June 2017 Newsletter
In this newsletter read testimonies on the impact of living from your essence as a man or woman; find out the latest on Larry’s book project; and learn more about the resources and opportunities available to Battle alumni.
What does it mean to be a Man? Does it involve height? Strength? Knowledge? Skill? Should you seek power? Influence? Adventure? A specific career?

What does femininity look like in Biblical context and how do you weed through all the voices telling you you’re not pretty, friendly, capable or smart enough? That you will, in fact, never be enough?

When Mary and Martha had the opportunity to visit with Jesus one chose the path of doing for Him and the other chose the path of being with Him. And Jesus said the one who had chosen to “be” had chosen the better path.

What if the answer to being a man, to being a woman didn’t involve doing more but simply involved being? Would you even know where to begin? Living out of the essence of masculinity or femininity, Wellspring Executive Director Larry Bolden explains in the Battle for the Heart events, is not about putting more on you. Rather, it is about drawing out what God has already placed in you.
For Battle alum and WG Women's Equipping Coordinator Dana Smith, understanding this distinction was life-changing. When she first heard the definition of femininity at the Battle for Women’s Hearts event, Dana said, she laughed out loud.

“I remember feeling so defeated because I was still living under a performance mindset that was telling me this was something I had to Do, and I couldn’t do it,” she said. But realizing, particularly in her role as a parent, that God had already created her to be the woman she needed to be was freeing.
“Realizing that I already am the mom they need in how God created me, redeemed me and is restoring me has allowed me to stop striving – trying to figure out, find, become who I am supposed to be and what I am supposed to do. It frees me up to just be me, and in turn to call out the unique glory God put in each of them. During a particularly difficult struggle with shame, one of my children said, ‘Mom, I don’t know where I would be without you continually reminding me who I am.’ Knowing who God made me to be has sparked a passion for others to be set free from performance and shame, and for them to uncover the man or woman that God had in his mind when he created them and said ‘This is good!’”
David Lively, another Battle alum, is currently assisting with revisions to the Battle for the Heart follow through material, which has caused him to dig even deeper into understanding what his essence is as a man.

I began to ask myself, he recounted, whether I was leading my children into life and growth. So he began setting aside time to be with them and provide an atmosphere that allowed them to share deeply and intimately.

One of his daughters tends to live primarily out of her emotions, David said. “Prior to understanding my essence as a man I would have crushed her. Now I can relate to her in a way that makes her feel affirmed in who she is. I have learned how to love her well.”

For more stories about how God is moving in the lives of WG’s staff and alumni check out our blog.

Over the years we have had many requests for the Battle for Your Heart material to be in book form. Battle alumni wanted to be able to reflect more deeply on what they experienced as they went through the Battle process, and they wanted to be able to share the material with friends they thought might resonate with the material. Five years ago Wellspring Group's board approved for me to set apart time to move toward  this project.

As I embark on the second half of 2017 and look toward 2018 I am looking forward to the request becoming a reality as we target next year for the book’s release.

The last two years have been an intense season of learning about how to write a book while continuing to grow organizationally and personally. This has been an uphill journey, but I am finding hope in finishing this project because of the Fellowship that desires to protect me and propel me into my part of the Story.

Just in the last year board members pursued my heart resulting in me seeking a person to consistently work with me on the project. In April God provided Battle alumnus, Amy Consoli,  to start working with me in planning, writing and editing. He also began to speak to me about his image in me – that he created me as a speaker and a writer. God would not call me to a part that he has not equipped me for through the image of God in me and the Fellowship around me.    

Though grappling with how evil is hunting me, the Fellowship is coming alongside me to “spur me on to love and the good deed” of writing this book. The fellowship is reminding me of the truth of who I am, who God is in me, and the part he wants me to play in the Story.

As the Spirit leads you please pray for unusual grace that will result in the capacity to say yes to God and this project, no to everything I possibly can, and for grace for all those assisting me, particularly Amy. She can certainly attest that Evil doesn’t want this book finished.   

- Larry Bolden

If you have a testimony of how God has used the Battle for Your Heart in your life and domain and you would like to share it with us, please take a few minutes and send us an email
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