April 2019
What's happening this month
Wednesdays during Lent
Soup, Story, Song, Silence

> April 10th<

6:30- Free soup supper in the fellowship hall
7:00- Hymn sings in the Sanctuary

**Nursery will be available**
Bible & A Beer returns on Thursday, April 25th @ 7 PM @ Southern Pines Brewery. Pastor Linn will be leading the discussion. Come out and enjoy some fellowship and a nice cold one. https://www.southernpinesbrewing.com/

We will be discussing this book if you would like to purchase the paperback ($10), or ebook ($3) to follow along. You are not required
to have the book-just come!

Southern Pines Brewing Company is located at
565 Air Tool Dr Suite E, Southern Pines, NC 28387

Special Service on Sunday April 7th
Agapé Day Camp is returning to Our Saviour Lutheran Church this summer, July 8-12 from 9:00AM to 3:00PM ! Campers will enjoy a week of games, songs, crafts, nature activities, Bible studies, and FUN, led by trained summer counselors from Agape' Kure Beach Ministries. Agape' Day Camp is for rising 1st through 8th graders. The cost is $135 per child. Early registration before April 30 will receive a $30 discount. A separate day camp for preschoolers will also be available July 8-12 from 9:00AM to 1:00PM for ages 3 to 5 . The cost per child is $75 with an early registration discount of $25 before April 30. There will be a $250 cap for families registering multiple children.

This year’s theme is Spirit Power! Based on 2 Corinthians 13:14 “May the grace shown by the Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. May the love that God has given us be with you. And may the sharing of life brought about by the Holy Spirit be with you all.” We will be exploring the Holy Spirit as a part of the Trinity and beyond! Together we will see the Holy Spirit as a gift that makes us advocates, community and peace makers.

To register, visit www.oslcsp.org and click on Day Camp Forms in the menu. Camperships are available! Contact Donna Knight at oslcsp@oslcsp.org or call 692-2662 ext. 206. Assistance is available!

On Friday, April 26, 2019 we will be going to the Museum of Cape Fear Historical Complex in Fayetteville, NC. The historical complex includes the museum building with more than 400 years of history seen in eye-popping exhibits; the 1897 Edgar Allan Poe House (not related to the writer of the same name), a late-Victorian house museum; and the historic Arsenal Park, the remains of an ordnance factory that served both the Federal and Confederate governments. The bus will leave at 10:30 AM from the church parking lot. We will stop for lunch on the way at Fullers Buffet Restaurant in Fayetteville. Lunch is at your expense. The cost of the trip will be $3.00 for your bus ride. The Museum entrance and Poe house are free. Come join the fun and fellowship. Please sign~up at the Welcome Center or call the church office.
the Blackwood Quartet

Friday, April 26, 2019
7:00 PM 

The Blackwood Quartet tours regularly and brings the word of Christ through song, to both believers and non-believers alike. The quartet has had the privilege of performing with Willie Nelson and many other great artists. Recently, we have seen our popularity grow among Elvis tribute artist fans, as well. For more information on the Blackwood Quarter, visit http://blackwoodquartet.net/bio/

The concert is free to the public. A freewill offering will be collected with a portion going to support the Northern Moore Family Resource Center.

Please invite your friends and family for what is sure to be an
amazing night!

Lilies & Alternative Gifts
   It’s time to think about ordering lilies to adorn the sanctuary     
  on Easter. As an alternative to ordering a lily you may make a donation
(for the same amount as the price of a lily) to Matthew 25 Ministry.
   Orders will be accepted through April 14.
All donations and memorials will be listed in the bulletin on Easter Sunday. You may send your order to the church office or place it in the offering plate on Sundays or leave at the Welcome Center.
 Name _______________________________________________
 Number of lilies _______  OR   Alternative gift ________
 To the glory of God _____
 In Honor of __________________________________________
 In Memory of ________________________________________
Total Amount of Order $_____________   Envelope No. _______
 Check No. ____________         Phone Number _______________
Payment must accompany order! Please make your check payable to Our Saviour Lutheran Church for $12.00 per order. On your check note Lily or alternative gift .
The Peer Support Group for First Responders at Our Saviour Lutheran Church of Southern Pines will be meeting Thursday April 11 at 7 PM . The group will host monthly meetings for Fire, EMS and Law Enforcement officials suffering from the burdens created by serving others. The initial plan is to form a support network that is both dynamic and responsive to the needs of those that attend.  We welcome all first responders and their families seeking to deal with the multitude of issues that arise from the stresses of “the job”. While the group will be hosted by our Saviour, meetings will not be religiously based. 

