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The Power of Storytelling
Special Message

Dear Turknett Friends,

The Coronavirus is taking all of us through a period of uncertainty. 

On behalf of the team at TLG I encourage you to remain safe and prudent regarding decisions you are making for you and yours. TLG's offices remain open to support you. We will leverage our capabilities to provide leadership development services (e.g. webinars, coaching sessions, training) through digital as well as traditional means.

One of the ways we want to support you—and for those of you who will work remotely—is through a series of “Why Not Webinars”. We are hoping to deliver 5-6 of these webinars over the next few months; and all as a means to strengthen and inform your leadership as you lead from multiple locations. The first of these “Why Not Webinars” is entitled: Empathy and Relatability in Uncertainty.  

Feel free to reach out if we can support you and your team in any way. As they say, "this too shall pass", but until it does our thoughts are with you.

Tino Mantella
A powerful tool to unleash potential
Storytelling’s Hidden Power
Storytelling’s Hidden Power – A Leader’s Secret Strategic Advantage

by Richard Stone, CEO, StoryWork International, TLG Strategic Partner

When you consider your personal assets and strengths as a leader, and the strengths and assets of your organization, you may unwittingly omit one essential set of assets that can give you a leg up and strategic advantage that you may never have considered—your Narrative Assets .

Leaders who learn to master their personal story as well as the art and science of storytelling understand that their story directly impacts their world view, their mental model of what represents effective leadership, how they address and manage conflict, and their deep sense of purpose and meaning. Their personal history is also an invaluable reference point for their values and a guide to navigating the inevitable ethical quandaries that emerge when leading a large organization with multiple stakeholders. In our experience, nine times out of ten these leaders will outperform those who have little or no awareness of the fact that they are essentially a storytelling creature. 
Tino's Corner

Papa Tony & Camel's
by Tino Mantella, President & CEO TLG

Most of us enjoy storytelling and great storytellers. One of my earliest memories is at about age 4 sitting on my grandfather’s lap and he would tell me stories. Papa Tony was a bit of a chain smoker and to make matters just a bit worse he smoked Camel’s. The good news is that he finally quit and lived a long and fruitful life. 

So how did Camel’s come into my story. Well the prop for all my grandfathers stories was the cigarette pack that he happened to be smoking (at this point in my writing I had to check with Google to see if there were different stories on the back of the packs and I didn’t find anything on that…Papa was just a good storyteller). Every time I sat with Papa I would ask him to read a story and he would pull out his pack and turn it over to the side with the camel on it and act as if he was reading from it. I suppose it never registered to me that the pack was small and his stories were long. Anyway, we went to far away places and in great depth. He brought the stories to life. Some of my best memories with my grandfather were those stories.
Stories from Jill Ellis
Jill Ellis and her Stories
by Susan Hitchcock
Proud Scottie
Founder & Host TLG Women in Leadership Monthly Series
Board member TLG

March 2020: Women’s History Month

March 8 th is celebrated globally as International Women’s Day. Last week in ATL, a ballroom full of women, men, students etc. attended the World Affairs Council’s 5 th Annual celebration of this special day. The featured guest speaker was Jill Ellis.
If you don’t know, Jill is the “All Time Winningest Coach in U.S. Soccer History,” Former Head Coach, U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team who won the World Cup in 2015 and 2019. That pinnacle achievement is just the latest of a career of “highs.” 
As I listened and watched Jill being interviewed by the distinguished and very talented journalist, Ricky Bevington, I was completely mesmerized. The conversation was more than a typical interview. 
My Storytelling Story
My Storytelling Story
by Lyn Turknett

I have long realized that I perk up when I hear a story. I’ve sat through a lot of sermons, and daydreamed through many, but I perk up when a story begins. As a presenter I too want to get four thousand points on a single PowerPoint slide, but I can’t help realizing that the audience is at rapt attention only when I’m telling a story.

I didn’t think much about how wired we are to truly “think in stories” until around 2001, when I read Stephen Dennings The Springboard: How Storytelling Ignites Action in Knowledge-Era Organizations. 
What We are Reading at TLG

by Frank McCourt

Read more in Tino's Corner READ MORE

Building a Story Brand - by Donald Miller

Tino Mantella- Good read for business in respect to how to deliver a message that the buyer and/or the audience will most likely respond

Forbes Magazine

Bob Turknett wanted to share this article because he credits much of his success with executive coaching to the many stories that he uses - that the stories are so helpful in creating a clear image of the specific change needed - and, that the stories and are vital to helping another accomplish deep change.

