Human Capital Advisors is launching a new campaign focusing on what we truly believe in... The Power of People . We will be highlighting those individuals or groups who have made a difference in their community and those they serve. If you have anyone who you would like to recommend as a feature please reach out!

There’s an old proverb that tells a story of a man walking along a beach completely covered by starfish that have been washed up on the shore due to a violent storm. He sees a little boy off in the distance picking them up one by one and throwing them back into the sea. The man approaches the child and says son what are you doing? You’ll never be able to throw them all back - it won’t make a difference! The little boy pauses for a moment and looks at the starfish in his hand. Then looks at the gentleman and says - it will to this one - and heaves the starfish into the waves. And as the gentleman continues to walk away he watches as the little boy continues to save as many as he can. 

Have you ever wondered why equally talented units have different results? Teams, companies, schools, and yet one always seems to outperform the others. Have you ever been inspired hearing of an individual or group or company that consistently makes a difference.  Research has shown over and over again that there is one common denominator- the people at the center. In the midst of the average, others stand out. A little extra time, a little extra effort, the conscious effort to always do one bit more. Those individuals make all the difference to teams, companies and organizations. That’s the Power of People Realized . Over the next several months we will be highlighting people who consistently make a difference. We welcome your thoughts and contributions as we continue to recognize those people around us who make a difference!
“I decided that for the next year, if anyone asks me for help, as long as it’s legal and as long as it won’t harm anyone else, I’d do it. It sounds ridiculous, but I did it.”
Soon, he was committing near-daily acts of kindness in the Pittsburgh community: helping someone repair vinyl siding, moving furniture, fixing a leaky roof, changing a grandmother’s tire on the side of the road. All for free. He even raised $700 for a teen in his community who was injured while  stopping a hate crime .

His one year of goodness was so fulfilling that he’s turned it into a four-year stretch of saying “yes” to random requests from strangers, gaining Potter fame in Pittsburgh for his hundreds — perhaps thousands — of kind acts, winning him awards, and making him the subject of local  media  attention."