Human Capital Advisors is launching a new campaign focusing on what we truly believe in... The Power of People . We will be highlighting those individuals or groups who have made a difference in their community and those they serve. If you have anyone who you would like to recommend as a feature please reach out!

There’s an old proverb that tells a story of a man walking along a beach completely covered by starfish that have been washed up on the shore due to a violent storm. He sees a little boy off in the distance picking them up one by one and throwing them back into the sea. The man approaches the child and says son what are you doing? You’ll never be able to throw them all back - it won’t make a difference! The little boy pauses for a moment and looks at the starfish in his hand. Then looks at the gentleman and says - it will to this one - and heaves the starfish into the waves. And as the gentleman continues to walk away he watches as the little boy continues to save as many as he can. 

Have you ever wondered why equally talented units have different results? Teams, companies, schools, and yet one always seems to outperform the others. Have you ever been inspired hearing of an individual or group or company that consistently makes a difference.  Research has shown over and over again that there is one common denominator- the people at the center. In the midst of the average, others stand out. A little extra time, a little extra effort, the conscious effort to always do one bit more. Those individuals make all the difference to teams, companies and organizations. That’s the Power of People Realized . Over the next several months we will be highlighting people who consistently make a difference. We welcome your thoughts and contributions as we continue to recognize those people around us who make a difference!
" The Education Partnership was established in January 2009 with the mission of providing school supplies to students and their teachers in low-income schools throughout Southwestern PA. We are dedicated to providing school supplies for students and teachers in low-income schools. As of today, we are partnered with 139 local schools made up of more than 57,000 local students. The student body of these schools is 70% or more impoverished. More than 4,000 teachers visit our Teacher Resource Center to stock up on everything from pencils and paper to furniture and hygiene items, at no cost, to ensure their students are prepared, comfortable, and healthy to maximize students’ education. O ver the past 10 years we have served over 130,000 with over $17.4 million worth of supplies.

We support our students on $25 a year with everything that they need. Thanks to groups of volunteers that come to us weekly, we are able to make everything work together. They help to prepare the school supply kits, organize and sort supplies, and more. We have a great Adopt-A-School program where different companies, organizations, or schools are able to adopt a school and fund the supplies for all the students there. It is a great way to connect everyone together, gather our strengths, and help students come closer to achieving their dreams, learning, and being creative."

"We have conducted a survey of 1000 of our teachers in 2019 to track our impact and the results are listed below."

Local impact (2019)
● 95% report increased class participation
● 93% report increased self-esteem
● 88% report increased academic achievement
● 85% report increased homework completion
● 40% report increased student attendance

“The Education Partnership relieves a lot of the stress that I feel when it comes to lacking supplies within the school building. Pencils, for instance, are a battle I choose not to fight with my students; there are a million things on their minds; stressing them out about bringing a pencil with them is unnecessary. We can also have rewards using items like cups and plates that we find in the incentive section. This year, being able to get coats for our students also mean that our students could feel more confident and comfortable coming into the building, as they were not cold while traveling to school, and didn't have to feel like they lacked a necessity.”
9-12, Pittsburgh Perry High School.

“The Education Partnership donations have enabled me to do many creative projects that would have been financially impossible. I've been a teacher in my district for 20 years. It is a tough place to teach in, and our salaries are much less than those of teachers in surrounding school districts. It's easy to feel frustrated, stressed, and under-appreciated. Education Partnerships efforts help alleviate those negative feelings by valuing the work we do and supporting us to keep trying new activities, innovative strategies, and finding ways to motivate our students.” 3, Aliquippa Elementary School 

“For a school that is in dire need of supplies, it means everything to be able to shop at the partnership. The students and staff are all benefiting from this resource. This is a school district that has a high number of children that can't afford their own supplies. Because of the Education Partnership, we can supply them with supplies, clothes, and even sometimes small gifts that their own families can't supply them. It's a wonderful resource for all of us.”
9-12 Washington Jr Sr High School 

“The supplies and support that we receive from TEP is critical in allowing us to give our students the tools they need to be successful.”
K-5, Greater Academy of Greater Pittsburgh Charter School 

"We do this because in the seven-county region of Southwestern Pennsylvania, more than 60,000 students go to school every day without the most basic school supplies, including pencils and paper. 1 in every 3 local students in the region doesn’t have the tools to actively participate in class. When more than 70% of families of a school still need help from the National Free and Reduced School Lunch Program just to afford food, buying school supplies isn’t possible. By providing school supplies, we are opening so many new doors for local students to achieve their goals, finish school, and have better career opportunities by better preparing them for the workforce or for college."
Human Capital Advisors applauds the Education Partnership for making a difference in our communities and providing a better life and increased opportunities for our youth. What this organization accomplishes truly represents our belief in the power of people.

If you would like to learn more about what they do and how you can help please head to their website linked below!