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PTISD Seeking Input For  
Strategic Planning Process
Pine Tree ISD is seeking your ideas and suggestions as we move forward with our strategic planning process. This strategic planning process is designed to capitalize on the core values and core purpose of Pine Tree ISD while adapting to the changing environment.
On Monday, September 26, 2016, PTISD hosted an open forum to seek ideas and suggestions in terms of the District's vision, mission, and goals. The next step in the process is to seek input from all stakeholders (students, parents, community, faculty, and staff) through a short survey.

This survey will be available on the PTISD website on Friday, September 30, 2016, and will close on Friday, October 14, 2016.
PTISD is also seeking volunteers to serve on the Strategic Planning Committee and the Design Teams. The Strategic Planning Committee will meet on Tuesday, October 25, Wednesday, October 26 and Thursday, October 27, at 8:00 a.m. and end at approximately 3:45 p.m.
The Design Teams will meet in November and December at designated times usually in the late afternoon or evening, to create the actions/activities needed to carry out the goals in the newly developed plan.
If you would like to be considered for the Strategic Planning Committee or for a Design Committee, click here for a volunteer form or  you may call the PTISD Administration Office and speak with Dr. Farler or her assistant,Teresa Rau. The PTISD Administration number is (903) 295-5000.

Pine Tree Primary - Our Littlest Pirates
It's a great day to be a Pine Tree Pirate!  Our High School football guys and cheerleaders joined our Littlest Pirates during morning drop-off.  Some assisted during breakfast as well!  They greeted the students getting off the bus and interacted with the students for a short time.  

It was awesome to see our Littlest Pirates light up when they saw the big kids being a part of their school. 

Upcoming Events:

*Family Night - October 6 - 5:30-6:30 p.m. 
* Homecoming Carnival at PTHS - October 3 - 5:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. 
*Dress Like a Pirate - October 4 
Primary Campus Pictures - October 5 
 Wear Blue & Gold - October 7 
Parent Conferences - October 20   

Birch Elementary Kicks Off Fall Fundraiser
Birch Elementary kicked off its f all fundraiser this week. The monies raised will be used to buy another iPad mobile cart for our campus as well as basketball goals for our playgrounds.  Additional events will be planned throughout the school year. Please help us raise these funds by purchasing an item or two from our fundraiser. It will be greatly appreciated.

ch Elementary hosted Byron Wilcott and the Main Event Pro Wrestling Anti-Bullying event with our students on September 20. This event was designed to get the message out to students about the three types of bullying. It was well received by our students.

September 20 was a busy day at Birch Elementary. Not only did we have anti-bully presentations but we ended the evening with our WATCH D.O.G.S. kickoff for the 2016-2017 school year with a pizza dinner for the boys and their significant male role models. Dads, grandfathers, uncles and significant male role models made the commitment to be here for our students.
Parkway Elementary News  
Boo the Bully Wrestling Presentation

On W ednesday, September 21st, Boo the Bully Wrestling Presentation was held at Parkway Elementary. The enti re student body was able to attend this exciting event. Three professional wrestlers explained to the students four different types of bullying - verbal, social, physical and cyber.

Throughout their demonstration, the wrestlers role played the correct way to handle the different situations.      

September 19th - Talk Like a Pirate Day

Parkway Elementary students showed off their "Pirate Pride" for the week of Sept. 19-23 by celebrating this fun day with lots of pirate singing, talking and movement in music class!!!  Go Pine Tree Pirates!!!!!
Profit Loss Shop
Last week 4th grade math teachers participated in a lesson that centered around TEKS 4.10B. With this TEKs, the students were able to calculate profit in a given situation. The teachers made this lesson "real" for the kids by competing against each other to see who could make the most profit. All items in the teachers' stores had a price of $0.25 and students could spend up to $1.00.

