Seattle Yoga Arts, March 2018
The Power of Love
Because we are biologically wired to be constantly scanning our environment for threat, the mind will tend to entertain fear, judgement, and even hatred when left to its own devices.  We are always aware, at some level, of protecting and sustaining the physical body and of discovering our place in the hierarchy of the pack. Who is strong, who is weak, and where do we fit in?  Sadly, there seems to be a growing epidemic of this type of thought around us today and it's leaving us in a world full of hurt, distrust and confusion.
I used to believe that we were hard-wired this way, but no more. I have experienced that this way of thinking can be re-wired. That we can train our minds, which can be like wild little puppies, to follow a more harmonious path. That we can learn to be more loving, accepting, trusting and gracious. In fact, this is the biggest practice there is, the most important and the most difficult.

Try going through a day regarding each person you encounter with an infinite tenderness toward their struggles and challenges. Cultivate love toward yourself, then your close friends and family, and then toward the larger world. This earth and all the people living here desperately need your balanced and generous heart.

"Be kind; everyone is fighting a great battle."

~ Denise
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Mat & Prop Collection
Seattle Yoga Arts is proud to partner with an organization that provides transitional housing for moms (and their kids) in recovery from co-occurring mental illness and chemical dependency.

Please bring any new or gently used mats, blocks or other yoga-related props to the studio March 4 - 10 and help launch a yoga program for these amazing mothers!
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Love the One You Are By the Numbers 

* 85 total participants
* 691 total visits
* 48 completed their goal of attending 8 or more classes 
* Two students came to 26 and 24 classes each! So inspiring!

Thanks to everyone who participated!

And huge thank you to all our teachers who so expertly and  consistently encourage us to embrace and love the ones we are!

Schedule Changes
* New!! All Levels class with Jaime, 4pm

*Prenatal has moved to 4:15pm

*Gentle Yoga at 4:30 will now be led by Sara Trudeau. Welcome, Sara!

*Essentials at 6:00pm will be taught by Jaime

*We no longer offer an All Levels class at 2:45

*Triple Flow at 5:45pm with Kathryn is now All Levels
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