Oct 2020
The Power of "I AM..."
For a couple of years, I have practiced the daily discipline of reciting “I AM” statements as I start my day. These are empowering words about myself; some are true, most are not, but my goal in reciting them out loud every day is to make them true.

In the Bible, Proverbs 18:21, it says “Death and life are in the power of the tongue.” What we speak about ourselves and our lives, we make true over time. After reading about this in motivational books such as “As a Man Thinketh” by James Allen, “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill, and “The Motivation Manifesto” by Brendon Burchard, and listening to well-respected pastors such as Joel Osteen and Steven Furtick, I decided to do more than just read and listen. I committed to thinking about what I was thinking about and speaking abundance into my life.

In 2018, I wrote my first “I AM” statements. Every day, for 365 days, I recited these statements before beginning my day. I didn’t just read them, I said them out loud with passion and belief as if when I said them I already was who I was declaring to be.

One of my statements was “I am an international best-selling author.” This was definitely not based in reality! At that time, I had not even written a book. I aspired to write a book, and my hope was that by declaring that I was an international best-selling author, I would get motivated to write a book. As it happened, I never got motivated to write a book, so in 2019, I stopped declaring that statement.

In July of 2020, a publisher from the UK reached out to me to participate in a co-authored book on franchising. He had followed me on social media and was familiar with my voice and expertise. He felt I could offer something unique to his collaboration. When he asked me to participate, my first thought was no. It was summer, and I had a lot going on. But, then I decided to just say yes to the opportunity.

When I turned in my chapter for final editing, the Publisher said in passing, “Get ready because every book that we have published has gone on to become an international best-selling book.” At that moment, my “I AM” statement from 2018 came to my mind, and I literally burst out laughing. I’ve been laughing ever since. I knew from that moment that this book would go on to become an international best- seller. I had created this moment over two years before with my powerful words.

To those who doubt the power of our thoughts and words, I encourage you to try this exercise. Here’s the thing…whether you do the exercise consciously or not, you are creating your world. If you think and speak negative thoughts, you will live a negative life. But to change that, all you have to do is become conscious about what you are thinking and speaking about and discipline yourself to think and speak positively. With focus and consistency, thinking and speaking positively will become easier and even second nature, and your life will change dramatically! If we all have the power to create our lives, why not use our power to create a life truly worth living?

God Bless You.

PS. My international best-selling book is called “Franchising Freedom”. Please check it out! I may write a book about how I became an international best- selling author without writing a book. Ha.
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Coach's Corner
How you think and speak will determine the quality of your life. Tune in to my conversation with my good friend and fellow FranChoice consultant, Tom Scarda, as we discuss having an abundant mindset on his Franchise Academy Podcast show. Enjoy!!
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Kim is the absolute “Best in the Business”. After being laid off, my journey began on searching for another career path. I was fortunate enough to find a Webinar hosted by Kim on franchising. At the conclusion, I realized I needed to look no further; I called Kim immediately after the presentation and asked “How do I get started”. She is extremely thorough and in depth. Through a series of questionnaires and conference calls, she gets to know everything about you. With all this information, she identifies the franchises that best fit your personality, lifestyle, and your goals. Her passion and positive energy throughout the entire process are unparalleled. Thanks Kim for helping me reach my goal!!
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