January 2019
What's happening this month
We will be going to Temple Theatre for Church Basement Ladies on Friday, January 18, 2019 . A Second Helping  picks up the story in 1969 with the world changing. As Vietnam War protests swell and women everywhere demand equal pay for equal work, the finely tuned ladies running the church basement kitchen face changes of their own. We will have lunch at Ron’s Barn in Sanford, cafeteria style. Lunch is on your own. The bus leaves the church parking lot at 11:00 am. The play starts at 2 pm. We only have 2 reserved tickets remaining. Play and bus ride are $25.00 paid at the time of sign-up.

On Tuesday, December 11th, Our Saviour hosted a very successful workshop for professional and family caregivers of those suffering from dementia-related diseases. Forty three participants attended the 2 hour workshop, presented by the Dementia Alliance, NC, and designed to help community members understand the progression of dementia and to learn how to better interact with those suffering from the disease.

Melanie Bunn, a nationally-recognized nurse and training specialist presented the program. Our Saviour is also home to a weekly support group and has co-partnered with our neighbor, Grace Church, to raise community awareness of the need to provide support and respite opportunities to caregivers.

What started as a concept by Pastor Linn, in April, has materialized into reality; OSLC is fully engaged in meeting a significant community need. We look forward to hosting future workshops in the next year.

If you would like more information about our weekly support group, please contact one of our certified facilitators, Dale Krech at dalek1948@gmail.com or Pat Soler at pj.soler@hotmail.com

Sunday, March 10, 2019
2:00 PM  

The concert is free to the public. A freewill offering will be collected to support the Northern Moore Family Resource Center.
Thank you to all of you that came to support Matthew 25 and Our Saviour Preschool for the annual Christmas Dinner and Show. You helped raise money for both of these amazing ministries of Our Saviour Lutheran Church! Thank you for your support!!
Happy Anniversary

04- John & Janet Baumeister , 61 yrs
27- Jerry & Carole Gaskill , 57 yrs
19- Pat & Kathy Mondock  , 36 yrs
11- Ashley & Addie Holzmann , 9 yrs

Happy Birthday

02-Charlie Leib
05-Evelyn Brassie
05-Sarah Peterson 
08-Doug Stalls 
08-Beth Mataxis
08-Sydney Higgerson
09-Vernon Crumpler 
09-Karen Mussetter
09-Paul Sachtleben
09-Sarah Hughes
10-Jim Peeples
10-Rachel Drew
11-John Strohmenger 
13-Kirsten Benson
14-Chris Crisafulli
14-Billy Van O'Linda III
15-Jean Wolf  
15-Caroline Antil
17-Bob Springer
17-Charles McGee
19-Joan Zielsdorf
19-Stephanie Cooksey
19-Juliana Paris
20-Gay Wittenstrom
20-Rosi Tucek
20-Terinda McGuire
22-Pat Manning 
25-Terry Hill 
28-Jenijoy Fisher 
29-Audrey Raasch
29-Dana Ignoffo
30-Lynn Antil

Open registration is currently taking place for the 2019-2020 school year. Do you know someone with a preschooler? Please let them know that we have preschool classes from ages 1-5 here at Our Saviour Preschool! They can visit our website www.oursaviourpreschool.com or email Rebecca Marchetti at oslcpreschool@gmail.com for more information.

1-       Council voted Yes for the New PushPay Mobile App for easier giving.
2-       Council voted Yes for the New Sign-up.com (online sign-up platform) which allows members to sign up to volunteer for events or ministries.
3-       Council voted Yes to purchase a new computer, screen and speakers for Keri.
4-       Newly elected officers of the council are:
·          President – Bill Van O’Linda
·          Vice President – Peter Benson
·          Treasurer – Jen Jennings
·          Secretary – Aimee Haley
                   ****Note****  Jonathan Ward was voted to replace Travis Alfrey

5-       Council was informed of 2 new Concert Series Events to come in 2019 (1- Ravon Sheppard, 2- Fayetteville State University)
6-       We have replaced Water of Life Lutheran Church for Joy of Discovery Lutheran Church as our missionary church.

Bill Van O’Linda

Larry Wilson

Barbara Vainio

Catherine Sigmon-Mitchell

Tiffaney Flack

Randy Zielsdorf

Peter Benson

Peggy Benson

Jenny Jennings

Aimee Haley

Jonathan Ward

John Strohmenger

Dear God,

And so we come to the end of the 55 th year of your church in the Sandhills. We have much to be thankful for:

    A Growing Membership

    A Lovely place to Worship You

    Dedicated Pastors and Staff

    Inspiring Ministries

Yet O God, We are not done. We need your inspiration for greater outreach in the Community. To do more for our members who are needy for your spirit, whether young or old, sick or healthy. Please be with us in the endeavor. Remind us to be generous in our stewardship of both treasure and time.