All profits that were made will be spent in the teachers' classrooms on something needed, such as dry erase markers. Each teacher sent representatives to all the other classrooms to work at their stores. Students made predictions, participated, and witnessed profit in action. At the end of the lesson, participants found how much profit each teacher made and then arranged them in order from greatest to least. Ms. Elmore's class won!! As a result, the students now have a very true understanding of how to calculate profit from this very engaging and memorable lesson.

"Growing Greatness.....Whatever it takes!"  

Pine Tree Middle School News 

The excitement of elections was in the air at PT Middle school. Campaign posters lined the halls. Friday was the big day! Each class elected their student council member. Ms Andress will work with these wonderful students all year on community projects and represent the student body at the school.

This years' council members are: 

Mr. Eppley's Class- Jiara McCarty
Mrs. Cunningham's Class- Jessica Martindale
Mrs. Moore's Class- Rylee Warwick
Mr. Vaughan's Class: Kaydence Borden
Mrs. Higginbothom's Class: Destinee Malone
Mrs. Marsh's Class: Kayla Martinez
Ms. Albert's Class: Olivia Booth
Mrs. Meza's Class: Kara Craddock
Ms. Alonso's Class: Nancy Briones
Mrs. Eppley's Class: Kyla Scott
Mrs. Morris' Class: Edgar Bocanegra
Mrs. Fritsche's Class: Ian Boche
Ms. Andress' Class: Catherine Brock
Mrs. R. Smith's Class: Ariana Moore
Mrs. Randall's 5th Grade Class: Dealyn Evans
Mrs. Randall's 6th Grade Class: Jonathan Cordova
Mrs. Fenton's Class: Priscila Lira
Mrs. Quada's Class: Javier Vasquez
Ms. Cranford's Class: Kelsie Carmical.

Congratulations to all the winners!

Pine Tree Junior High Kicks Off Campus Fundraiser,  
iPad Deployment Scheduled

Sept 26th, the Junior High kicked off the annual Campus Fundraiser. Students should have received information during 4th period class. Proceeds will be used for student incentives and events, student t rip sponsorship and teacher appreciation. The Boys Night Out and the Girls Night Out are two of the events these funds help support. Order turn in deadline is October 14th.

PTJH Students take a short assessment using Nearpod on their iPads.

iPad 1:1 deployment is on schedule. 8th grade deployment has been completed with 7th grade deployment completion scheduled for Friday, September 30th.

Pine Tree High School News

Not only was there excitement for Friday's game against Sulphur Springs at the pep rally last week, but the excitement built to even higher levels as the class officers and Homecoming Court finalists were announced during the event.

Senior class officers are: President Eric Hawkins, Vice President Chloe Crouch, Secretary Jaydon Balfour, Treasurer Clara Richardson and Historian Diana Huerta.

Junior class officers are: President Liliana Martinez, Vice President Callie Lightfoot, Secretary Megan Oswald, Treasurer Allison Slack and Historian Shelby Smith.

Sophomore class officers are: President Ana Juarez, Vice President Yanalink Juarez, Secretary Ashly Quintanilla and Treasurer Breanna Logan.

Freshmen class officers are: President Makenna Ross, Vice President Isabell Nix, Secretary Joseph Johnson, Treasurer Jarek Sample, and Historian Jessica Hosmer.

Freshmen Duke is Corey Thomas and Freshmen Duchess is Kelsee Warwick.
Sophomore Duke is Tyler Bain and Sophomore Duchess is Cheyenne Thurmond.
Junior Duke is Mose Jeffery and Shelby Smith is Junior Duchess.

Senior King nominees include Dillon Allen, Robby Childers, Josh Nafrady and Julio Vasquez.
Senior Queen finalists include Devin Jimerson, Te'ya Jordan, Madison Randall and Kam'ree Williams.

Voting for King and Queen will occur for all classes in the cafeteria during all lunches on Tuesday, October  4.  Each person in each class is allowed to cast one vote for King and one vote for Queen. The results will be announced Friday, Oct. 7 in pre game ceremonies before Pine Tree hosts the Greenville Lions.

