If you've been following our news updates, you know we are supporting the new memorial project taking place in Munich, Germany to remember and honor the 11 slain Israeli athletes from the 1972 Summer Olympics.

The more we discussed this project among ourselves and with colleagues, it became clear this memorial project holds the potential to educate youth and adults worldwide about both the events in 1972 as well as about the subsequent efforts to show respect to the lives lost. 

We have decided to harness that potential and create a documentary film, which will capture the progress of the memorial project, give voice to the lives touched by the attack in '72, and study the healing that has occurred in the years between. Director Stephen Crisman and Executive Producer Michael Cascio have already begun work on this film, and we expect a release in late fall of 2015. Stay tuned for updates!

We've all seen or heard about athletes receiving special treatment from school faculty, legal authorities, or peers. Putting athletes on a pedestal can have surprising long-term effects for student athletes.

 Athlete in Excellence Spotlight: Peter Karlsson

Having played table tennis since he was eight years old, Peter Karlsson enjoys traveling all over the world to share the sport with youth. With Peace and Sport, he has reached out to youth in areas of political conflict and poverty.

Learn more about Peter.

Watch his acceptance video:
Peter Karlsson - Athlete in Excellence
Peter Karlsson - Athlete in Excellence

We are accepting applications for our new Exceptional Youth Scholarship! This $5,000 scholarship will be awarded to 5 high school juniors or seniors who have a record of outstanding community service and a GPA of at least 3.0. 

The deadline to apply is May 16, 2015!  To learn more about this scholarship and the application requirements, click here .

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