God we ask that you rain wisdom on the council, fellow members of Our Saviour who have been called to lead. Be with our Pastor’s as they teach understanding of your word and all our Staff, as they are part of the glue that binds us together as a congregation.

Be with our men and women in uniform who protect what we hold dear and all of those who serve in the elected positions in government.

Dear God as this year comes to an end we thank you for the gifts of your Son and everlasting forgiveness. You have our Love. Please hold Our Saviour in the palm of your hand.

Tom Adams` outgoing prayer, as Council President, to the council and members of Our Saviour
Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I am writing as OSLC’s new council President to give you my perspective of a one goal we should seek in this new Church year.

As OSLC’s Council will be meeting this /next month at retreat to learn and discern more about itself and how our church structure calls us to work within the Congregation, I ask you also to see where you can fit in the cogs of the wheel that ensure the ministries of this Congregation are accomplished.

First, be willing to volunteer. The best person who can identify where you can help is you. When you see a request for volunteer Sunday School teachers, Summer Camp helper, Altar Guild members, Tellers, Readers, Acolytes, Ushers, Matthew 25 drivers, Preschool book readers, prayerfully consider where you can contribute.

Second, when invited to perform a ministry task, accept the invitation. I have informed the members of the Council this year that I anticipate “voluntelling” each of them to use their acknowledged gifts for the betterment of this Community in Christ. You should accept the invitation of one another in participating in our Congregation.

When Jesus called his first disciples Andrew, Peter, James and John, he did not say, “I need some disciples, so please make sure to sign up at the welcome center.” Instead, Jesus invited, “Follow me.” Therefore, when asked or invited to attend ministry meetings or participate in the life of the Church through ministry tasks, answer the call.

Third, take it upon yourselves to identify the gifts you see in others. If not asked by those I trust, I would not be happily be serving this Congregation as Council President. If your pew neighbor is always so wonderful at greeting you each Sunday, kindly suggest that they would be brilliant at serving as a greeter or usher.

Lastly, commit yourself to inviting one person who you regularly interact with to attend Worship with you. Whether you haven’t seen them at Worship in a few weeks, months or years or merely meet a friendly face at the grocery store, invite them to sit with you next Sunday at Worship at 10:30.

I look forward to serving you and OSLC in this coming year to grow our Community in Christ.

Bill Van O’Linda
Happy New Year! Perhaps you feel like you have heard this 123,377.5 times throughout the first days of 2019. Maybe some of you feel like New Year celebrations are overrated and receive too much publicity. However we look at it, I admit that I find New Year’s celebrations to be quite fun and special. It should be a joy to celebrate the “new.”

The Bible mentions the word New approximately 150 times. It must be important! We may be familiar with such scripture passages that make mention of this word which conjures up positive and inspiring connotations.

Psalm 96:1 says: “O sing to the Lord a New song…” Jeremiah 31:31 says: “The days are surely coming, says the Lord, when I make a New covenant with the house of Israel…” Ezekiel 11:19 says: “I will give them one heart, and put a New spirit within them…” Mark 2:22 says: “And no one puts New wine into old wineskins…but one puts New wine into fresh wineskins.”

Where in your life is the Lord calling you to sing a NEW song? Where in your life are you called to make a NEW covenant to the Lord; in other words a NEW year’s resolution with God? Where In your life does God want to renew a right spirit within you? Where in your life is God calling you to let go of the old, start fresh, and fill your life and your days with something NEW?

The apostle Paul reminds the Corinthians (2 Cor 5:17) that “if anyone is in Christ he is a new creation. The old things have passed away, behold, the new has come into being.”

Isn’t it fun to have something that’s brand new? A new car, a new TV, a freshly painted room, a new tool, a new piece of jewelry.

But it becomes a problem when we want our favorite thing because it’s just the way we like it…it’s comfortable, we don’t have to break it in, we become sentimental about it. There’s nothing inherently wrong with the comfortable, or the sentimental. In fact, it’s right for us to prize the right things…people, relationships, possessions (when we acknowledge they are from God and we use them for His glory).

But God is clear about what He expects our priorities to be, and where He wants our focus to be: He wants our focus to be on Him, first and foremost, and above all else. He wants our priorities to be His plan, His agenda, His kingdom. If that’s not the case it means it’s time for some reflection and changes. We are ALL works in progress; whether we’ve been to church our whole lives or just been introduced to Christ, whether we’re 1 years old or 100.

“Store up for your treasures in heaven, where moths and rust cannot destroy them, and thieves cannot steal them. For your heart will always be where your treasure is.” This is where we have to ask ourselves “Is my favorite old shirt attractive to anyone but me? Would someone else find it a good gift?” Is the orange shag carpet in our comfortable home going to attract a new buyer? If we keep in mind that all things were once new, it becomes easier to keep the old favorites in their place; it’s a little easier to retire that favorite shirt and replace it with a new favorite or allow ourselves to enjoy new carpet before the old is completely worn out.

