Our now retiring Senior Pastor James Lamkin has long been a fan of A Prairie Home Companion, the live radio show on air from 1974 to 2016 known for its folk and traditional musicians, tongue-in-cheek radio drama, and relaxed humor all masterminded by the wry storytelling style of Garrison Keillor. James' passions for storytelling, music, and memories make our Northside Drive Home Companion a similarly winsome format to honor James Lamkin and have fun together remembering the 23 years he has ministered among us as Senior Pastor.

Join us for our next two editions of the Home Companion:
November 15 Precious Memories. . . with Quilts as Backdrop
3:00 pm Church Grounds

December 6 Home for the Holidays
3:00 pm Church Grounds
For each event, church member/singer/musician Kurt Thomas will be the Musical Choreographer with James Lamkin as Chief Storyteller and Honoree. Other church members will also contribute.

Save these dates and times, and please contribute your favorite stories about James and his ministry among us (short paragraphs only, please) to Syd Janney at sydjanney@bellsouth.net or to her mailing address 705 E Morningside Drive NE, Atlanta, GA 30324. Examples of these memories will be sprinkled throughout each Northside Drive Home Companion event and/or assembled for his further reflection and enjoyment.
Because of a rain forecast, we are moving the Trunk or Treat event to Sunday, October 25 from 2:00 to 3:30 pm. We hope to see you there.
The Art & Soul church school class will meet this Sunday, October 25, at 9:30 am via Zoom. You can prepare by reading the short Feasting on the Word preparatory sheet. Tim Getsay will lead our discussion. Note that a passcode is required.

Meeting ID: 250 663 1572
Passcode: 6789

A called meeting of the Church in Conference will be held Sunday, November 22, 2020, immediately following an in-person worship service at 11 am. The purpose of the meeting is to consider and vote on the ballot of nominees to serve on the Senior Pastor Search Committee.

The procedure for preparing and voting on the list of nominees has been and will be in accordance with NDBC’s current Bylaws, Article V, Section B, Paragraphs 3, 4, and 5, as recently approved by the congregation. As required by the bylaws, the slate of eight nominees has been compiled by office holder/committee chairs Jo Meeks (Moderator), Tim Getsay (Chair of Diaconate), Steve Konenkamp (Chair of Finance Committee) and Susan Dew (Chair of Personnel Committee) in consultation with eight specified church committees/ ministry teams.

The nominees for the Senior Pastor Search Committee and associated committees/ministry teams are as follows:
Adult Education                               Cathy Wooten
Children & Youth                             Marie Cook
Diaconate                                        Hal Meeks
Finance                                           Beth Laxton
Missions                                          Geneva Hall-Shelton
Personnel                                         Karen Massey
Triple E                                            Barbara Atchley
Worship & Music                              Tim Getsay

As provided in the bylaws, at the Church in Conference, additional nominations of church members for one or more of the eight positions will be accepted. If there are contested positions, then voting for those positions will be by secret ballot. If no nomination is made from the floor, then voting will be by a show of hands.
Please plan to attend the called Church in Conference for this important meeting. It is anticipated that the meeting likely will be held in the sanctuary where social distancing and other protocols will be implemented. And please wear a mask!

Jo Meeks, Moderator
For several months Northside Drive members have been working with North Metro Atlanta Mask Makers to cut, sew, and deliver Covid masks. Hundreds of masks have been distributed all across the metro area. More volunteers are needed to meet the many requests for masks. You can join this effort by volunteering your time in several ways: donating 100% cotton fabric, cutting and/or sewing masks, or delivering masks to agencies such as Boys and Girls Clubs, hospitals, senior facilities and other non-profit organizations. 

The group is especially in need of more drivers to pick up and deliver fabric, and deliver finished masks to the agencies and organizations who still need the masks for their staff and clients.

For more information or to volunteer, visit the group's Facebook page or contact Gayle Hall at (404) 281-7649 or gaylehall@bellsouth.net
A Love Reformation
Daniel Headrick, Associate Pastor
Luther nailed 95 theses to the door of the church in Wittenberg. These days, nobody would be around to read them, or if they did, they'd lose focus around the second sentence. Maybe that's why it's a good season to return to Jesus' reminder that the Torah is really just about the two big love commandments. Whatever the church looks like after Covid, a love reformation is needed. On this Reformation Sunday, we bring our worries and fears about the future of the Church universal and NDBC to God, and we listen and look for love.

Each Sunday from now until Advent, our Time with the Children videos will be highlighting the Beatitudes, from Jesus’s Sermon on the Mount. We’ll focus on one Beatitude every Sunday and hear a story about how Jesus lived out that Beatitude, blessing others with God’s promises lived through Him. Time with the Children videos will premier every Sunday morning at 10:30 am on the Northside Drive Baptist Church Facebook page as well the NDBC YouTube channel.

In addition to the Time with the Children videos, electronic devotional materials will be available for you and your family to enjoy at home together:

  • A video story recording about one “Blessed Child of God," a video about a person who is or who has lived out the Beatitude of the week, from the book Holy Troublemakers and Unconventional Saints, by Daneen Akers.
  • An animated family devotional, with wondering questions, reflections, and a prayer to give you and your family an easy, light-hearted way to discuss, dream, and grow in faith together. 

Look for these two resources to be posted on Sunday mornings on the Northside Drive Kids Facebook page after 10:30 am.

I hope you’ll look out for and enjoy using all of these video devotional materials with your family.

May God’s blessings flow abundantly upon you and your family in all the days to come!

Andrea C. Johnson
Director of Children’s Ministries
Weekly Church Events

Art and Soul Church School - Sundays - 9:30 am via Zoom
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Passcode: 936319

Sunday Morning Worship - 11:00 am via Facebook and at 11:15 am via YouTube
Sunday Morning A Time with the Children - 11:00 a.m. via Facebook and at 11:15 via YouTube

Wednesday Pastor's Morning Bible Study - 10:30 am via Zoom
Meeting ID: 250 663 1572
Passcode: 6789

Saturday Prayer Meeting - 2:00 pm via Zoom
Meeting ID: 250 663 1572
Passcode: 6789

Sanctuary Open for Prayer - Daily - 2:00-3:30 pm

Whether we are able to worship in-person or not, a recorded worship service and children’s sermon video are available each Sunday at 11:00 a.m. on Facebook and YouTube.
Dot Houston - October 23
Triston King - October 24
Cassandra McAllister - October 25
Hartwell Dew - October 28
Christopher Davis - October 31
Jordan Davis - October 31
Claire Blackwell -November 1
Grace Collins - November 1
Alexander Davis - November 1
Sylvia Dick - November 7
Elizabeth Cassata - November 7
Robert Schwartz - November 7
During this time of remote worship, know of our prayers for you and your family. Contact our clergy if you have prayer requests or other concerns. 
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