This year we launched the Exceptional Youth Scholarship award program, our first-ever scholarship program for high school students. This program provides ten high school students with a $5,000 scholarship each to offset the tuition and expenses of a four-year college or university.

This scholarship recognizes students for their high level of academic achievement and outstanding service to their communities. We were thrilled with the response we received and so impressed by the quality of students who applied. Many thanks to all of you who shared the scholarship application with students you know.

GSD's 2015 Exceptional Youth Scholarship winners are:
  • Shamima Ahmed - City of Knowledge Islamic School, Pomona, California
  • Paul Chong - Francisco Bravo Medical Magnet High School, Los Angeles, California
  • Karla Coronado - Abraham Lincoln High School, Los Angeles, California
  • Azniv Derdzakyan - Hollywood High School, Los Angeles, California
  • Laina Delgado Flores - Camino Nuevo High School, Los Angeles, California
  • Javier Jr. Jaime - King Drew Magnet High School of Medicine and Science, Los Angeles, California
  • Laura Lopez - Alexander Hamilton High School, Los Angele, California
  • Denice Mendez - Lawndale Highschool, Lawndale, California
  • Spencerdevine Reed - Middle College High School, Los Angeles, California
  • Megan Zahneis - Lakota West High School, West Chester, Ohio

School is out, and summer sports are in full swing! Being mindful of a few safety protocols during summer play can keep us injury free and on the field or in the pool!

Learn more about the importance of sunscreen and why we should all be using it! 

Don't forget your sunglasses! Learn how they protect your eyes. 

DRINK UP! Keeping young athletes hydrated during summer sports (or even anytime it's hot outdoors) can save their lives. Familiarize yourself with the warning signs of dehydration.

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