This week marks the 44th anniversary of the terrorist attack at the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich , where 11 Israeli athletes and coaches were killed. As we became more involved with this tragedy, first by participating in the Munich Memorial Project and then by producing the film "Munich '72 and Beyond,"  we learned more about the victims and their families. We are especially mindful of the magnitude of their loss this week.

To honor the memory of the victims and the efforts by their loved ones to seek recognition and remembrance, this week we are offering a limited online presentation of the documentary "Munich '72 and Beyond." The 45 minute film delves deeper into the sequence of events from the attack and offers interviews with family members. 

We are excited that it is time for the 
2016 Rio Paralympics, with the Opening Ceremony tonight and over a week's worth of events to follow. 

Check out our blog, where we provide resources for fans, including information on how and where to watch the Paralympic Games. 

We are dedicated to the organizations we support, and our rec ent round of grant giving , totaling almost 
$2 million , reflects our commitment to these organizations that are using sport to make a difference  in the lives of 
youth around the world. 

Clarissa Minchew, Director of Grants and Administration for 
Figure Skating in Harlem, expressed their appreciation and described the impact GSD's financial support has had. "We are so grateful to the Foundation for Global Sports Development's renewed grant. This will make a big difference in our 20th Anniversary year as we provide low-income New York City girls with our innovative sports and education program and prepare to expand to Detroit!"

Congratulations to all of the grant recipients! We look forward to watching your programs thrive.


The AGITOS Foundation is the development arm of the International Paralympic Committee, and we have proudly supported the foundation since 2011. 

This summer we have renewed our partnership with AGITOS Foundation, which will use our charitable donation to ensure new programs like Proud Paralympian and The Paralympic School Programme are successful. Learn more about these programs and our partnership on the IOC's website. 

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The Foundation for Global Sports Development strives to be a leader in the sports community by delivering and supporting initiatives that promote fair play, education, and the physical and developmental benefits of sports for youth around the world.