Where is our treasure?? Is it in a favorite shirt, or a favorite hymn? Weren’t the old favorites once new? Can we consider reinventing ourselves for the sake of Christ and learn something He wants to teach us? Working out at the gym or saying no to that wonderful looking piece of pie isn’t comfortable; it’s challenging! Yet we know that kind of discipline is for our good, for the good of those around us. Can we admit that the spiritual challenges God puts in front of us, that are outside of what’s comfortable, might in fact be from a loving God who wants our hearts to grow, wants to mold us into Christ-like vessels, wants the good of all around us??

Where is our treasure? Is it in the trappings of the church, the carpet, the color of the paint, the number of communion assistants, the age of the readers, instruments played, the man-written words spoken and sung? Or is our treasure in heaven? In the Word of God, preached and taught, written and read, soaked into our hearts and minds? Do we invest in the lives of other believers in ways where we can discuss our faith and support and challenge one another in our walk with God? Is our treasure in the soul of our neighbor who comes to know Christ for themselves because we were brave enough to be honest about our struggles and let them see the shelter we find in our faith? Do strangers become Christ-followers sitting in our church because we aren’t content to just meet their physical needs in love, but reach further to build relationships that touch their Souls??

I know I have been asking these same questions, in my own life and for the life and ministry at OSLC. Last year we ministered in some NEW ways. This year we will be making Christ known in even more NEW ways, as we reach out and reach in with the Word of God’s NEW Testament and fill this place with the spirit of His grace and love. There are many things, both big and small, we can look forward to in this NEW year. Stay tuned!
January 1 – the start of a new year. Right? Most people would say so. But why is that? Isn’t it so that January 1, 2019, is just another Tuesday? What makes it special? Watching a ball drop? Why don’t we say Happy New Year on January 4 or on April 9 or some other random date? Because it’s not random?

This past year, when did you decide to make it new? The day you saw your new grandchild? The day you decided to take longer walks? The day you decided to ask forgiveness? The day you realized you were going to live another day? Any of that—all of that—is worthy of celebration, to be sure. And none of that is something to be ignored or denied. But that ball-dropping-thing tends to divert our attention and make us think that we’ve got one chance and one chance only to make a change in life. But you know that’s not really so, don’t you?

So, when will your new year begin this time? Yes, it smacks of making resolutions that sometimes get carried out and sometimes don’t. Nothing wrong with that. Resolutions that range from eating one fewer piece of chocolate per week or sending a note to someone you’d given up on long ago. Big or small. Public or very personal. Tuesday or Wednesday. It’s your decision. Let me know how I can help you make it. Even make it through the next twelve months.

Prayers & Cares

Friends and Relatives
All Military, Flood, Earthquake, Volcano Victims, Cancer Patients, Rosa Aguilar,
Chelsea Boet, Derek Burleson, Jim Constantino, Barbara Dice, Pam Grupp, Jill Hunger, Harley Jacobsen, Diane Lewis, David Nelson, Deb Payseur, Lloyd Paris, Phillip Paris, Shawn Plotz, Dave Roberts, Miles Robinson, Jeff Santos
and Fran Starke.


At Home —  Eloise Anderson, Rick Barnes, Polly Bethea, Dick and Pat Bock, Shirley Braisted, Harry and Carole Carter, Cris and Florrie Crisafulli, Dorothy Cullen, Jack and Sue Diffily, Leatha Ferebee, Dianne Forsberg, Susan Gribben, Ellen Klingener, Florence McCormick, Leonard Nagel, Joan Nelson, Marian Oswalt, Barbara Reid, Jim Seevers, Jean Sherrill, Grace Sides, Dale Streicker
In Extended Care
Pinehurst Rehab: Peggy Smith
Quail Haven Rehab: Mary McNabb
Fox Hollow Rehab: Harris Skinner and Bonnie Springer
Magnolia Gardens Rehab: Pat Wiggins
In Service To Our Country — Sean Barnes, Jon Drew, Pastor Linn Fisher, Ben Flanick, Matthew Hinds, Mark Jennings, Ian Lilyquist, Matt Prairie, Amy Ramirez and Sean Ramirez
Our Mission Partner — Joy of Discovery Lutheran Church, Southeast Raleigh 
Our Missionary in Costa Rica — Pastor Stephen Deal


In memory of Roberta Danielson
Given by Karyn Kline

To the Debt Reduction Fund
In memory of Lucille Howard
Given by Janet Nelson

In memory of Pat Streicker
Given by Bernie & Barb Taubersmith

To the Discretionary Fund
In memory of Bill Bradley
Given by Bernie & Barb Taubersmith

In memory of Bill Bradley
Given by Joanne Mechling

To Matthew 25
In Honor Of Pastor Linn
Given by Margaret Lindenberger

To Christmas for Moore
In Honor Of Pastor Linn
Given by Margaret Lindenberger

Thank you for your continued support.
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