June 2019
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Agapé Day Camp is returning to Our Saviour Lutheran Church this summer, July 8-12 from 9:00AM to 3:00PM ! Campers will enjoy a week of games, songs, crafts, nature activities, Bible studies, and FUN, led by trained summer counselors from Agape' Kure Beach Ministries. Agape' Day Camp is for rising 1st through 8th graders. The cost is $135 per child. A separate day camp for preschoolers will also be available July 8-12 from 9:00AM to 1:00PM for ages 3 to 5 . The cost per child is $75. There will be a $250 cap for families registering multiple children.

This year’s theme is Spirit Power! Based on 2 Corinthians 13:14 “May the grace shown by the Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. May the love that God has given us be with you. And may the sharing of life brought about by the Holy Spirit be with you all.” We will be exploring the Holy Spirit as a part of the Trinity and beyond! Together we will see the Holy Spirit as a gift that makes us advocates, community and peace makers.

To register, visit www.oslcsp.org and click on Day Camp Forms in the menu. Camperships are available! Contact Donna Knight at oslcsp@oslcsp.org or call 692-2662 ext. 206. Assistance is available!


Agape Day Camp will be at OSLC again this summer and we need your help! We need volunteers to host dinners for counselors, as well as donate time, funds and supplies for the week of July 8-12. Thank you in advance for anything you can provide!!

We will be visiting the John Blue House in Laurinburg, NC on Friday, June 21, 2019 . Constructed after the Civil War in 1891, John Blue, Sr. designed the home after visiting family in Mississippi where he became intrigued by the riverboats. Upon his return, he designed the home to reflect this look – including the “bridge” of the home that served as his favorite sitting area. Also contributing to the riverboat design are the rare double circular porches, as well as the ornaments that decorate the porch and railings — all hand carved by Mr. Blue himself. The house is built entirely of heart of pine lumber from trees on the grounds. We will be having lunch at The Seaboard Station Restaurant in Hamlet, NC. Lunch is at your expense. The bus leaves at 10:30 AM from the church parking lot. The bus ride will be $3.00. Sign up at the Welcome Center or call the church office.
Wednesday July 17
at 6:30 PM

Learn more about this trip of a lifetime!

Please feel free to share this with friends who attend other churches as we will be reaching out and inviting them to join us.

Everyone welcome!

BROCHURES with additional information and photos are available at the welcome center desk.

The OSLC Property Ministry Team Workday

The Property Ministry Team’s Spring workday was held on May 15 th & 18 th . These workdays are one very important way we keep the church grounds looking beautiful for the glory of God.

On Wednesday Bill Blake and Gary Smith trimmed and cleaned up the courtyard. A Huge Thanks to Bill and Gary! Weeding is still on the agenda!

On Saturday Bill Blake, Jim Currey, Jim Klug, Tiffany Flake, Wes Price, Gary Tucek, Gary Tucek Jr., Fritz Fleming, Gary Smith, Jonathon Paris, Juliana Paris and Heather Lussier trimmed all the shrubs, cleaned up debris, raked, swept and blew off the walk ways and parking lots. The church grounds look wonderful. A huge Thank You to this hard working group! A special Thank You goes to Trudy Blake for providing all the drinks for the hard workers.

June! It’s the month to go barefoot. Oh, I know, some people go barefoot all year long. And the hot weather of this past month has both encouraged and demanded it. But June—well, that’s when school is out, and vacations start and the daylight lasts forever and you can put aside cares and whatever bothers you. And you can go barefoot. If not in your flip-flops, then in your mind. And it’s the second example that’s more needed by some people. 

It’s true that June is just another month, like all the others that have gone before. And it’s also true that, like every other month, June still has doctor appointments and bills to pay and rude drivers and awful headlines and storms of every kind. But what if you decide to ignore all that and go barefoot. Mental health professionals might suggest that you need to take seriously all that is troublesome; avoidance isn’t very helpful. But going barefoot in the grass or in the sand is refreshing. Or could be. Don’t tell me that you hate sand between your toes. Don’t tell me that grass is slippery without a sole. Don’t tell me you run the risk of stepping on a nail or stubbing your great toe.  I know that. But I also know how delightful it is to celebrate the world and all that is in it. And to be thankful. It is, after all, the way that God intended life to be. Have you done any of that recently?

So how about this: today, if only for a few minutes, stop being a grown up. Stop being responsible. Stop being worried. Stop being proper. And go barefoot. However, that might work for you.
One of my professors from seminary, Dr. Tony Everett, was fond of asking us what we called the WIGIAT question, “Where is God in All this?” I've been thinking about the inherent focus of the question as I ponder our current situation at Our Saviour. It would be easy to focus on areas that need improvement, but it is important that we draw encouragement from the fact that many of our daily challenges in the church are in fact the result of “growing pains.” Growing pains occur when you experience something new and exciting, even if at the same time it's also awkward and frustrating.

