March is Women's History Month, so for this edition of The Playbook, we've compiled several articles and posts related to young women and
 sport. In this edition we focus on:
  • The Female Athlete Triad - A sometimes misunderstood health condition young women can face as they compete in sport.
  • Girls Inc. of New York City - one of our grant recipients and an outstanding organization which supports young women. 
  • Links to Resources - A rundown of organizations female athletes can turn to for support - financial, legal, or research.
  • Five Female Athletes to Know - You may not have heard of all of these women, but they represent many different walks of life young women may face. 

Energy deficiency, menstrual disturbances, and bone density loss are the three components of the Female Athlete Triad. This blog post explains how the three health conditions are related and their long-term consequences. A must read. 
Girls Inc. of NYC is one of our grant recipients. We are pleased to highlight this outstanding organization and their programs, which enhance the lives of over 2,500 young women in New York City each year. 

This post offers a quick rundown of some online resources for young women in sport. These organizations offer research, legal support, scholarships, and more.  

While we have all heard of some particular famous female athletes, there are many more women who have made strides in sport as well as other areas of life. This post spotlights 5 female athletes for you to know. 

The Foundation for Global Sports Development 
333 S Hope Street, Floor 48
Lost Angeles, CA  90071

The Foundation for Global Sports Development strives to be a leader in the sports community by delivering and supporting initiatives that promote fair play, education, and the physical and developmental benefits of sports for youth around the world.
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