By Stephen Dennings

Lyn Turknett - I didn’t think much about how wired we are to truly “think in stories” until around 2001, when I read this book. I highly recommend.

Podcasts More Than Worth a Listen

Episode #3

The Story of Robiaun Charles

Outstanding Example of Character in Leadership
Join us Friday, March 20, 2020
 March 20   : “Leadership, Partnership & Friendship: A Gift From Canada to Atlanta & the Southeast”  featuring Nadia Theodore, Consul General of Canada for the US Southeast   .

Friday March 20, 2020
Commerce Club 7:30am - 10am

For more information, email
With 20+ years of experience in the Canadian federal public service, CG Theodore (Nadia) has built a reputation for forging strong partnerships with government and business leaders, building strong multidisciplinary teams and supporting global conversations on diversity and inclusion. Her experience and expertise include Global Affairs and international trade policy and negotiations. Serving on the Carter Center Advisory Board, the United Nation’s CIFAL Advisory Board, and as a Global Advisor for G(irls)20, Nadia has also been recognized as a “Most Influential Diplomat” by Global MIPAD. Locally, she’s highly engaged in anti-human trafficking initiatives and youth programs. Nadia holds a Bachelor of Laws from the U. of London and a M.A. in Political Science from Carleton University.
If you missed Feb. 21 WIL
Turknett News
TLG Announces New Partnership with Richard Stone
CEO StoryWork Institute
StoryWorks and TLG have developed a partnership to offer
the following programs exclusively to our clients:.

·         MasterStory Experience – A program designed for leaders and staff to discover their personal calling and how to master the power of story to improve their personal and professional effectiveness.
·         MasterStory for Organization s – A program designed for to assist organizations to transform their companies through a story-based process of discerning their Why, Significance, Strategic Values, and Cultural/Relational Values.
·         StoryCamp for Leaders – a program designed to be a retreat for leaders to discover how to master the power of story to enhance their leadership effectiveness.
·         Story Envisioning – This program is designed to assist an organization to paint a narrative picture of a desired future and can be used to inform the experience design process.
·         Story for Teams – This program is intended to provide deeper understanding and appreciation within diverse teams through the sharing of strategically defined stories.
·         Storytelling for Nonprofit Fundraising – This program shows development teams and nonprofit volunteers how to be more effective in their fundraising deploying the power of story in their solicitation efforts.

The combination of Turknett’s Leadership Development acumen and Stone’s storytelling for leadership are proving to be a powerful combination in relation to growth for people, teams, and companies.  

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We are so fortunate to have joined forces with the exceptional talent of Rick Stone. The art of storytelling to drive business success is more prevalent than ever and StoryWork is a top company in the nation to bring storytelling and leadership to life. We look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with Rick”

-Tino Mantella, TLG President & CEO
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TLG has Moved...
We are growing!

New Address:

100 Crescent Centre Parkway
Suite 600
Atlanta GA 30084

Same phone # 770-270-1723

(Only 5 minutes from our former office)
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Congratulations to TLG friend Ann Cramer on her Lifetime Achievement honor presented by Leaders in Corporate Citizenship Feb. 2020.

How appropriate that we celebrate International Women's Month with recognition of Ann Cramer. Ann, you are an inspiration to so many women (and men)!!! Thank you for your leadership and love.

TLG to lead panel at SOAHR2020

"Optimizing HR's Financial Resources"
Come visit us at Booth #4
TLG is proud to be a part of this important conference for HR professionals. Please attend our panel discussion on Wed. 3/24 at 4:15pm. And be sure to stop by and see us at BOOTH #4 in the Exhibit Hall.

TLG is here to help Unleash Potentia l in your organization, your department, your team, and in yourself. And we are very pleased to be a part of this year's conference with the theme "Unleash the Future." See you there!
Free Webinar opportunity
Are you "People Leading" or Managing?
Wed. March 11 12pm - 1pm
Bill Dickinson, TLG Senior Consultant leads this webinar hosted by our Alliance partner Talent Connections/Career Spa. Click below for the registration link or to receive the recorded webinar.

People leadership- Highly relevant topic- Grab your lunch and join!

Approved for one SHRM Professional Development Credit
TLG leading panel discussion
at International Women's Day 2020 Luncheon Summit
Women in Leadership
TLG Workshop Topic: Competence vs Confidence
2pm workshop (after luncheon)
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Luncheon Awards Georgia Aquarium Oct. 28. 2020
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