February 2019
What's happening this month
It's all about the D's with Dads, Daughters, Dancing, and Dessert on FRIDAY, February 8th, from 5:30-7:30 PM . Dancing with a live DJ, photo booth, popcorn, cotton candy, candy and dessert bar! Daughters, bring your dads! All ages invited for fellowship and fun. Free event. Dress in your Valentine's best & join us! Everyone is welcome! Contact the Church Welcome Center with questions at 910-692-2662.

*We need volunteers to provide desserts and candy- click below for more details*
The Souper Bowl of Caring is a way for young people all over the country to help fight hunger in their local communities. On Sunday, Feb. 3 , our youth will be collecting money and canned goods after the service. All monies collected will be given to our Matthew 25 Ministry and all cans collected will be donated to the Coalition. Please bring a can of soup or a canned vegetable or consider donating money to these worthy causes!
First Monday of the month
Choir Times for FEBRUARY- Click image above
SAVE THE DATE: JULY 8-12, 2019 .   Agape’ Day Camp will once again be at Our Saviour this summer for rising 1st through 8th graders! The cost is $135 per child. Early registration before April 30 will receive $30 discount.  Preschool Day Camp will also be available for ages 3 to 5; cost per child is $75 with an early registration discount of $25 before April 30. There will be a $250 cap for families registering multiple children. Mark your calendars now! More information coming soon.

We will be going to the Hamlet Depot and Museums on Friday, February 22 . Located in the only Victorian Queen Anne Train Station in North Carolina. It serves as an active passenger depot as well as home to the Hamlet Depot and Museums. The hands on exhibits, visual displays, and interactive consoles encourage both young and old alike to explore the history of the Seaboard Railroad and Hamlet. The museum has something for everyone. First we will be going to General McArthur’s Buffet Restaurant in Laurinburg, NC . The price of the buffet is $10.00 at your expense and the Museum is free and your bus ride will be $3.00 payable at signing-up at the Welcome Center. The bus will leave the church parking lot at 10:30 AM. Our lunch reservations are at 11:30 AM. Come join the fun and fellowship.

Sunday, March 10, 2019
2:00 PM  

the Blackwood Quartet

Friday, April 26, 2019
7:00 PM  

Stuck in the same old routine? Shake up your week and try something new! Come out on Wednesdays at noon and see another side of Our Saviour Lutheran Church. Wednesdays are not repeats of Sunday’s message, but an entirely inclusive service of its own, with communion, a message, and an open discussion after the service giving opinions on the topic at hand. It’s a comfortable and casual atmosphere with great comradery. We would love to have more people come out and join in. Everyone is invited, not to mention, we have good fellowship and goodies afterwards. Every Wednesday in the Chapel.
We would like to thank all who contributed to the Good Gifts fund entitled simple well. We did not reach our goal of $2500.00, however with the money we received we were able to purchase three simple share of water wells at $250.00 per well and one water filter at $30.00. The water filter purifies the water without electricity or chemicals . Thank you so much from Evangelism Ministry.
Happy Anniversary

06-Bill & Almira Weber, 59 yrs
04- Lynn & Karen Mussetter , 58 yrs

Happy Birthday

01-Riley Merchant 
03-Phyllis Kinney 
06-Rita Cioppi  
06-Lennox Ramirez 
09-Jeffrey Masar Jr 
10-Barbara Reid 
12-Shawn Davis
12-Sharon Odom
16-Carol Linthicum
16-Harlow Ramirez
17-Ann Leib
17-Andrea Ernst
17-Jullian O'Brien
18-Jan Carey
18-Carolyn Gordon
18- Anika Gulovich
20- Jack Quick Jr.
23- Tracy Metcalf
23-Emily Hughes
23-Matthew Hinds
24-Louise Crum
24-Lynn Mussetter
24-Ted Mataxis
24-Devin Fee
25-Joey Ransdell
26-Lynn Stalls
28- Amy Hill 

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Have you considered my request from last month’s President’s Post to individually take action and actively find your place in the ministries of OSLC? Did you actually read it?

What ministry have you committed your time to or given additional time since last month?

Have you accepted an invitation of your neighbor or fellow member to participate more fully in the ministries of this church?

Have you identified and encouraged others in their gifts and invited them into a ministry where you believe they would be an asset to this congregation?

Who did you invite with you to Worship?

As many of you know, North Carolina’s state motto is “esse quam videre,” which means “to be rather than to seem.” I challenge this congregation to be disciples in Christ in and through the ministries of OSLC rather than merely to seem to be .

