This year we were proud to again support the International Fair Play Committee and their "Fair Play Booth" at the Lillehammer 2016 Youth Olympic Games. 

Read more about the Athlete Role Models who stopped by the booth to play the interactive games and participate in team building activities with the young athletes -- 
all to promote the idea of fair play! 

Sam Effah is a Rio 2016 hopeful who shares his training time with youth from underserved communities. 

As a Mentor with Classroom Champions and an Ambassador with Right to Play, Sam takes time to teach youth about goal setting, healthy choices, sports, friendship, and other valuable life lessons -- all through the power of play.

Congratulations to Sam for being selected as one of our 2015 Athletes in Excellence

Parents and coaches alike want their young athletes to be healthy and ready to play. 

Some sports emphasize "making weight" for competition. How can adults broach this delicate topic with teens in a productive way?

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