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October 4th/Tuesday/2011
For Immediate Release
Tim Flanagan, Associate Editor
Pat Martin, Field Reporter
The Portland Alliance:
Time to Occupy Portland
and take it back!

Portland, Oregon - October 04, 2011 - Occupy Portland Gathering Momentum

Veterans For Peace mark the meeting site of the 2nd and 3rd GAs, Waterfront Park, Portland
Breaking News!  Occupy Portland was endorsed by Jobs With Justice on Monday Night, Oct. 3!

Occupy Portland!
No Fear. No Compromise. Let's take it back!
JWJ's professional organizing staff hopes to contribute their experience and organizing expertise as Occupy Portland is entering the final few days of planning for it's Oct. 6 march through Downtown Portland. Protesters will gather at Waterfront Park Thursday at 12pm just south of the Burnside Bridge by the site of the Saturday Farmers Market Pavilion.  The JWJ contingent will gather just north of the Burnside Bridge and will then join the rest of the group for the march.

Planning for the event has occurred through an ongoing progression of "General Assemblies" (GA)  also held at the Waterfront Park site. The area has become the groups go to spot for gatherings. The latest public gathering was the "know your rights" meeting held on Monday night. It's purpose was to educate protester on there legal rights and to give suggestions on what is considered acceptable behavior by both the group (Occupy Portland) and Portland Police Bureau.  Occupy Portland's 3rd General Assembly will be held on Tuesday Oct. 4 at the Waterfront Park meeting area. All peaceful citizens are welcome to attend as current information pertaining to the Oct. 6 event will be made public. The meeting also provides fellow protesters with an opportunity to network with one another.  

This coverage provided by The Portland Alliance, our reporter Patrick Martin was on site. 
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