We are blessed with beautiful and well-maintained facilities. As a congregation, we reach out to our community through Matthew 25, through our Preschool, through sponsorship of Pastor Deal and through our partnership with local charities. We are good at seeming to be disciples. Are we really? Can we improve?

I believe we are reflections of Christ in our work within the Community of Christ. But, I also believe we can improve to assist each other and those in our community.

On Sunday, February 17, 2019, I will be reporting to you on the progress of our Call Committee and Council. Additionally, I intend to take a moment to recognize the many ministries of this congregation. I will ask those who serve in various capacities to identify themselves so that others who have not had an opportunity to connect with ministries will know who to contact. This Sunday will be an excellent Sunday to bring your friend or neighbor to encourage their connection with this congregation. I look forward to seeing you in Worship and at work in the ministries of OSLC.

Yours in Christ,

Bill Van O’Linda

Every Sunday, during worship, we pray for people. Or at least, we sort of pray for people. Sort of pray for some people. A few folks have their name listed in the Links. A few people aren’t known by most of us. Some people mumble a name out-loud, when prompted by the worship leader. Some people pray in the quiet of their hearts.

What do you think about specific-person prayer? It’s complicated.

John Smith, a pillar of the church, has the sniffles. Should we pray for him? Mary Smith’s next-door neighbor’s grandson’s friend is having surgery. Should we pray for her? Susie Smith is battling long-term cancer. Should we pray for her every week, even for the next three years? Bobby Smith was arrested on charges of public indecency. Should we pray for him by name? Should we pray out-loud about a broken arm? What about a hysterectomy? 

And for what should we pray? Healing? Medical common sense? Death with its end of suffering? That God’s will be done—whatever that may mean?

My sermon on Sunday, February 3, says that I have long been known for never providing answers. Known for asking questions, but never giving answers. Not even an answer about how to pray for the Smith family. What do you think? Should we pray for all people everywhere, no matter about what, no matter how long it takes? Pray only for the most important situations? Only the sad situations? Only the local stuff? What if a Democrat and a Republican offer dueling prayer requests? Should we pray for someone, or about someone? Does it make any difference if you’re related to the Smiths? Is there ever embarrassment on your part for praying out-loud? Does God listen to our hearts, even if our mouths stay shut? For what reason do you hope people would pray for you? If never, why not?

Ah. The questions. Answer them correctly, or to the satisfaction of a majority of people, and you may get ordained and be a pastor. But that means your congregation might pray for you. Or maybe not.

Prayers & Cares

Friends and Relatives
All Military, Flood, Earthquake, Volcano Victims, Cancer Patients, Rosa Aguilar, Chelsea Boet, Derek Burleson, Jim Constantino, Barbara Dice, Don Brother –in-Law of Pat Nussman, Pam Grupp, Phillip Hause, Jill Hunger, Harley Jacobsen, Diane Lewis, David Nelson, Deb Payseur, Lloyd Paris, Phillip Paris, Shawn Plotz, Dave Roberts, Miles Robinson, Lisa Rosario, Jeff Santos, Fran Starke, Danielle Stefanik

Hospital: WAKE MED: Entering on Jan. 30th, Barbara Vainio
HOME —  Eloise Anderson, Rick Barnes, Polly Bethea, Dick and Pat Bock, Shirley Braisted, Cris and Florrie Crisafulli, Dorothy Cullen, Jack and Sue Diffily, Leatha Ferebee, Kathy Kuhasz, Florence McCormick, Bill Mitchell, Leonard Nagel, Joan Nelson, Marian Oswalt, Barbara Reid, Jim Seevers, Jean Sherrill, Grace Sides, Dale Streicker, Rosi Tucek
In Extended Care Pinehurst Rehab: Peggy Smith, Quail Haven Rehab: Mary McNabb and Bob Springer, Fox Hollow Rehab: Harris Skinner, Bonnie Springer, Magnolia Gardens Rehab: Pat Wiggins
In Service To Our Country Sean Barnes, Jon Drew, Pastor Linn Fisher, Ben Flanick, Matthew Hinds, Mark Jennings, Matt Prairie, Amy Ramirez and Sean Ramirez
Our Mission Partner — Joy of Discovery Lutheran Church in Raleigh
Our Missionary in Costa Rica — Pastor Stephen Deal



To the Discretionary Fund
by Karen Schepman

To the Columbarrium
In memory of Paul Sides
by Grace Sides

In Honor of Ann & Charlie Leib
by Doug Leib and Tony Corrente

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