NOTE: Spirit told me that I had to paint the eclipse to help me with spiritual blockages.  Later when the painting was finished spirit said I must show you the finished work and tell you why I was told to paint it.
This Energy Channeled Image Of The Eclipse,
With Sacred Native American Symbols,
"Jump Starts" Spiritual Growth & Abilities -


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Dear Friends.

I cannot say I was completely stuck, but spiritually speaking, over the past months I definitely was blocked. I wasn’t moving forward at the speed I had in the past until I experienced the eclipse and from it made this energy painting. Up until then I was doing a lot and only advancing a little.

You may have had the same experience. Where once leaps in insights, understanding and visions seemed to happen almost daily, progress became more muddled. Your spiritual gifts may also have become less powerful.

It happens to all of us.  And worse yet, sometimes from these blockages we slip back into old habits and patterns that we thought we had shed long ago.

The eclipse gave all of us a short but powerful window to reignite our spiritual growth and enhance our abilities in ways many thought were not possible. 

But unfortunately the eclipse was very brief and many didn't even see it!

I wanted something that would last far longer and make the ability to accelerate spiritual growth more permanent while enhancing whatever psychic or other abilities I have. So, with spirit's help I channeled the energies of the eclipse into this image.

Under the direction of spirit I placed into this image the opposite energies of:

  • Sun And Moon
  • Night And Day
  • Yin And Yang
  • Light and dark
  • Male and female
  • Conscious and subconscious
  • Earth & Sky

The changes just focusing on this image made possible were amazing! Learn how below.

The Eclipse Energy Pendant - - Combined with the "Magic Chi" design from sacred temples I visited in Asia, it greatly accelerates your spiritual growth, abilities and insights ... guaranteed.

Very High Quality - Energy Enhanced. Made with fired resinated glass and prismatic effects on jewelry grade, non tarnish stainless. Each is energy channeled and blessed by the artist for maximum benefits. Comes in a beautiful gift box.

High Value At A Low Price - Limited Quantities .Normally $85. Yours today for $59 plus $8 shipping anywhere in the world. Similar pieces cost 4X more so actually you are receiving about a 70% discount from what other jewelers charge.

Guaranteed. Sold with a 30 day money back guarantee, a 120 day exchange guarantee and a spiritual transformation guarantee.*

Why This Eclipse Image Helps Accelerate Your Spiritual Growth & Abilities

By joining these opposite energies as one, their lines of delineation become blurred. So insights that may have eluded you for years can more easily occur, a new way of thinking can take place, a new path can be realized. In addition, psychic and other gifts are greatly improved because you have at your fingertips twice the energies. This is only possible through the combination of these powers in the eclipse.

Adding The Sacred Spiral Enhanced Its Energies

But when I saw the eclipse, spirit also showed me a giant spiral in the moon. I didn’t know what that meant at first and painted it instinctually. 

I later learned that in ancient and modern times, this sacred symbol is used by Native Americans to effectuate spiritual growth and expanding consciousness on your travels through life. The seed of an idea, thought or feeling is planted in the center and emerges in a circular pattern to become ever stronger.

By combining all the contradictory energies into one, and then allowing it to emerge through a spiral pattern of ever increasing spiritual consciousness, I created something for you to follow with your eyes and heart .. to expand your awareness and let cosmic consciousness flow to you.

The Eclipse Energy Pendant - - Combined with the "Magic Chi" design it provides the energies to greatly improve your spiritual transformation and abilities.

Normally $85. Yours today for $59 plus $8 shipping anywhere in the world. 

Just focus on the center now, then let your eyes move along the lines until you reach the power of the eclipse. And don’t worry about confusion that an eclipse normally can bring. I have balanced the image with earth and sky so you are grounded while also connecting with the heavens.

It really does provide all you need to reset or jump start you on your spiritual path and make small abilities very powerful.

Having One Is Far More Powerful Than Looking At It On The Internet

I’ve placed this painting onto 12 energy pendants and 12 energy prints which I am selling on a first-come-first-served basis.

While looking at the image online can help unblock and expand your spiritual growth, having an energy blessed print or pendant with you always is 10x more powerful, as my many customers will attest.

Only 12 Available - Act Now

As with all of my new introductions, I have only made 12 to start. If I get a lot of additional requests I will make more. But sometimes I don’t and people lose out. So please don’t wait. Just two weeks ago I retired my Tulips energy painting and jewelry and some people missed that opportunity.

The Eclipse Energy Pendant - - Combined with the "Magic Chi" design it helps you remove whatever may be blocking you from growing spiritually.

Normally $85. Yours today for $59 plus $8 shipping anywhere in the world. 

Guaranteed To Jump Start Your Spiritual Path & Abilities

In a world of few guarantees, I guarantee this will help you. If you get one of my Eclipse energy prints or pendants, and follow with your eyes and heart its spiral pattern once a day for two weeks, I guarantee that it will unblock and accelerate your spiritual growth while heightening the abilities you already have. You will find that answers come to you more easily, visions of what you can accomplish will become more powerful, and new possibilities will flow to your mind in ways you previously did not conceive.

If it doesn’t work for you, return it within 30 days for a refund.*
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There's still time for you to experience these amazing energies -- all the hopes they fulfill, the feelings they evoke, the spiritual growth and transformation they make possible. Get yours today risk free and see how much brighter your life becomes. Comes with a 30 day money back guarantee a 120 day exchange guarantee.*
*These items are intended for healing of the spirit and spiritual transformation only. They are not a substitute for professional physical protection, medical advice, financial or any other type of advice or practice. Our obligation under this guarantee is for the price paid to us for the item only. No other representations or warranties are implied, and no liabilities are assumed. 
Pendant made from fired resinated glass on solid, jewelry grade cast and polished stainless. Comes in a very nice gift box with a card describing the piece's spiritual properties. Energy enhanced and blessed by the artist.
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