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How to Practice
Radical Kindness

"If you light a lamp for someone else, you will also lighten your path."

Dear SPARK Family -
During uncertain times, we can reach to the certainty of the radical power of kindness. Though recent events have shown us that we often cannot control what happens to us, we can control our response. And if we respond with kindness, we can make a positive difference that makes lasting impact.

Here are some thoughts on how to practice kindness during challenging times:
  • Start with self-compassion - During difficult times, it is particularly hard to be kind to your self. HERE is some advice on self compassion. (Hint: Be sure to talk to yourself as you'd talk to a good friend, don't try to be perfect + recognize that we're all in this together.)
  • Reach Out - People around us are suffering, which can be exacerbated by social distancing. The good news is that kindness moves across and through human boundaries. A call, email or Facetime check in can make all the difference. Just telling someone that you are thinking of them makes them feel that they aren't alone in this moment.
  • Be Generous of Spirit - Remember that everyone is going through a tough time right now. Give others the benefit of the doubt. Treat them as you would like to be treated when you are having a difficult day.
  • Talk About It - During dinner time or phone calls, talk about kindness. Talk about all the ways that you are seeing people step up to help one another during this difficult time. Brainstorm ways that you can help, too. (SPARK will offer more support on that in a coming newsletter.)
  • Do a Compassion Meditation (or prayer)- HERE is a 13 minute mediation by Jack Kornfield designed to offer compassion to self and others by wishing "may you be safe and loved, healed and protected..."
  • Follow the SPARK Kindness Positive News - SPARK has started a Facebook group devoted to highlighting news of kindness in the world. Go HERE to join and spread the word!

We are happy to share that we are developing even more new ways to connect and support our community. Also, here is our resource collection and information on supporting our mental well being and resilience.

Sending you kindness -
Christine Guthery for the SPARK Kindness Team
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Every time we do something that helps our community grow more kind, resilient and welcoming, we SPARK Kindness . Together as families, schools, organizations, coaches, artists, faith and community leaders, we can make sure that no one feels alone, bullied, unsupported or unconnected.
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