You and your family are happily invited to attend this year’s Trunk or Treat at Northside Drive Baptist Church SATURDAY, OCTOBER 24 from 2:00 to 3:30 pm Click here for details.
We are delighted to announce that Andrea Johnson, our Director of Children's Ministries, has been accepted to McAfee School of Theology as a candidate for the Master of Divinity degree! Andrea will begin her studies in January 2021. To learn more, watch Daniel's brief interview with Andrea, below.
Each week we load a pre-recorded video of our worship service onto Facebook and YouTube. Because of changes to the launch times on YouTube, we will launch our videos at 11:15 am each Sunday on both platforms.
The Art & Soul church school class will meet this Sunday, October 18, at 9:30 a.m. via Zoom. If the link doesn't work for you, here is the information-- Meeting ID: 824 8851 2109; Passcode: 936319. You can prepare by reading the short Feasting on the Word preparatory sheet. Rotating facilitators each week. All are invited.
When God Shows His Backside
Dr. Karen Massey
Scripture tells us that “no one shall see God’s face and live.” It is a rare, if not impossible, thing to see the bright, blinding splendor of God’s presence. Yet, it is exactly what we long to see, in order to be convinced of God’s presence in our lives. But, more times than not, God shows Godself to us in ways we do not expect. In fact, in Exodus 33:20-23, God would not show Moses God’s face. Instead, God showed Moses God’s backside. Moses wasn’t happy with God’s reveal. Seeing God’s backside was not what Moses wanted to see, but maybe there is a lesson to be learned about the character of God.

Each Sunday from now until Advent, our Time with the Children videos will be highlighting the Beatitudes, from Jesus’s Sermon on the Mount. We’ll focus on one Beatitude every Sunday and hear a story about how Jesus lived out that Beatitude, blessing others with God’s promises lived through Him. Time with the Children videos will premier every Sunday morning at 10:30 am on the Northside Drive Baptist Church Facebook page as well the NDBC YouTube channel.

In addition to the Time with the Children videos, electronic devotional materials will be available for you and your family to enjoy at home together:

  • A video story recording about one “Blessed Child of God," a video about a person who is or who has lived out the Beatitude of the week, from the book Holy Troublemakers and Unconventional Saints, by Daneen Akers.
  • An animated family devotional, with wondering questions, reflections, and a prayer to give you and your family an easy, light-hearted way to discuss, dream, and grow in faith together. 

Look for these two resources to be posted on Sunday mornings on the Northside Drive Kids Facebook page after 10:30 am.

I hope you’ll look out for and enjoy using all of these video devotional materials with your family.

May God’s blessings flow abundantly upon you and your family in all the days to come!

Andrea C. Johnson
Director of Children’s Ministries
Weekly Church Events

Art and Soul Church School - Sundays - 9:30 am via Zoom
Sunday Morning Worship - 11:15 am via Facebook and 11:15 am on YouTube
Sunday Morning A Time with the Children - Loaded prior to the worship service on Facebook and YouTube
Wednesday Pastor's Morning Bible Study - 10:30 am via Zoom
Saturday Prayer Meeting - 2:00 pm via Zoom
Sanctuary Open for Prayer - Daily - 2:00-3:30 pm

Bruce Dick - October 19
Janna Chandler - October 20
Michael Sardone - October 21
Barry Creasman - October 21
Dot Houston - October 23
Triston King - October 24
Cassandra McAllister - October 25
Hartwell Dew - October 28
Christopher Davis - October 31
Jordan Davis - October 31
Bearing the Burden…by Mike Gregg
October 10, 2020  

Thank you for continuing to keep my family in your prayers. We have been buoyed by the three churches where I have served and continue to receive phone calls, letters, and generous contributions of love from NDBC that give us hope in hopeless times.
Ford is home. Although this is joyful news, his first trip home lasted only one night as Ford ended up with another hospital stay. But he’s back home again and it is 2:20 am on the second night. And so I’m back to hoping and praying this is yet another important corner to turn. Ford has many hurdles and struggles to overcome, but we are encouraged and uplifted by our loved ones in Atlanta.
It is my belief that life will begin to regain some type of pattern and rhythm. And it is thanks to you and our beloveds at NDBC.
In all we do, we are in this together.
           Mike Gregg

During this time of remote worship, know of our prayers for you and your family. Contact our clergy if you have prayer requests or other concerns. 
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