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helmet-goggles January 12, 2017

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The last two weeks at Tailwheel Town
Work has continued on the gradual change from a Cessna 140 to a Piper PA12 "Super Cruiser".  Son Hooper and I started to use the Super Cruiser at the end of the week. 

The Tailwheel Town PA 12 "Super Cruiser"

(Right) Hooper after flying the Super Cruiser.  He kinda likes it!

There is a 140 with an O-235 in the Squirrelwerks.  It may be available as a trainer sometime next year.

This week's new article on the Tailwheeler's Journal:  

This week's new article is "Fly like an Airline Pilot".  I hope it doesn't rub my airline pilot pals the wrong way.  It's not intended to. 
My dear friend, Darrel Aschbacher, while a senior Captain for a major airline a few years ago.

 It's just that one of my pet peeves is the almost constant riding on the coat tails of airlines that general aviation does.  This time it's the urging of general aviation pilots to fly like airline pilots.  They shouldn't.  In my opinion there are solid reasons that airline pilots do the things they do and equally solid reasons for general aviation pilots to do things differently.  Maybe this'll make you think.  Maybe not.

An Older Article: 

 This week's older article is #48 Hangar Doors.  I guess this is a subject that's dear to my heart, since this article was on my audio CD, "Nuts from a Blind Squirrel".  
Mike gives me a lift in his new Carbon Cub.

The original was illustrated with a picture of my pal, Mike Macon, who was captured peering out of his hangar the day I met him.  That was back when he was "RV Mike".  He now is  tailwheeler who flies a Carbon Cub.  But Hangar doors still serve as the magnets which draw folks to them whenever they are left open.  I've always maintained that all you have to do to attract a bunch of airport bums is to simply leave your hangar door open.  I still do.


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