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What are you doing for World Physical Therapy Day?
Only 6 countries left to go!!
Welcoming PhysioTools and The Jackson Clinics Our New Gold Sponsors
Have you seen our FREE online presentations?
Featured in August
Student Projects A Great Success!.
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Welcome to the Physiopedia newsletter.  Being summer holidays in the Northern Hemisphere it's a quiet time at Physiopedia.  Here in 'the office' we are taking the time to catch up on some house keeping and preparing for the Autumn which will entertain World Physical Therapy Day and several new projects! We hope that you continue to enjoy the news that we send you from this free global physiotherapy knowledge resource.


What are you doing for World Physical Therapy Day?  


World Physical Therapy Day is approaching - and this year it coincides with a world event of vital importance to physical therapists and their efforts to improve the impact of the profession on global health.  This September, just 11 days after World Physical Therapy Day, the United Nations will hold its first ever summit on non-communicable disease - only the second such meeting to focus on global disease. The summit is an official recognition that non-communicable diseases (cardiovascular diseases, chronic respiratory diseases, diabetes and cancer) are an increasing global health challenge.  


Our profession helps millions of people every year to prevent these conditions and their risk factors. This summit provides an opportunity for physiotherapists around the world to use World Physical Therapy Day on 8th September to demonstrate the enormous contribution of physical therapy in countering non-communicable disease (NCDs). Let's all get together in Physiopedia to show the world how we can contribute.


Find out how you can join us on World Physical Therapy Day...

Only 6 countries left to go!!

Physiopedia has now been visited by 190 countries, that's 5 more than last month and only 7 left to go!! We can see that
Liechtenstein and Vatican City are missing from the list, can anyone spot the other 5?  

See the country statistics here. 


Welcoming PhysioTools and The Jackson Clinics Our New Gold Sponsors

This month we would like to welcome two new Gold Sponsors,  PhysioTools and  The Jackson Clinics to the Physiopedia team.  

Designed to support your client's program of exercise and care, PhysioTools software enables you to provide personalised exercise handouts at the click of a button. Simply select the exercises, customise the text and print or email your handout.  Since 1987, PhysioTools has worked with world renowned authors and publishers to bring you professional and up to date clinical content. Leading hospitals, universities, clinics and professionals around the world use PhysioTools to create exercise and information handouts in over 20 languages. Used extensively in schools, colleges and universities - PhysioTools is a great resource for both teachers and students.

Located throughout Northern Virginia, The Jackson Clinics is a locally owned physical therapy practice founded in 2005 by Richard and Anna Jackson and has 12 current locations. The practice specializes in outpatient orthopedics and sports rehabilitation. Our therapists and assistants possess advanced clinical skills in spinal disorders, sacroiliac joint dysfunction and peripheral joint problems, including rotator cuff injuries, knee injuries and foot and ankle pain. The clinic's goal is to be a model practice in all respects; clinical care, education, and research. They have been recognized for our outstanding patient care, are a National Practice Award Winner, and The Jackson Clinics Residency Program is fully credentialed by the APTA. 



Have you seen our FREE online presentations?

As part of their Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapy Fellowship programme students of Regis University and Evidence in Motion have been preparing evidence-based lectures on a topic of their choosing.  These lectures have been converted into online presentations and generously shared with you on Physiopedia.  

The Lectures and Presentations page showcases these high quality submissions of evidence-based lectures in an open-access environment. These lectures that have been created, submitted through a peer-review process, and now shared with Physiopedia are a great learning resource for any musculoskeletal or orthopaedic physiotherapist. 

See the FREE online lectures and presentations...


Featured in August 
Each month we feature some our most valued contributions to Physiopedia in the preceding months.  We are very grateful to all these contributors in August 2011


Featured Project

Worldwide Physical Therapy Practice: a focus on Primary Care Physical Therapy


Featured Contributor

Osman Ahmed


Featured Article


Syndesmotic Ankle Sprains

Featured Research

The effectiveness of thoracic manipulations on shoulder pain: A Case Report


Featured Sponsor



Student Projects A Great Success!   

The summer holidays are here, well in the Northern Hemisphere at least, and that means that it all goes quiet in Physiopedia for a few weeks.  The students have finished all their projects giving us a chance to catch up with what they've been doing.

This year we have had six formal student projects:
The feedback that we get from these projects from both the students and their tutors is unanimously positive.  It ticks a lot of boxes for Universities such as 'developing clinical knowledge',  'using technology', 'e-learning' and 'developing professional skills'. The students enjoy the opportunity to do projects that persist beyond the classroom and provide a benefit to physiotherapists around the world.
Next year we are hoping to continue to work with our current partnerships and looking forward to new partnerships.  We are looking forward to working with Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh among other UK Universities and also with Otago University in New Zealand.
If you are interested in running a student project in Physiopedia don't hesitate to get in touch to discuss how we might develop a project to suit your requirements.


Latest from the Blog

Thank you to everyone who has been involved with Physiopedia this month.  The power of physiotherapists like you can do extraordinary things for the physiotherapy profession through this global project.  Together we can keep it free of charge, we can keep it open and we can keep it growing - spreading physiotherapy knowledge everywhere!




Rachael Lowe
Executive Director and Physiopedia Founder 

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