May 2019
What's happening this month
Join us for Bible & A Beer on Thursday, May 23rd @ 7 PM @ Pinehurst Brewing Company. Pastor Linn will be leading the discussion. Come out and enjoy some fellowship and a nice cold one.

We will be discussing this book if you would like to purchase the paperback ($10), or ebook ($3) to follow along. You are not required
to have the book-just come!

Pastor Linn has a few for sale-contact him if interested.

Pinehurst Brewing Company is located at

Agapé Day Camp is returning to Our Saviour Lutheran Church this summer, July 8-12 from 9:00AM to 3:00PM ! Campers will enjoy a week of games, songs, crafts, nature activities, Bible studies, and FUN, led by trained summer counselors from Agape' Kure Beach Ministries. Agape' Day Camp is for rising 1st through 8th graders. The cost is $135 per child. A separate day camp for preschoolers will also be available July 8-12 from 9:00AM to 1:00PM for ages 3 to 5 . The cost per child is $75. There will be a $250 cap for families registering multiple children.

This year’s theme is Spirit Power! Based on 2 Corinthians 13:14 “May the grace shown by the Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. May the love that God has given us be with you. And may the sharing of life brought about by the Holy Spirit be with you all.” We will be exploring the Holy Spirit as a part of the Trinity and beyond! Together we will see the Holy Spirit as a gift that makes us advocates, community and peace makers.

To register, visit and click on Day Camp Forms in the menu. Camperships are available! Contact Donna Knight at or call 692-2662 ext. 206. Assistance is available!


On Friday, May 17, 2019 we will be going Pinehurst Brewing Company Restaurant in Pinehurst, NC, located in the Village of Pinehurst. PBC occupies what was the original steam plant that powered the Village in 1895. Enjoy beer brewed on site by Head Brewer Eric Mitchell and a diverse lunch menu. The bus leaves at 10:30 AM. A $3.00 fee for the bus trip. (We are taking the bus so that everyone will arrive as a group.) Please sign-up at the Welcome Center or call the church office.

Holy Land Tour Presentation on Wednesday July 17
at 6:30 PM

Learn more about this trip of a lifetime!

Please feel free to share this with friends who attend other churches as we will be reaching out and inviting them to join us.
We will celebrate MOTHER'S DAY by honoring all of the women of OSLC. Whether you have kids or fur kids, you've mothered someone and we want to make the day special! Be sure to come to worship on Sunday as we have a special gift for you afterwards!

Time to give back to the church and show it some love! It's INSIDE/OUTSIDE WORK DAY. We'll be having a crew outside working on the landscaping, mulching, pruning etc. and a crew inside working on the kitchen and craft room. We could really use your help!

We'll start by providing you breakfast with donuts, coffee and orange juice.
Then we'll divide up and get to work tiding and cleaning up.

Please sign-up on our volunteer website or at the welcome center desk.
The Social Ministry team is hosting a coffee on Sunday, May 26 in honor of the veterans who have died. If you have a photo of your loved one you would like to display, please drop it off at the Welcome Center by May 24.
Dear OSLC family,

On behalf of the Moore County Literacy Council, I would like to thank you for your support of this vital organization through your book donations. Through the Lenten Book Drive at OSLC, you provided us with over 100 gently used and new children's books. I can assure you that these will find their way into the hands of children and families of Moore County who are most in need of them. Again, thank you for your generosity.

Best regards,

Heather Lussier
Family Literacy Specialist

Looking for adult helpers for our sewing camp for 1/2 days for the week of August 12 thru the 16. Time is 9 am till 11:30 am five days of the week. We would like one adult to each child.

Contact Sandy zimmer at or Pattie Peeples at or sign-up HERE .
I smiled when I read Pastor Nagle’s Monday morning musing on April 15th suggesting that we eliminate the term “collection” plate for the term “offering” plate. What a wonderful idea! It was also a reminder.
A couple weeks ago our Council Chair, Bill Van O’Linda, told us that each of us needs to “offer” a little more each month in order for OSLC to fund our many ministries. Pastor Nagle then reminded us that our ministry, through our support of the synod and ELCA, broadens our outreach in many ways. It reminded me that on Sunday the church is not collecting. Rather, it’s you and me offering! Like Pastor Nagle, I’m glad that we support spreading God’s love funding foreign missions, a new congregation just up the road in Raleigh, helping with tuition of future pastors at seminary and providing scholarships for OSLC high school seniors as they head off for college. And that’s not to mention feeding kids in Robbins, educating our young ones in the OSLC nursery school and oh yes, buying those light bulbs, which means we have the electricity to carry out what we do here.
So what did I decide to do to respond to President Bill’s plea to increase my offering a little to help us keep on doing all the swell things above? For years I’ve started my day with a 32 ounce fountain diet coke. Costs me a dollar every day of the year. Last week I decided I could either do without that coke and give that dollar to OSLC to make up what someone else may not be able to offer or find another way to give that dollar a day. So one buck a day times 365 days a year means an additional offering of $365 a year. That’s not going to kill me, and it may even help me lose a pound or two. Most of all, I’m happy my offering will keep touching all of our ministries.
That’s my example. You may be able to do less or maybe more. Pray about it. Then do what you can. And Pastor Nagle, thanks for reminding us it’s an offering we freely give and not an obligation.
Yours in Christ
Tom Adams

This is a difficult column to write, simply because it messes with memories, tradition and love. I refer to Mother’s Day and how we often celebrate it. Everyone knows that it’s a wonderful day, full of warmth, joy and gratitude. But maybe not everyone feels that. While some people come to a worship service on Mother’s Day simply because it would please their mother, my experience reminds me that lots of people stay away from church on Mother’s Day because of all that the day represents.

