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Sister, Everyone Is Hungry

Sr. Justine cared for boarding students at the Notre Dame Boarding School in Mpese, Congo. Students came and stayed for 2 wk. periods returning home to resupply their food needs in between stays.

Knowing students visited the Infirmary regularly, Sr. Justine was surprised to learn these children were not sick but hungry.  Ursule, a secondary student, revealed this information to Sr. Justine.  At the same time, she asked sister to help her with an idea for addressing the hunger issue.

Ursule had corn to plant; friends to help plant, cultivate and harvest but no land.  "Will you help us find a plot of land to plant our corn?"  Sr. Justine negotiated with local villagers. An agreement was made to use community land and the project began.

When the corn was harvested and ready for serving as a corn like soup. Sr. Justine asked "Who eats?".  Ursule responded, "Sister, everyone is hungry.

The Pope and Three Sisters

In 2013, the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur committed to care for the earth.  Keeping this in mind, the sisters of the Ipswich Province in Massachusetts deeded a piece of property to the Ipswich Watershed Association for an open space project.

IN LAUDATO SI , Pope Francis encourages collaboration for the care of the earth - care of creation.
                                The Garden is Growing!

The deeded land from the Sister s of Notre Dame  de Namur in 2014 provided fertile ground to plant seeds for life.  
A collaboration of community, educational, ecological and humanitarian organizations are producing fruit and vegetables from the earth for nutrition and sustenance for the local community.

The Pope and the Three Sisters recognize the connection needed with each other to be successful.

Dear Friends,


According to Native American legend, corn, beans and squash are the three inseparable sisters who grow and thrive together. The corn stack serves as support for the bean sprouts and the beans and squash replace the nutrients in the soil for continuous and sustainable growth. 

The contributing agencies of the Three Sisters Farm Project support, nurture and sustain the life of the local community. Together we change our world.


Thank you for walking with us on this life journey,

Sister Leonore Coan  
Director of Mission Suppor