Last year's queen, Whitney Brinson, will be on hand to crown the new Pine Tree Homecoming Queen.


Pine Tree Presents Findings at Chatauqua Event

Approximately 15 students from Pine Tree's AP Chemistry, AP Environmental Science and other advanced science classes attended the Chatauqua event in Waxahachie this past Saturday to present their findings on an experiment with a bionic leaf they received from Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  

The students were at the event - held annually to promote environmental well being - to present their findings as well as learn from Fabian Cousteau, the grandson of the famous underwater explorer, Jaques Cousteau.

Allen Morris, a PTHS instructor, helped the students get the bionic leaf materials from Harvard after having been involved with this in other schools. Paul Duesterhoft, PTHS Chemistry instructor, set up the experiment for AP Chemistry students to forge through - they created plastics through their two week experiment with the leaf - and Ashley Martell, AP Environmental Science instructor, had students attend to learn about the many fields possible through this day long scientific extravaganza.

The theme of the Chatauqua event was water, there is a different theme every year, and it is free and open to the public. Presenters are selected by the Chatauqua committee after interested groups present a planned program.

Those attending this year included presentations about water music, water conservation, bubbles, water cancellation, a special stamp from the U.S. Postal Service for water related postage stamps, water pollution and other related subjects.

Cousteau addressed the crowd, which numbered about 1,000 when he spoke, and opened his talk with his grandfather's first film which had never been released. It was filmed in 1940 and was quite   exciting for those in attendance.  

He also discussed his research, his grandfather's research and he has picked up where his grandfather left off on submarine living (not the vessel but actually living under the water full time). He said 10 percent of the ocean has been explored and there are creatures and plants yet to be discovered.

"People protect what they understand, and understand what they study," he said. "We should study the ocean because it is one ecosystem."   He understands that CEO's have children or grandchildren, but he tries to get with industries and talk to them about how we can all work together to make the world better.   "If you understand it, you will protect it," he told the crowd.

Ten students participated in conducting the experiment, and they learned the bionic leaf's bacteria can be used to produce a host of products. Pine Tree students created actual plastics from the leaf, something they found extremely interesting.

"It was educational, fun and an eye-opening experience" Senior Maxx Frick said. "I am so glad we got to participate in this study.  Talking to Mr. Cousteau and then presenting our findings was great," he said.

Pine Tree was the only student group to have a table and booth, Morris said, and the students were well received by those in attendance.

"Mr. Duesterhoft and Mrs. Martell did an excellent job in doing the experiment and presenting the findings to the many people in attendance," Morris said. "The professionals who were there - people who do this for a living every day - were very impressed with the students and what they were able to do."

As far as the future, Morris said there are many avenues which may be available to students after they have completed this type of work.

"Who knows what could happen in the future," he said. "Some of them may be rewarded with scientific offers from their work here."

Students Find Their Voice
at ExCEL

Socratic seminar questions are highly strategic, designed to engage students, promote critical thinking, and inspire exploration of big ideas. The culture at ExCEL promotes processes like this and the philosophical chair in the classroom.

When asked what students were able to take from this activity, students overwhelmingly said they learn to listen to others and better understand their classmates.  Senior Kaleb Laza has participated in these types of sessions for two years and has seen them as a positive learning experience. Jenifer Ramirez, a junior new to this campus, stood on the outside of the circle and recorded her partner's responses.  Even in this position she was engaged and said, "It was good to hear other points of view." The question, D
o you have a cell phone addiction? created the focus for discussion. Senior Michael Jennings said, "Most students were engaged in the process and open to discussing differing views about cell (phone) use and addiction."

Students Set Goals with Their Hopes in Mind

My Hope for this School Year is.....

Day 1 of this school year, students assembled around a board and were asked to respond to this statement by writing their hopes on an index card. The faculty and staff were included and the Wall of Words was created. Then the tough questions were asked.

How are YOU going to make this happen?

What is YOUR goal for the first month?

