Jimmy Wayne
From Foster Care to Madison Square

Recording Artist.
Best-Selling Author.
Youth Activist.
Television & Film Actor.

"Jimmy's performance was unique and powerful, making a real impact on everyone who attended. We were laughing one moment and then almost in tears the next."

Event Attendee

Jimmy Wayne has covered the globe speaking to audiences and inspiring corporations like Coca-Cola, Verizon, the NFL, U.S. Presidents and youth advocacy organizations.  His message is simple but one that is often forgotten: One individual can make a difference.

In his case, it was Bea Costner who gave him a place to stay as a teenager, and that gesture alone made his life take a sudden right turn. He was homeless, and Bea helped Jimmy carve a path that began with education and hard work, which lead to his success in music.

Jimmy's life is multi-faceted as he continues to stir audiences with inspiration, activism and hope. The acclaimed country singer continues to be a tireless advocate to raise awareness about youth advocacy, upping foster child age restrictions, mental health, overcoming adversity and strength in the "Power of One" to create a ripple effect for action. In 2010, Jimmy walked 1,700 miles from Nashville to Phoenix, raising awareness for kids aging out of the foster care system. His journey was known as "Meet Me Halfway." Jimmy has received much recognition through his inspirational acts, including the prestigious "Points of Light" Presidential award, books and a movie.

A customized musically infused presentation, "The Power Of One" is designed for every type of audience from corporate to educational to non-profit. Expect standing ovations as Jimmy delivers a get-up-and-take-action inspirational keynote of triumph over adversity.

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