video of robots falling down while playing soccer. Watch it here.

Video: Does the Death Star Have Gravity? With a new Star Wars film just around the corner, take an edu-taining look at how gravity would work on the Death Star, were it real. Watch it here.

Video: Fire Ants Take Over the World. Not really, but they do have some incredibly interesting quirks. Georgia Tech engineers find that, when clumped together, fire ants exhibit the properties of both solids and liquids--and they're really cool to watch. See it here