Port of Bremerton Quarterly Newsletter, Winter 2020/2021
Table of Contents:
  • Foreword by Port Commissioner Strakeljahn
  • Seattle Boat Show Connected is this weekend!
  • OVIBP updates
  • Airport construction and updates
  • Five new tenants in 2020
  • Social media feature
  • Kitsap Transit Vanpool
A reflection on 2020
by Commissioner Strakeljahn
While 2020 and so far 2021 have been eventful years in many ways to say the least, we at the Port have all practiced the utmost levels of safety during these difficult times. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our teams have adjusted to a new working environment while continuing to work diligently and effectively for our community.

With our team’s hard work last year, a new warehouse was constructed in the Olympic View Industrial Business Park and had a tenant almost before the paint had dried. Construction on twelve acres of pad ready sites and a spec building for commercial and industrial use also commenced and is projected to be finished this spring.

Infrastructure for our new South Hangar project—which includes pad ready sites for three corporate hangars in Phase 1—is in the process of being completed and multiple smaller aircraft hangars are projected for Phase 2 at the airport. Our runway and taxiway received a major upgrade with entirely new LED lighting and signage, most of this funded by the FAA and WSDOT Aviation.

Funding for the final design and engineering for a public, multi-use, outdoor event facility was also secured by the Port. It’s the only one of its kind to be developed in the Pacific Northwest on public land for public use with public funding.

Finally, the airport restaurant’s remodeling continues to move forward. The new multipurpose facility will have comfortable outdoor seating, wide views, and a pilot’s lounge and hangar attached. We’re excited for an efficient and updated space!

These new projects have helped create family-wage jobs and bring in new businesses to our community when needed most. We look forward to continuing to serve the community in the coming year. As we enter 2021, we are committed to the continued success and growth of the community.

Commissioner Strakeljahn
Port of Bremerton
Join us today at the (virtual) Seattle Boat Show Connected!
Have you heard? The Seattle Boat Show is virtual this year! Join us for Seattle Boat Show - Connected, today through January 31.

There will still be hundreds of exhibitors, activities, 3D digital technology, and seminars and live streaming content for you to enjoy from the comfort of your own home (or boat!) While this year is a little different, we're still excited for you to join us and our marinas.
OVIBP construction updates
Construction at the Port of Bremerton's Olympic View Industrial Business Park is ongoing. The new 5,300 sq ft spec building along SR 3 is scheduled to be completed in the spring of 2021, and the construction of new tenant buildings is also progressing.

Multiple pad ready sites are also in the works and once completed, will be built upon by tenants

If you're interested in leasing out part or all of either building, please contact Arne Bakker at arneb@portofbremerton.org.
Airport construction updates
The first phase of construction for new hangars at the Port of Bremerton’s Bremerton National Airport has almost finished.

Most Puget Sound airports have a waiting list for hangar space so the new additions will help the general and corporate aviation in the area. The first phase was putting down the infrastructure for pad ready space, and once that is completed, three new corporate hangars will be built, and construction of the 18 box hangars can begin later this year.

The other recently completed project was updating the runway, taxiway, and signage lighting as well as adding a new electrical control system and backup generator for the lighting. The new automated and LED system is more energy-efficient and will be a benefit to pilots. The old lights and signs are going to be auctioned off to raise money for a Bremerton Pilot's Association flight training scholarship.
Port of Bremerton brings in five new tenants in 2020
The Port of Bremerton brought five new tenants to lease land or buildings at Bremerton National Airport and Olympic View Industrial Business Park last year.

These tenants and the Port have been able to provide the area with over 2,436 Port-related jobs, $137 million in labor income, and $455.4 million in direct revenue.

“Even in these difficult times the Port of Bremerton continues to add new companies and new jobs in our industrial park,” Commissioner Bozeman said.

The Port also finished construction on a new 17,433 sq. ft building in the industrial park, is nearing finishing construction of a new 5,300 sq. ft. building and multiple pad-ready sites along SR 3, is putting in the infrastructure for new hangars at the airport, and is starting construction of a new breakwater at the Port Orchard Marina. These new projects will benefit the community both directly and indirectly by providing more amenities, bringing more family-wage jobs in, and bringing in more revenue to the area.

“We’re glad to be able to support new and expanding businesses in such an unprecedented time,” Port CEO Jim Rothlin added. “By bringing new jobs and revenue into the community, we hope to help the people and businesses to better survive and recover when we put this crisis behind us all.”
Get featured on the Port's social media
If you're one of the Port's company/business/organization tenants and are interested in being featured on our social media, please reach out to Spenser Czuleger at spenserc@portofbremerton.org.
Kitsap Transit Vanpools are the answer for your employees to have safe, reliable, and affordable transportation.
by Kitsap Transit
A vanpool is a group of at least 3 employees that commute in a Kitsap Transit van from a common origin to the worksite. Kitsap Transit provides online vanpool driver training, a well-maintained van, and a low monthly fare that covers the van fuel, maintenance and insurance. Kitsap Transit is currently offering promotional rates and are ready to assist employees with specialized rider recruitment, online van driver training, vanpool route implementation, and sustainability.

In support of a safe and healthy commute, Kitsap Transit offers every vanpool sanitizer wipes, hand sanitizer and face masks!

For more information, please visit Kitsap Tranist at www.kitsaptransit.com, or contact Tommy Fernandez (360) 478-5858 ext-1 or Dee Williams (360) 373-2586. By email: Vanpool@kitsaptransit.com