News From CCF-LA | June 24, 2020
Your philanthropic dollars can be directed to many charitable organizations that work for social justice, that fight hard for racial equality, and look for reform as a way to heal injustices. How you choose to give today will have an impact for the generations that follow.
- Kathy Anderson, CCF-LA President and Executive Director
Urban Peace and Racial Tolerance I and II were established at the Catholic Education Foundation of Los Angeles to support urban Catholic high school education in response to the 1992 riots following the death of Rodney King. The founding donor wanted each high school in the program to identify students in their sophomore year that met academic standards and showed leadership among their peers and in their church or community, and then these students would be funded with tuition awards in their junior and senior years. The program was arranged for Verbum Dei High School (all-male) and St. Mary’s Academy (all-female).
Today, these tuition awards continue and the need is even greater. Consider that a quality education in a Catholic school can reverse the cycle of poverty and provide a successful path forward for students and their families. And this program cultivates high school leadership during the most vulnerable teenage years of our urban youth.
CCF-LA Investment Performance | May and YTD
Volatile is still the best descriptor of global financial markets in recent weeks, though the "V" is starting to take on new meaning as economists contemplate labeling recent gains as a "V-shaped recovery." Only time will tell. For the month of May, CCF-LA Balanced Pool and Intermediate Fund portfolios beat their benchmarks, showing positive returns of 4.09% and 2.23% respectively. YTD results continue to recover with -4.01% YTD for the Balanced Pool and -1.23% for the Intermediate Fund. We maintain a close watch on our fund managers with the oversight of our investment adviser and Investment Committee of the Board.  Contact us with your questions.
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Plans to Reopen the CCF-LA Offices - Malanna Marioneaux, Manager of Office Operations & Assistant Treasurer, is spearheading the effort for our staff to return to CCF-LA's office as we anticipate a different working experience.

Blessed to be at Mass - Bernadette Guerrero, Development Assistant, volunteered at her parish for Mass, finding peace despite new guidelines and restrictions.
Annual Statement of Accountability
If you haven't had a chance to read our Annual Statement of Accountability, we invite you to read about how a record-breaking 2019 propelled us to answer the challenges of 2020.
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