What are the steps YOU need to reach this goal?

And for the staff, how can WE help you get there?

As you would expect of high school students, the top hope is "to graduate" or in the words of one student, "get the heck up out of here." However, with graduation comes the opportunity to dream the big dreams.

These are just a few examples from students:

"Be a successful mom", "Go to college", "Get a decent job", "Get an art scholarship", "Become more confident", "Make a living", and "Live a successful life."

Two students, Terrance Fry and Mikayla Magnuson, pictured above, add their goals to the September goal board.

PT  P.A.C.E. Campus News
The Pine Tree P.A.C.E. S.T.R.O.N.G. Program is incorporating restorative discipline as a
foundation for the campus operations.  


P.A.C.E. Students who actively participated in a restorative circle process, met specific requirements for academics, attendance, and attitude had the opportunity to attend and/or participate in the recent Anti-Bullying Wrestling Event.

One P.A.C.E.student represented Boy Scout Troop 618 and led the Posting of Colors flag cere m ony.

Restorative Discipline is intentional and rewarding for all involved in the process.
Fine Arts News 

The Junior High Band, Twirlers, and Cheerleaders were "ALL IN" at the Junior High game on Thursday, September 22.  Their enthusiasm and spirit were greatly appreciated!  Go Pirates!
Main Event Professional Wrestling was held September 24 at the Pirate Center.  The Band and Drill Team joined with Partners in Prevention to host the event which raised money for the Hope for Youth.  Approximately 100 band and drill team members worked the event to help make it a HUGE success!  The event was a lot of fun with a packed house.  

The Pine Tree Drumline, Auxiliaries, Cheerleaders, Drill Team, Thespian Society, Art Honor Society and Choir students will participate in this year's Homecoming Carnival and Pep Rally October 3 in the PTHS parking lot.

It's Contest Season!

The Junior Choir All-Region auditions are Saturday, October 8 and the High School All Region auditions are Saturday, October 15.

The Pine Tree Band will host an invitational marching contest on Saturday, October 8 at Pirate Stadium and will host the UIL Region IV Class 3A Marching Contest Tuesday, October 25.  "The Pride" will participate in UIL competition Tuesday, October 18 in Mt. Pleasant.

Choir Coffee House Concert
Tuesday, October 11
7:00 p.m.
Junior High Cafeteria

Athletics Spotlight

It's Great To Be a Pirate!  Order Your Pirate Gear Here!  

Pine Tree's Annual Puddle Jump and Pig Trot
Coach Darby started this meet in 2006 with 10 teams entered and 250 runners. There were 4 races and all were timed with a stopwatch. This year, only 10 short years later, 44 teams entered with 1584 registered runners! There were eight races with two divisions, and all runners were timed using timing chips and results were available within minutes of the meet. Congratulations to Coach Darby on continuing to make this an event meet that students want to participate in every year!  WELL DONE!
The Pirates started district play last Friday vs Sulphur Springs and will continue at Mt. Pleasant this Friday; game time 7:30. 9th and JV teams play at home vs Mt. Pleasant on Thursday. Both 7th and 8th grade 'A' teams won their games against Henderson. Our 8th grade Pirates defeated Henderson 34-0 and the 7th grade won 28-22. The 8th grade 'B' team also won, and the 7th grade 'B' team lost in a close one. Last week both 8th grade teams had victories against Sulphur Springs. 'A' team won 36-6 and 'B' team won 28-6.
9th, JV and Varsity teams had a clean sweep against Marshall and all teams also beat Greenville. Pine Tree Lady Pirates defeated Hallsville last Tuesday and lost a close one in 5 sets to Sulphur Springs on Friday. Our JH volleyball teams competed in Lindale two weeks ago, where the 8th grade 'B' team finished 2nd place in the tournament.
Your Pine Tree Pirate Boys Soccer team is helping to keep Longview beautiful by participating through the Keep Longview Beautiful Adopt-A-Street program. Keep up the great work guys!