Port of Bremerton Quarterly Newsletter, Spring 2021
Table of Contents:
  • Foreword by Port Commissioner Bozeman
  • Some local events are back!
  • OVIBP updates
  • Airport updates
  • Marina updates
  • Social media feature
The Port's role in the future of our community
by Commissioner Bozeman
During the past five years, the Port of Bremerton has experienced historic economic and job growth. We have increased the number of companies working at the Port from 30 to 65 and have increased the number of Port-related jobs from 1,000 in 2015 to 2,466 today. Our airplane hangars are full and we are in the process of building new general aviation and private jet hangers. Both our Port Orchard and Bremerton Marinas are fully leased out with a waiting list. The companies operating out of the Port of Bremerton are generating over $455 million in sales and $137 million in labor income.

Indications are the economic and job growth at the Port of Bremerton will continue into the future. The firm of Rice Fergus Miller just completed a new 20-year master plan for the Olympic View Industrial and Business Park that will provide us with a vision for the development of our undeveloped land. We also have a master plan for the continued development of the Bremerton National Airport, and we will upgrade our Port Orchard Marina by building a new 15 million dollar breakwater.

So what will be the Port of Bremerton’s role in our community's future? I believe we will have a significant impact on our community in the following areas:

1. Growing the economy and creating good-paying jobs. 
Even during the Covid pandemic, we experienced growth in all our three areas of our business and all indications are this growth will continue. Our belief is we will attract new companies and additional jobs to our community in the next five years. This growth will support a robust housing market as our population grows in the future.

2. Planning for improved transportation needs. 
With the addition of Amazon and other new companies in the Port area, it is imperative that we address the Gorst and Belfair corridor traffic issues. Both commissioners Axel Strakeljahn and Gary Anderson are a part of the leadership team of the Gorst Coalition which is trying to raise the funding needed to address this traffic challenge. The Port of Bremerton has committed $20,000 to the early planning process.

3. Providing Recreational Opportunities.
Boating has seen a big surge in growth in the last two years. The Port provides over 900 slips in our two marinas for Kitsap area boaters. Other recreational activities that will be provided on Port property will be the planned auto race track which is being built by Circuit of the Northwest on 250 acres of Port property and, as part of that same plan, the Central State Theatre will be building a brand new theatre on Port property.

4. Improving our airport facilities.
Currently, over 200 general aviation and private jet aircraft operate out of Bremerton National Airport. We believe the Port will continue to upgrade our facilities at the airport including adding next year a new multipurpose facility which will include a new restaurant.

5. Supporting Public Safety
There is currently a plan being developed to build a new training facility for use by the sheriff’s department, local police departments, and Kitsap Transit on Port property.

It appears in the future the Port of Bremerton will play a significant role in helping to provide a high quality of life for the citizens of our community.

Commissioner Bozeman
Port of Bremerton
Local events
Some of the beloved summer events are back after being canceled last year. The Saturday downtown Port Orchard Farmer's Market has begun, and the Car Cruise at Bremerton National Airport starts today, May 5. To ensure everyone's safety, masks and social distancing will be enforced at both of those events.

You can always check out our calendar for what's coming up, to see what fun you can get up to in Kitsap! We're excited to see events come back safely this year.
OVIBP updates
We're thrilled to announce that Allied Boats is the new tenant in our Olympic View Industrial Business Park. As of May 1, 2021, they have leased our newly completed building off of Imperial Way. They're going to be using this facility as a finishing area and showroom.

In a public/private partnership, the Port of Bremerton is trying to find creative ways to assist our current and future tenants in their expansion needs. Together with private developers, a proposal has been sent out for the construction of a 70,000 sf building to meet the need for an existing tenant. A 50,000 sf building is also in the works and a 60,000 sf business expansion will be commencing this summer.

In partnership with Circuit of the Northwest and C Stock (Central Stage Theatre), we were also awarded $1.46 million to build the community theater. Founded in 1986, C Stock is a non-profit community theatre located here in Kitsap County. The new, innovative space will have 200 seats, an indoor/outdoor stage, and amphitheater events, festival entertainment & food truck parking.

For more info on leasing, buildings, or construction, please contact Arne Bakker at arneb@portofbremerton.org
Airport updates
Bremerton National Airport has had lots going on too!

The runway, taxiway, and signage lighting was updated this spring. It now has a new electrical control system, backup generator, and is automated. It's a great benefit to the pilots who use the airport.

We are also almost done with the first phase of construction for new hangars. Most Puget Sound airports have a waiting list for hangar space so the new additions will help the general and corporate aviation in the area. The first phase was putting down the infrastructure for pad ready space, and once that is completed, three new corporate hangars will be built, and construction of the 18 box hangars can begin later this year.

Finally, in much-anticipated news, we've gone out to bid for construction of a new multipurpose facility at the airport that will include a restaurant, pilot's lounge, and hangar. The space will be a great addition and we're very excited for this project.
Marina updates
Down at our marinas, we're excited for the summer boating season. The USS Turner recently reopened after more than a year of closure due to COVID, and are currently operating Wednesday through Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The Farmer's Market has started back up in Port Orchard, Concerts by the Bay will be resuming in June, and we're hoping that more of the regular events are able to restart this year. You can always check out our events page to see what's been posted so far

Our new activity shelter was recently completed at the Port Orchard Marina. The new structure has removable walls to allow it to be open during the summer, but to provide weather protection when the weather isn't as nice out. It's a great space for guest boaters to use to hang out.

On the administrative side, the US Coast Guard issued both of our marinas certificates and commended staff for their efforts in following the safety measures, promoting the boating safety program, and assisting in the education of boater safety. Our new security guards are also now patrolling the marinas after-hours, so you may see them around.

Finally, the Marina Square project in Bremerton recently resumed construction. When finished, the Bremerton Marina will have 75 parking spaces for marina tenants located within the project's parking garage. Construction is estimated to take between 16 and 18 months, with an expected opening date in spring 2022. The Port Orchard's breakwater is also going to be replaced within the next 2-3 years.

We're looking forward to summer, and all that's coming up at the marina. Be sure to head to one of our marinas (or both) for a nice day along the waterfront!
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