You see, not everyone sitting in your pew is a mother. And not everyone grew up with a loving mother. And some people are having trouble becoming a mother. And some people’s mother was absent and abusive and hateful—so much so that some people find it hard to pick out or read or send a Hallmark card that lauds motherhood, full of joy and thanksgiving. 

I mention all this in hopes of sensitivity, and maybe a change in attitude. For some people, the best mother was a father. Or a third-grade teacher. Or a next door neighbor. For some people a large happy family gathered around the table won’t ever happen. For some people, the smell of mother was less perfume and more alcohol. For some people, motherhood is tragic or hopeless or very very sad. For some people, the date or the anniversary of their mother’s death is still very real.

Does this mean that we should scrub Mother’s Day from our Sunday morning, May 12, gathering? No—because parenting of every kind is still one of God’s gifts. Jesus himself was born into a family. And he gave the apostle John and mother Mary into each other’s care. And those among us who can delight in maternal memories should be allowed and encouraged to do so. But what should you say or refrain from saying in a couple of weeks? Shall you frown or disavow your family or tread so lightly that you feel empty? No. Go ahead and say "Happy Mother's Day" but don't be offended if the person you greet doesn't acknowledge your words with an equally joyous response.

Happy Anniversary

5-Lee & Joan Grant , 57 yrs
10-Sean & Amy Ramirez, 4 yrs
12-Ted & Beth Mataxis, 14 yrs
14-David & Susan Simmons Jr, 37 yrs
25-Mike & Debbie Cruse, 44 yrs 
26-Jeff & Natasha Masar, 29 yrs
28-Rick & Bobbie Barnes Jr, 53 yrs
30-John & Sue Pfisterer, 55 yrs

Happy Birthday

1-Franklin Ward
2-Darlene Smith
4-Leonard Nagel
5-Annemarie Loeser
5-Kate Thompson
5-Averie Maxwell
7-Todd Board
9-Grace Sides
9-Nancy Johnson
10-Bill Wade
13-Linda Strohmenger 
14-Almira Weber
14-Olivia Martinez 
15-Sue Diffily
20-Erin Metcalf
21-Dot Sparke
21-Natasha Masar
21-Graylyn Cooksey
23-Jim Currey
23-David Holzmann
24-Sean Ramirez
24-Patrick Thompson
26-Jerry Gaskill
30-Ruth Kohler
30-Jeff Masar
30-Michael Ignoffo

Prayers & Cares

As a community of faith, we join together in prayer for the needs, concerns, joys and sorrows that we share. Please pray for God’s grace and strength to surround those listed below. 

Friends and Relatives
All Military, Flood, Earthquake, Volcano Victims, Cancer Patients, Chelsea Boet,
Jim Constantino, Barbara Dice, Don Brother –in-Law of Pat Nussman, Pam Grupp, Phillip Hause, Daris Jones, Diane Lewis, Bill Lindau, Scott Nussman, Lloyd Paris, Phillip Paris, and Danielle Stefanik.

HOSPITAL– Rex Hospital in Raleigh –Lanie Nagle
 HOME —  Eloise Anderson, Rick Barnes, Polly Bethea, Shirley Braisted, Dorothy Cullen, Jack and Sue Diffily, Leatha Ferebee, Rivan Harter, Florence McCormick, Leonard Nagel, Joan Nelson, Marian Oswalt, Barbara Reid, Jim Seevers, Jean Sherrill
In Extended Care Pinehurst Rehab: Peggy Smith, Quail Haven Rehab: Paul Halm, Ruth Kohler, Mary McNabb, Fox Hollow Rehab: Harris Skinner, Bob Springer, Magnolia Gardens Rehab: Pat Wiggins, Penick Rehab: Dave Danielson
In Service To Our Country — Sean Barnes, Jon Drew, Pastor Linn Fisher, Ben Flanick, Matthew Hinds, Mark Jennings, Matt Prairie, Amy Ramirez and Sean Ramirez
Our Mission Partner — Joy of Discovery Lutheran Church in Raleigh.
Our Missionary in Costa Rica — Pastor Stephen Deal.
PRAYERS OF CHRISTIAN SYMPATHY  to Florrie Crisafulli on the death of her husband, Cris Crisafulli, on Saturday April 27, 2019. Please keep the family in your prayers. A service is planned for a later date.
PRAYERS OF CHRISTIAN JOY to Janet Nelson on the birth of her great -grandson, William John Nelson, born on April 25,2019 and to the proud parents, Chris and Lauren Nelson.

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