Pastor Linn Fisher has a background in counseling, with a concentration in PTSD; he serves as a Chaplain in the Air Force Reserves and has served multiple deployments in that capacity. Pastor Fisher has also served as Chaplain for multiple Fire and Police Departments.  He understands the job and can lend professional guidance as needed. Shane Flack serves as a Lieutenant and Peer Support Team Leader on a large local fire department. He brings his service experience as well as the experience he gained working in wilderness therapy.  

Call the Welcome Center at 692-2662 for further details.
Last summer we hosted two groups of Special Forces soldiers from Ft. Bragg as they conducted security risk assessments for OSLC as part of their Special Forces Intelligence Sergeants Course. They were assigned to Bravo Company, 6th Battalion, 1st Special Warfare Training Group. These men were smart, knowledgeable, prepared engaging, thorough and just good guys. We are blessed to have them doing what they do for us.
It was an honor for us to have these men at OSLC and we are grateful. They provided us valuable insights into things for which we need to be prepared. One recommendation was changing exterior door locks AND reducing the number of them. They recommended only ONE keyed entry. We’re starting with five. Their main recommendation was that we increase everyone’s awareness of activities going on around us and be prepared. Not much different than what Jesus told us to do as we await His return. If we are lucky, they will come back and help us some more!
On March 9th, 12 Girl Scouts from Troop 1868 (Pinehurst Methodist Church) and their mothers worked with our Property Ministry team on a service project to clean all the blue chairs in the Fellowship Hall. When the day was done, the group cleaned 160 chairs and 20 tables. Adults cleaned the fabric with cleaning chemicals while the Girl Scouts cleaned all metal and wood parts with rags and warm water. The girls moved all the chairs around the Fellowship Hall as they were staged for cleaning.  This was the first real cleaning for these chairs, which have endured many pot luck dinners, in more years than twenty years!  
We are grateful for all the hard work of Troop 1868, their mothers and our hosts, Lynn and Caroline Antil. This project has been on the Property Ministry Team’s FIXIT List for a long time. It has been completed. Thanks be to God!
Our Saviour Lutheran Church
Property Ministry
March 19, 2019

Meeting Minutes
Attendees: Bill Blake, Jim Currey, Jim Klug, Bill Lindenberger, Dean Smith, Gary Smith, Susie Stanislawek and Gary Tucek.
Devotion:  The Way  John 14:1-7 “Do not let your hearts be troubled …”
Completed Business for March:

1. HVAC maintenance and repair: Bill Blake updated the group on the status of several ongoing repairs. The large Unit 15 heat pump covers the sanctuary. It has three compressors up on the flat roof. One compressor has failed and will be replaced this month. A crane will be required to lift it on the roof. The Nursery Unit 13 will be replaced at the same time because it is also on the flat roof. Unit 11 is an A/C unit that covers the choir room and preschool hallways. It has a Freon leak that Advanced Mechanical will be investigating soon. It needs to be fixed before it starts getting hot.  All our other units are working properly. Thanks Bill for staying on top of these problems.

2. Fellowship Hall chairs cleaned: Bill Lindenberger and Jim Klug hosted Girl Scout Troop 1868 from the Pinehurst United Methodist Church for a service project to clean all the Fellowship blue chairs. Bill and Jim worked with twelve girls ages 5-8 and their mothers to clean 160 chairs and 20 tables. The girls worked hard and did a wonderful job!

3. Mold in the Upper Room – There continues to be a mold smell in the Upper Room. Susie Stanislawek and Bill Blake report that the smell comes from the wall and carpet area in the old Manna office.  A roof leak has been ruled out as the problem, however, the roof is in poor condition and needs to be replaced at some point in time. The heat will be turned up to dry things out and carpet in the affected area will be pulled up. Any remaining mold will be cleaned with bleach.

4. Fellowship Hall - Faulty smoke alarm sensor – Jim Klug reports that this twenty-year-old sensor failed and was replaced by Central Security at a cost of about $1,000.

