The Power of Developing World Technology:
Reverse Innovation
WHAT:  The Power of Developing World Technology: Reverse Innovation

WHEN: Wednesday September 20th

TIME: 5:30-8:30pm

WHERE: Seattle Yacht Club
1807 E Hamlin St, Seattle, WA 98112
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´╗┐Maurizio Vecchione
Executive Vice President, Global Good and Research


For many years the world has approached the developing world as the place where innovation does not happen. The developing world has been a place that receives innovation often as a result of aid or charitable efforts. But no one has a monopoly on innovation. Many times innovation springs from the need and confronting a problem. Increasingly innovation is sprouting to resolve developing world problems that also solve global problems. This has the potential to dramatically address the needs of the base of the pyramid, the potential to move billions out of extreme poverty and to unlock the potential of growth to the global south. This reverse innovation is creating an immense opportunity to innovate at a global scale, with both technology and economic impacts. But what are the approaches, the challenges and the opportunities to global innovation and what are the strategies to tap into this new reverse innovation?
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