Candace Cable at the USOC Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs during out 2016 Playmakers Program
This month we welcomed Candace Cable to our team of Champion Ambassadors.

Candace is a nine-time Paralympian whose achievements in sport and service are unparalleled. She is a champion in her sports of wheelchair racing, alpine skiing, and cross-country sit skiing as well as in her advocacy efforts.

Her advocacy work touches lives all around the world through her travels with organizations like Open Doors International, UNICEF, and the United States International Council on Disabilities. With The Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation, Candace is able to reach millions through webcasts focused on improving the lives of people with disabilities. Candace was recently named Vice Chair of the LA2024 Board.

Now, as a Champion Ambassador with GSD, Candace will reach out to youth and share with them her experiences as an athlete and a person with a disability - ultimately showing the youth that the only thing holding a person back is their perspective and drive. 

Candace shares her story with the Playmakers in Colorado Springs. (Photo courtesy of Around the Rings)


Increasingly, all around the world we are seeing organizations employ sport as a means to raise awareness about social issues and help those in underserved communities. In our recent article, "Using Sport as a Tool for Social Change and Inclusion," we spotlight several programs where sport is a tool for good. 

We firmly believe in the transformative power of sport, and we are proud to support organizations who are doing this work on a grassroots level. 
#360video from the GSD Playmakers 2016 - Sitdown Volleyball
#360video from the GSD Playmakers 2016 - Sitdown Volleyball
Sitting Volleyball 360 Video

Around the Rings has created this super cool 360 video of the sitting volleyball match during our 2016 Playmakers Program!

This video is best watched on your mobile
device using the YouTube app. It really
feels like you are a part of the action!

Special thanks go to USA Volleyball staff members for taking time from their busy schedules to show us what sitting volleyball
is all about. 


April was an exciting month for us, as our short documentary "Munich '72 and Beyond" was an entry in two film festivals: The Sarasota Film Festival in Florida and the "It's All True" film festival in Brazil. 

In May we begin our public screenings tour, starting with our East Coast Premiere at The Vilna Shul in Boston (5/24)  and The Illinois Holocaust Museum in Skokie (5/26). Visit our Screenings page to learn more about these events and register to attend.

Stay tuned for more exciting news and upcoming screenings of "Munich '72 and Beyond" at 

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