New Business:

1. Safety & Security: Bill Lindenberger prepared for the PINES a request to the congregation for a volunteer project leader to lead Phase II & III of this project. We are waiting for a response.

2. Roof leaks – Bill Blake and Jim Klug report that we have four active roof leak areas in the facility.
       A. Front entry roof area - Elite Roofing has looked at this roof and sees many obvious leak sources. There are cracked shingles, exposed nails and open joints. This roof area needs attention soon.
       B. Flat roof over the Library – There are active leaks in the workroom and office area. This roof could be the source. Elite Roofing has looked at the flat roof and cannot see any obvious leak sources. They will conduct a water flood test to see if the flat roof is a source.      
       C. Narthex “Red Door” Portico – The very front of this portico has a rotted roof area in the front right corner. The leak has caused wood rot in the structure, which needs to be replaced. This leak causes no jeopardy to the inside of the church and we can fix the problem ourselves for about $100. 
       D. Upper room – See above #3. While there is no current leak into the Upper Room, the roof is in very poor condition. Several estimates ranging between $4,000 and $5,000 have been received.      

The group discussed the priority for addressing these leaks and decided on the order as listed above. Items A, B & D above fit into our strategy to address roof leaks at OSLC. We will fix a bad roof every year for the next 3-4 years. In 2018 we fixed the Preschool and Youth Area roof. In 2019 we will fix the Front Entry Area roof. The Narthex “Red Door” Portico roof will be a FIXIT List project. The Upper Room roof is low priority.

3. FIXIT List – Several items were discussed and will be added to the List
       A. North Sanctuary Exit Door behind the organ sticks. We discussed how the door appears to have soaked up water and swelled from the heavy rains this past winter. Gary Tucek will monitor the door through the summer to see if it corrects itself. He will make repairs as needed.  
       B. Breezeway fascia needs a hole fixed. Bill Blake and Bill Lindenberger will fix this. The hole will be used to install a soffit vent screen.
       C. The Narthex “Red Door” Portico roof needs to be fixed. See 2C above.
       D. Fellowship Hall window leaks continue. Prior to the hurricanes last year Jim Currey and Bill Blake added more tar and plastic to seal the outside of these windows, which helped. The group discussed adding surface drain piping for the three main down spouts.

Old Business:

1. Key Management: Bill Lindenberger and Jim Klug updated the group. The process is moving slowly. Bill needs to talk with The Aberdeen Lock Shop to have keys made for all the new entry locks so they are available for people that need them. People should have their new keys before the locks are changed. Jim needs to put up signs on all the doors where locks will be changed notifying people of the pending changes. When these tasks are completed we can have the locksmith change our entry door locks.

2. Carpet replacement: Jim Currey has done a great job getting cost estimates for replacing carpeting in the church. He provided estimates for carpet replacement last month. This month Jim provided additional estimates for vinyl plank and vinyl tile for the Fellowship Hall. The group unanimously agreed that the Fellowship Hall floor should not be carpet, but rather a surface that can be more easily cleaned. The cost to install new vinyl flooring will range between $22,000 and $26,000.  Dean Smith will look into some approximate cost to resurface the concrete floor under our current carpet.

3. Jim Klug will invite a Finance Committee member to review with us at our next meeting the current status of funds available to the Property Ministry Team for capital improvement.

The next Property Ministry Team meeting will be Tuesday, April 16, 2019 a 7:000 pm at the church.

Respectfully submitted,

Bill Lindenberger

Holy Land Tour Presentation on Wednesday July 17
at 6:30 PM

Learn more about this trip of a lifetime!
MAYKING MEMORIES at Our Saviour Lutheran Church

The month of May is all about MAYKING MEMORIES! Each weekend we'll have something special to promote community & share some love and fellowship. We hope you'll join us all month and invite a friend!

You are invited to lunch! We'll be enjoying Cinco de Mayo with a TACO BAR! And not to be outdone, a DESSERT CONTEST! We have some amazing bakers at OSLC and we are going to show everyone off! Bake your best dessert and bring it by church anytime between Friday May 3rd-Sunday May 5th before 10:30 AM. Please leave it in the kitchen either on the table or in the refrigerator. Please provide a title for your dessert and an ingredient list so we can let anyone that is food sensitive know what's in each dish just in case there is something they can't eat.

