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August 3, 2011    

The term "karma" originated in India and has slightly different meanings and causes in Hinduism, Sikhism and Buddhism.  However, whatever it's cause, whether as punishment dealt out from the God Ishvara, or, as is most likely, receiving delayed punishment for past action - cause and effect - some grandmothers recently received a cold, hard taste of karma.  We'll explain why the following three stories might be the result of karma in a moment.  First, the stories.

Rogue Grandma #1 is 71 year old Pauline Spoor of Hattersley, England.  Police conducted a no-knock raid into the pensioner's home in Hattersley, Greater Manchester, in May after being alerted by RSPCA officials (see full story here).

Grandma Spoor, who lives alone, relies on the companionship of Dexter, an 18 year old loyal Labrador who she rescued after he was abandoned 11 years ago.  Dexter was getting old and had a number of age related medical conditions but, understandably, Grandma didn't have the heart to have him put down.

Grandma Spoor stated, "He would sense how you were feeling. If you were feeling down he'd put his paws on your knees and wagged his tail. If you started crying he'd lick your tears away."

Soon after the police broke into her home they took Dexter away and had him put down.  However, the job of the police and government had just begun.

Grandma Spoor
Convicted Felon Grandma Spoor

This past week, Grandma Spoor was hauled before the courts and charged with animal cruelty.  She was fined �250 and given a 3 month curfew in order to ensure, apparently, that she wouldn't venture out to look for another abandoned dog in which she could spend her final days with.

In order to ensure that Grandma sticks to her curfew she was outfitted with an ankle tag.

Sorry, Grandma.  Maybe next time you'll be a bit quicker to have your lifelong companion put to death.

This wasn't the first time they've had Grandmother trouble in the Manchester area though.

Rogue Grandma #2 also hails from the police state of England.  Great Grandmother Joan Higgins, of Manchester, was convicted after selling a �1.50 goldfish to a boy of 15.  The crime?  In England it is unlawful to sell pets to children under the age of 16.  After all, no one should have a pet at least until they are an adult.

Great Grandmother Higgins was taken down in a sting operation, convicted and fined �1,000 and was also outfitted with an ankle bracelet to make sure her whereabouts were closely watched.

The streets, yet again, were a bit safer.

Rogue Grandmother #3 was taken down in another Commonwealth country, Canada - who has been doing its best to copy the police states in the UK and the US.

66 year old, Janet Goodin made the mistake of trying to enter Canada with a jar containing motor oil - a most suspicious substance - in her car to Canada to visit her sisters and play Bingo - a most likely story!

The Canadian border guards decided to test the motor oil can, just to be sure, and it came up as having traces of heroin (see full story here).

Grandma Goodin was immediately handcuffed and strip searched.  The she was arrested and charged with possession of a controlled substance.  She was only kept locked in jail for 12 days before she was released after it was discovered the test was inaccurate.

Maybe next time she'll think before she drives across the border to play bingo.


Obviously, all of these stories just highlight the current state of affairs in much of the western world now, especially some of the worst police states: the US, UK, Canada and Australia.

But, there is a certain amount of karma here.

All of these women grew up in a generation which was, generally, heavily involved in the political process.  Many of them would sit at home, watching the nightly news, and think that anything that happened was just horrible and "we" (the most dangerous word in the world) must do something.

And so, for decades, many of the older generations have bussed in to every election.  We need more police.  More speed limits.  More security cameras.  That's why there is no smoking allowed in bars - had you asked anyone who actually goes to bars if they wanted that, most would say no... but to Granny, with emphysema, that sounds like another great idea.  Another box gets ticked... another freedom gets taken away.

They've, in actuality, enslaved and impoverished - by indebting their children and grandchildren to pay for all their medical care and pensions - much of their world.

And so, even though seeing Grandma Spoor tagged looks ridiculous and the story of having her faithful dog torn from her and killed is tear jerking...  There is just a bit of karma involved with all of this.

Maybe next time you might not check that box to "tag dangerous criminals" so quickly, will you Grandma.  Although now, it is too late. 




Jeff Berwick
Jeff Berwick
Chief Editor