We must continue to focus our vision on incorporating a strong sense of community, fellowship, and togetherness. When people walk into OSLC looking for a new church, the most important thing they are looking for is that sense of personal connection. This summer I'll be talking with the ministry team leaders about long-term planning, and simple ways to create a sense of community, on Sunday mornings, and during the week as well. I look forward to this time of visioning, creativity, and seeking Our Savior’s direction for Our Saviour.

Another question we should be asking ourselves is: “What drives our church?” Every church is driven by something. Tradition, finances, programs, personalities, events, seekers, and even buildings can be the driving and controlling force in a church. Churches that are healthy, endure, and even grow through times of social and demographic changes are churches that have created a clear purpose, and use it as a road map to drive towards God's will for them. Their purpose overflows into all aspects of the church community; they are warmer through fellowship, deeper through discipleship, stronger through worship, broader through ministry, and larger through evangelism.
OSLC's mission statement is Worship in Christ, Growth in Christ, and Community in Christ. That's really about our relationship with God and with others. In other words, our concentration here is on relationship-building and people!

Your council and pastors, along with the help and support of other leadership, will be addressing more aspects of our mission over the next months. This will be a time for us all to discern together the most faithful and best ways to move forward as a community of faith.

So, back to the question “Where is God in all this?” It is vital for our community of faith to recognize that God is at work among us and beside us. We must remind ourselves to trust in the Truth that God has fully prepared the path for us to walk long before He asks us to head out.

Therefore, as we head into a future full of promise and opportunities, we must be diligent to pray, ask God's guidance, and listen carefully when He speaks.  We must strive to be good stewards of our time, our talent, and resources. We must be ready to be uncomfortable, for the gospel is not always comfortable. God calls us to trust that He wants to bless us. May we as a congregation seek God’s counsel as we embark on our next adventure in the fulfilling journey of being God’s people at OSLC.

Together in Christ,
Pastor Linn

Happy Anniversary

4-Dick & Sandy Zimmer, 59 yrs
9-Jack & Connie Quick Jr , 63 yrs
10-Chuck & Caryl Moak, 52 yrs
10-Pastor David & Diana Keck, 58 yrs
12-William & Catherine Sigmon-Mitchell, 26 yrs
14-Gary & Mary Smith, 50 yrs
17-David & Amber Jensen, 24 yrs 
19-John & Linda Strohmenger, 37 yrs
23-Frank & Nancy Johnson , 63 yrs
24-Terry & Amy Hill, 46 yrs
29-John & Connie Hopkins, 51 yrs
30-David & Heather Lussier, 21 yrs
30-Rick Johnson & Cinnamon LeBlanc-Johnson, 12 yrs

Happy Birthday

4-Declan Davis
5- Sarah Klug
8- Jack Fetzer
9- Marie Steensen
11- Muriel Evert
11- Dale Streicker
11- Mike Metcalf
12- Greg Blakely
14- Star Braisted
14- Susie Stanislawek
15- Jean Sherrill
15- Daniel Fee
16- Al Wiggins
18- Irmi Wahner
19- John Hopkins
19- Adeline Howard
21- Rick Barnes Jr
23- Christine Steingraber
23- Brandi Smith
23- Blake Jackson
24- Kathy Constantino
24- Jay Forsberg
25- Lydia Sturdevant
25- Taylor Haulsee
27-Sandra Scholl
27-Josh Haley
28- Darlene Williams
29- Diana Keck

Prayers & Cares

As a community of faith, we join together in prayer for the needs, concerns, joys and sorrows that we share. Please pray for God’s grace and strength to surround those listed below. 

Friends and Relatives
All Military, Flood, Earthquake, Volcano Victims, Cancer Patients, Chelsea Boet,
Jim Constantino, Barbara Dice, Pam Grupp, Phillip Hause, Jennifer and Scott,
Daris Jones, Diane Lewis, Bill Lindau, Lloyd Paris, Diana Keck, Phillip Paris, and Danielle Stefanik.

As a community of faith, we join together in prayer for the needs, concerns, joys and sorrows that we share. Please pray for God’s grace and strength to surround those listed below.
HOME —  Eloise Anderson, Rick Barnes, Polly Bethea, Shirley Braisted, Dorothy Cullen, Jack and Sue Diffily, Leatha Ferebee, Rivan Harter, Ruth Kohler, Florence McCormick, Leonard Nagel, Lanie Nagle, Joan Nelson, Marian Oswalt, Barbara Reid, Jim Seevers, Jean Sherrill
In Extended Care Pinehurst Rehab: Peggy Smith, Quail Haven Rehab: Paul Halm, Mary McNabb, Fox Hollow Rehab: Harris Skinner, Bob Springer, Magnolia Gardens Rehab: Pat Wiggins, Penick Rehab: Dave Danielson 
In Service To Our Country Sean Barnes, Jon Drew, Pastor Linn Fisher, Ben Flanick, Matthew Hinds, Mark Jennings, Matt Prairie, Amy Ramirez and Sean Ramirez
Our Mission Partner — Joy of Discovery Lutheran Church in Raleigh
Our Missionary in Costa Rica — Pastor Stephen Deal


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by Peggy and Robert Raney

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