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July/August 2017 Newsletter

Oh the power of love to bring healing, hope, and restoration! This month we've seen LOVE make a way to bring breakthrough in our projects, communities, and clients.  The fruit of His love is overwhelming and is truly changing nations.

Thanks so much for all the beautiful ways you have released love to Cambodia. Here is a summary of what you have been a part of:

Moving on Up!   
After 3 years in our previous Everlasting Love (EL) Women's Center location, the time for change has come.
Moving Truck
God has given us an amazing new building for an incredible new season.  This new space is bigger, with a better location and layout, and has cheaper rent!! Not only that, but we were able to rewire and increase the electricity output within the building.  It's now perfect for all our sewing needs!

Sewing Room Sewing
The move went very smooth and our girls and kids are now settled and embracing their new space.  Many of our EL kids, women, and staff are seeing angels and getting incredible visions of what is to come in this new building! It is truly a house of peace and restoration. 

Breakthrough for Lance    
This month we've seen the power of God's love bring incredible healing and hope to a special little boy, named Lance.*
Lance was previously involved in our EL kids program.  His mom was working in prostitution and had been through horrendous incidents of human sex trafficking.  While in captivity, there were days she was forced to sleep with over 20 men per night and trapped in a small brothel room, where she was force-fed drugs and alcohol.  Last year, she entered our training and discipleship program but struggled with drug addiction.  Although we tried to encourage her to enter a partner drug rehabilitation program, she was not willing at that time and instead went back to her previous lifestyle.  Since then, we've continued relationship and have not given up hope.
However, during a recent follow-up visit, we were disturbed by her ongoing drug use and reckless behavior.  After nights of drugs, alcohol, and prostitution, she was coming home and passing out. Lance, who is 4 years old, was neglected and alone, which put him in an extremely vulnerable position. 
As a result, we are working to find him safe living situation and further help for his mom and in the meantime, we were able to receive permissions for him to stay in our day center! Lance is so happy to now has a safe place, hot lunch, and kids to play and learn with daily.  

We are believing for deeper healing for both him and his mom.  Please pray for this family and believe with us for radical healing and a restoration of all things.   
Welcome Lai Em       
Lai Em is our new EL and Children's Home educator!  She has jumped into a challenging role working to teach and disciple our EL children, and is doing an incredible job and truly overflows with God's love and mercy. 
Lai-Em-1 Kids-1

Over the last few months, we've had a teaching trainer from Canada (Janine Franklin) working with Lai Em, getting her better equipped to educate the kids. Together, they've been setting up new activity stations to accelerate the children in their learning and development.  
Kids-2 Kids-3

Please join us in prayer for the EL children's program, where cycles of poverty and exploitation are ceasing.     
Linking Arms   
What a blessing to have so many amazing short-term teams with us! Over the last few months, we've been able to host our Extreme Love interns, an Operation Justice Outreach School, the Wave Team, Georgian and Winnie Banov's Team (Global Celebration), Gateway Team from Australia, and a Hong Kong school of university students and alumni.
We love the breakthrough that happens when we all partner together! So many were blessed by the power of love when these hands and hearts joined to bless our communities and clients.

There were so many testimonies of healing and salvations, including deaf ears opening and a woman that had pain throughout her body that was totally healed!!
Teams-2 Teams-3       

You are loving nations to life. We couldn't do it without you!, 
Patricia King, Andrea Aasen and the XP Missions team   

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* Names have been changed to protect identities and not re-exploit. 
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