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It's Slice to Meet You!
Towards the end of June, Paws Crossed received an email from our rescue and transport partners, Rusty’s Legacy, in North Carolina. They needed help, and they needed help now! What came next both saddened and sickened all of us to our very core...

A litter of puppies had been abandoned outdoors for what appeared to be several days… 

All ten of them were inhumanely jammed into a single wire crate …

Left outside…in the midst of a North Carolina summer heat wave, out in the blazing sun with no protection from the life-threatening elements...

With no sign of food or water…
Whatever cruel, heartless individual did this to these itty bitty puppies, truly gave them no chance of survival. And yet, somehow, by some wonderful miracle, they all made it! They hung on until their compassionate and tireless rescuers found them and brought them to safety. It took a tremendous amount of TLC from their foster family to get them healthy enough for travel. One pup needed some extra time so was held back from transport (but is now doing well!). 

It is truly unimaginable what these little nuggets have endured and have survived. But what we do know is that we just KNEW, at our first glance at their photos, that this was going to be one strong, little litter of survivors!

Paws Crossed Animal Rescue is proud to introduce you to our newest, temporary residents. They may be small in stature, but they are mighty in brave hearts and resiliency. 

🍕 Please meet: “The Pizza Topping” Puppies! 🍕
The Toppings will be available for adoption starting 
Wednesday, July 13th at 11am!

Adopt a Slice, get a Slice!
Thanks to Dom's Pizza and Pasta in Elmsford,
each adopter will get a $15 gift card!
We Need Your Help!!
Like the majority of rescues and shelters across the country right now, Paws Crossed is feeling all of the unfortunate effects from Covid, including a very challenging economy. Intake requests are up. Adoptions are down. Everyone, everywhere is facing staffing shortages. Our transport partners, who have worked so hard and so intelligently to move towards decreasing euthanasia rates in their areas, are now having to make difficult decisions every single day.

Paws Crossed is currently a full house. However, when we heard the story of these 9 puppies and saw the picture of how they were found … how could we say NO? Despite their horrific start at life, they are the happiest, healthiest, silliest and snuggliest group of puppy goodness.
How can YOU help today?
ADOPT! When you choose to adopt, you truly affect more than just that one life. Not only will you rescue one precious soul to share your home with, you will also open a space for Paws Crossed to take in another orphaned pet at our Rescue, as well as allowing our transport partners to rescue another pet in desperate need. We know we can help you find your soulmate. 
FOSTER! Fostering allows orphaned pets some additional comfort and one on one care in a home setting. In addition, it also lessens the strain on our rescue team, who are working long hours at full capacity. Fostering Saves Lives! And who knows, one day, you may find yourself going from a foster family to a forever family!
DONATE! Please consider a gift today so that together, we can help so many more orphaned pets have a healthy and happy tomorrow!

Or if you would like to donate items, please visit our Wishlist. With all the additional mouths we are nourishing, our biggest current ask is for pet food. Dog, cat, puppy, kitten, dry and/or wet! Any one of these would be a great gift in helping to “Make Our House Their Home Until They Find Their Very Own”! 
VOLUNTEER! Volunteers are such a strong part of the backbone of Paws Crossed. Whether walking dogs, socializing with the cats, helping with vet runs, prepping for events or off-sites etc…. as a volunteer, you will play an integral role in our family. You will make a difference!
SHARE!  Share the Toppings’ story! Share information on Paws Crossed! Ask your friends and family to join us on social media so that we can reach an even broader audience of animal lovers. 
There are so many ways to help, so please … JUMP IN!
You will be contributing to a lifesaving future for so many pets and the critical community programming available for the people who love them! In turn, you will find the rewards are great when making a difference to so many and in being a part of such a very special family!
"Each one of us can make a difference. Together we make change."
Thank You!

Wishing you a Very Happy Summer!

Should you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Julie Potter at
Paws Crossed Animal Rescue
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