DO NOT LABEL YOUR DESSERT WITH YOUR NAME. We want even the volunteers setting up not to know who did what. Everyone at lunch will get a ticket to vote and the entrees with the most votes will win prizes and bragging rights!

SIGN UP TODAY TO BRING AN ITEM, HELP SET UP/CLEAN UP OR TO PARTICIPATE IN THE DESSERT CONTEST (you don't have to sign-up to be in the contest, we are just trying to get an approximate head count)

We will celebrate MOTHER'S DAY by honoring all of the women of OSLC. Whether you have kids or fur kids, you've mothered someone and we want to make the day special! Be sure to come to worship on Sunday as we have a special gift for you afterwards!

Time to give back to the church and show it some love! It's INSIDE/OUTSIDE WORK DAY. We'll be having a crew outside working on the landscaping, mulching, pruning etc. and a crew inside working on the kitchen and craft room. We could really use your help!

We'll start by providing you breakfast with donuts, coffee and orange juice.
Then we'll divide up and get to work tiding and cleaning up.

Please sign-up on our volunteer website or at the welcome center desk.
The Social Ministry team is hosting a coffee on Sunday, May 26 in honor of the veterans who have died. If you have a photo of your loved one you would like to display, please drop it off at the Welcome Center by May 24.
Happy Anniversary

3- Jim & Kris Klug  , 26 yrs
7- Donald & Betty Zeilstra, 63 yrs
9-Todd & Angie Board, 25 yrs
10-Star & Shirley Braisted, 65 yrs
12-Chris & Florrie Crisafulli, 61 yrs
15-Jim & Patty Peeples, 41 yrs

Happy Birthday

1-Artie Messbauer
1- Judy Osborne
1-Libby Carter
1-Judy Osborne
2-Dan Peterson 
4-Jerry Horn
6-Kris Klug
6-Liam Blakely 
7-Marilyn Flemming
8-Linda Messbauer
8-Ellen Haulsee
8-Colten Jensen
11-Vicki Binney
12-James Fisher
13-Matthew Margolis
14-Carol Brown
15-Bill Lindenberger
15-Christine Hughes
18-Erik Benson
20-Sara Blakely
21-Charles Needham
22-Ashley Holzmann
23-Mary McNabb
24-Jerry Constantino
25-Jose Martinez
28-David Simmons Jr
28-Laikyn Davis


Prayers & Cares

As a community of faith, we join together in prayer for the needs, concerns, joys and sorrows that we share. Please pray for God’s grace and strength to surround those listed below. 

Friends and Relatives
All Military, Flood, Earthquake, Volcano Victims, Cancer Patients, Chelsea Boet,
Jim Constantino, Barbara Dice, Don Brother–in-Law of Pat Nussman, Pam Grupp, Phillip Hause, Daris Jones, Diane Lewis, Bill Lindau, Scott Nussman, Lloyd Paris, Phillip Paris, and Danielle Stefanik


HOME —  Eloise Anderson, Rick Barnes, Polly Bethea, Shirley Braisted, Cris and Florrie Crisafulli, Dorothy Cullen, Jack and Sue Diffily, Leatha Ferebee, Florence McCormick, Leonard Nagel, Joan Nelson, Marian Oswalt, Barbara Reid, Jim Seevers, Jean Sherrill, Grace Sides

In Extended Care Pinehurst Rehab: Peggy Smith, Quail Haven Rehab: Mary McNabb, Fox Hollow Rehab: Harris Skinner, Bonnie Springer, Magnolia Gardens Rehab: Pat Wiggins, Penick Rehab: Bob Springer

In Service To Our Country Sean Barnes, Jon Drew, Pastor Linn Fisher, Ben Flanick, Matthew Hinds, Mark Jennings, Matt Prairie, Amy Ramirez and Sean Ramirez

Our Mission Partner — Joy of Discovery Lutheran Church in Raleigh
Our Missionary in Costa Rica — Pastor Stephen Deal



Debt Retirement
In Honor of
Dick & Pat Bock
Given By
Patty Peeples

Matthew 25
In Memory of
Fay Blankley
Given By
Dale & Laurie Blankley

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Please email photos from events and church activities to kjohnson@oslcsp.org.