Last week we convened the world's top experts on doping for a symposium at Pepperdine University. This gathering of scientists, law professionals, athletes, criminal investigators, journalists, and physicians examined the current state of the anti-doping movement. The panelists and speakers also discussed and debated what lies ahead in the future.

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With all the priorities young student athletes face, sleep is often sacrificed for homework, practice, and socializing. Read our newest article to learn why, as parents and coaches, you need to be encouraging your student athlete to get plenty of rest.

A first-hand glimpse into this fun and chilly sport.

As part of our support of the World Curling Federation's Olympic Celebration Tour, we had the opportunity to spend a day curling with silver medalist Carolyn McRorie, the San Francisco Bay Area Club, and youth from Oakland, CA. Find out why we loved it!

While this isn't necessarily "news," it will certainly help you keep up with your favorite olympians. The International Olympic Committee has unveiled a new mobile app for the Olympic Athletes Hub, which connects fans to Olympians' social media feeds. Follow your favorite Olympian today.

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